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"Why do other Immigration Lawyers make more money?"
- a seminar on the BUSINESS of law

Speaker: Edward Poll

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Each call features an hour of analysis, strategy and practice tips by Edward Poll, followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers from participants.


FIRST Phone Session on March 29th:

I.  Creating a Business Plan for profits:

  1. why and how to have a plan
  2. setting goals
  3. managing priorities - not time
II.  Secrets of creating a Marketing Plan:
  1. getting business from bar association connections
  2. networking
  3. publishing an electronic magazine
  4. client communications
III.  Budgeting, creating a Financial Plan:
  1. for more revenue
  2. reviewing key financial information
  3. ratios that successful lawyers know

SECOND Phone Session on April 29th:

IV.  Profiting from setting your fees:

  1. the untold steps of high pricing
  2. effective billing
  3. efficient collections

THIRD Phone Session on May 29th:

V.  Disaster Management:

  1. preparing for disasters
  2. recovery from disasters
VI.  Entry And Exit Strategy:
  1. how to grow by buying a law practice
  2. how to cash out by selling your law practice
Six Things That Drive Clients Crazy (And What You Can Do to Avoid Them)
Technofeature: When to say no: How to avoid problem clients
Question 1
Citations for Session 3


Edward Poll, J.D., M.B.A., C.M.C., advises lawyers and law firms on profitability. He is a nationally-recognized coach and practice management consultant. His advice has benefited national, regional and local law firms. Ed is unique in that he has practiced law for 25 years, was the CEO and COO of several manufacturing businesses and has been a consultant to small and large law firms for 15 years. He has written several books on running a profitable law practice, the most recent of which was just released by the American Bar Association, entitled Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law: Planning and Operating for Survival and Growth, Second Edition (2002, ABA).

Ed is a frequent speaker and contributor to legal and business publications including: The American Bar Association, Lawyers' Weekly USA, California Lawyer and The Practical Lawyer, among others publications.

Among Ed's activities and leadership positions are:

  • Member, Council, Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association
  • Member, Advisory Board, Law Firm Accounting (Leader Publications, Inc)
  • Member, Editorial Board, Los Angeles Lawyer, Los Angeles County Bar Association
  • Co-recipient of the "Leader of the Year" award (1991) of the General Practice Section of the American Bar Association
  • Chairperson (1989-1990) and adviser (1990-1997) to the Solo & Small Firm Section, State Bar of California (formerly General Practice Section)


$199 Seminar Package
Audio tape of Mar 29 seminar (90 minutes)
Audio tape of Apr 29 seminar (90 minutes)
Audio tape of May 29 seminar (90 minutes)

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Disclaimer: participation in this seminar does not create an attorney-client relationship with the speakers