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"Important But Ignored Issues In Business Immigration Including Interdisciplinary Issues"
Speakers: Robert F. Loughran, Dan Kowalski, Daniel Dominguez, Gregg Gerlach, Karen Hunter-Courreges, Vard Johnson and Leigh Nelson.

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Each call features an hour of analysis, strategy and practice tips by the speakers, followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers from participants.


FIRST Phone Session on May 31, 2002:

  1. Criminal issues in employment-based immigration-Executives and their kids get in trouble too.
    • DUI/DWI
    • What is an aggravated felony?
    • What is a crime involving moral turpitude?
    • When is disclosure necessary on Federal forms?
    • When is an expungement honored?
    • When is a possession crime viewed as trafficking?
    • What are the implications of foreign convictions?

  2. I-9 Issues.
    • Copy or not to copy.
    • Who is responsible for reverification?
    • How do Social Security no-match letters impact I-9 management?
    • Will companies pay to learn about their liabilities?
    • Who is responsible for fraud detection?

  3. Unfair Employment Practices.
    • (a) What are unfair employment practices and (b) what does the government think they are? (Bendig v. Conoco)
    • How do economic downturns affect enforcement levels? (I-9 & Office of Special Counsel)
    • Future enforcement trends. (LCA & PERM audits)

SECOND Phone Session on June 28, 2002:

  1. How tax law issues intersect with immigration law.
    • Who can be taxed as a non-resident?
    • What exemptions can non-United States Citizens traveling abroad claim and still retain U.S. immigration status?
    • When do U.S. tax obligations end? (sailing permits, renunciation, abandonment)

  2. How labor law issues intersect with immigration law.
    • When is a petition an employment contract?
    • How do posting requirements impact state labor laws?
    • What role do unions play when a company is foreign workers?
    • Citizenship and National Origins Discrimination
    • Other issues related to termination

THIRD Phone Session on July 31, 2002:

  1. H-2A and H-2B issues.
    • What is seasonal?
    • What is peak load?
    • What is a labor shortage?
    • How do you find qualified applicants with clean immigration histories?
    • What can be done to protect this practice area from endemic fraud?
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Robert F. Loughran: is a Partner in Tindall and Foster, one of the largest immigration law firms in the country. He is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law and has written articles for Immigration Briefings and other law publications.

Dan Kowalski: is Editor in Chief of Bender's Immigration Bulletin, published by Matthew Bender (a Lexis company). He is also an Editor of Immigration Law and Procedure, Desk Edition, also published by Matthew Bender. He is Past Member of AILA's Board of Governors and the Past Chapter Chair of the Colorado Chapter of AILA.

Daniel Dominguez: CPA, is a Partner with BDO Seidman, LLP, a leading tax consulting organization and a national professional services firm with 35 offices and 175 alliance firm locations nationwide. Mr. Dominguez has authored articles for U.S. professional publications, and frequently lectures at the University of Houston and Rice University on international taxation

Gregg Gerlach: is a labor lawyer and represents employers in the area of wage and hour law, including the audit of company pay procedures, handling of Department of Labor investigations, and litigation of wage and hour claims. For over 10 years, Mr. Gerlach has litigated labor and employment law disputes. He has successfully defended a broad range of employers in both the Federal and State Courts.

Karen Hunter-Courrèges: is experienced in H2B matters. She has spoken at AILA and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Vard R. Johnson: a graduate of Harvard Law School, is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), past President of the Iowa-Nebraska Chapter of AILA, and former Board member of AILA. The American Immigration Lawyers Association includes his writings in its Annual Handbook for Immigration Attorneys. He has conducted numerous immigration workshops and is an AILA Mentor on H-2A visas for agricultural workers.

Leigh Nelson: was the lead immigration attorney in Bendig v. Conoco, perhaps the most important immigration-related employment discrimination lawsuit in recent years.


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