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Immigration Daily October 13, 2009
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Immigration Evangelists

The Associated Press reports that an Evangelical group representing 40 denominations and scores of Christian organizations has urged Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. "The National Association of Evangelicals' resolution, passed unanimously by the group's board of directors, recommends that immigration laws provide a path for the undocumented to eventually gain legal status, place a high priority on reuniting families and reduce backlogs of petitions in those areas."

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Investor Options For Beginners

ILW.COM is pleased to present a new seminar series Investor Options For Beginners with the following distinguished speakers Carolyn S. Lee (discussion leader), Dan Berger, Sarah Buffett, Steve Clark, Nicolai Hinrichsen, Daniel Joyce and David M. Morris Tuesday, October 13th is the deadline to sign up, the curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on October 14: Nonimmigrant Options for Entrepreneurs

  • E-1/E-2 treaty trader/treaty investor - Basic requirements, differences between E-1/E-2, comparison between Es, Ls, Os, H-1Bs, and recent trends
  • L-1 intracompany transferee - Basic requirements: L-1A manager/executive and L-1B specialized knowledge, "Executives", functional managers, comparison between Es, Ls, Os, H-1Bs, and recent trends
  • O-1 and H-1B - O-1s: Basic requirements, and H-1B: Basic requirements & the cap
  • B-1 - Uses and issues, prohibitions, and using Bs strategically as interim solutions
SECOND Phone Session on November 18: Immigrant Options for Entrepreneurs (minus EB-5)
  • EB-1-3 multinational managers - Basic requirements, issues and recent trends
  • EB-1-1 - Basic requirements, comparison, evidentiary practice tips for entrepreneurs, and recent trends
  • PERM Problems - Undue influence, comparison of RIR and PERM standards, when PERMs may work, and recent trends
  • B-1 - uses and issues, intent, and timing
THIRD Phone Session on December 9: Introduction to the EB-5 case
  • Historical overview - Creation and congressional intent, and AAO decisions
  • Basic requirements
  • Basic program vs. Pilot Program - Individual enterprises and regional centers
  • Removal of Conditions - Evidentiary burden, and comparison of basic program and Pilot Program
  • Legislative horizon - Pilot Program Sunset September 30, 2009, and expectations for renewal
Tuesday, October 13th is the deadline to sign up. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online: Fax form: Don't delay, sign up today.


USCIS Releases New G-28 Form; Havoc Ensues As Numerous Problems Become Evident
Vic Goel writes "In an era when our immigration agencies have so many problem areas to fix, it seems like tinkering with the G-28 was at best a foolish lark, and at worst, more evidence of the pervasive culture of "no" that immigration attorneys have long complained about. I'm still hoping it's the former and not the latter."

Race To The Bottom
Nezua for the Media Consortium writes "Until the White House steps up as boldly as Joe Wilson, who will guide the immigration discussion in a humane fashion? The national immigration dialogue, if delayed, will continue to degrade."

Bloggings On PERM Labor Certification
Joel Stewart writes "Here are some PERM FAQ's that are the most frequent of the frequent."

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USCIS Reminds New Citizenship Test Implemented
USCIS reminded the public that beginning Oct. 1, all citizenship applicants must take the new naturalization test, regardless of when they filed their Application for Naturalization (Form N-400).


BIA Delivery Service
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Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
Los Angeles, CA - Global Am-Law 100 firm seeks business immigration & compliance associate. Qualified candidates must have 2-4 years of experience preparing various types of employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions, including extensive experience with PERM. IRCA compliance experience a plus. Must be very organized, detail-oriented and able to manage a heavy caseload as well as a team of paralegals. Must possess excellent computer skills and experience with case management software as well as strong written and verbal communication skills. Please send resume, cover letter, transcript, writing sample and salary history to This is a blind ad posting.

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New York Needs More Immigrants, Says Bloomberg
Immigrants are New York City's economic engine, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Immigration Advocates Call For Delay Of Program
Immigration advocates gathered Thursday to call for the delay of the controversial 287(g) program in Monmouth County and Morristown, and to discuss an upcoming national immigration reform gathering.

Coloradans Say Obama Immigrant Detention Reform Falls Short
Costly for-profit detention facilities expand despite warnings they're not well-suited for the job.

A New Immigration Reality Defines State
But the latest numbers on illegal-immigration activity and movements demonstrate that most undocumented workers coming to this country are here principally for one reason: work.


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Immigration Event - Washington, DC
October 14 - Institute for the Study of International Migration presents "Economic Stimulus and Comprehensive Reform: The Role of Legalization and Temporary Workers" speaker: Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda. For more info and to rsvp see:


Readers can share comments, email: (up to 300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

Dear Editor:
I'll consider the propriety of calling those individuals determined by a court of law to have violated immigration laws "illegal aliens" when those convicted of retail theft are generally and acceptingly designated as "illegal thieves"; those convicted of jaywalking are recognized as "illegal meanderers"; those convicted of exceeding the speed limit as "illegal drivers"; and attorneys convicted of contempt of court as "illegal lawyers". Until then, I will continue to maintain that while human beings may commit illegal acts, that does not make them illegal human beings, and designating them as such is demeaning and dehumanizing, even if done as a matter of convenience and even where no slight is intended. Having represented a number of individuals who were determined to have been US citizens at birth, and really did not need to enter without inspection, I will not rely on Sheriff Joe's conclusions of "illegality" or any other person's similar conclusions until all of the facts have been ascertained and examined in an appropriate judicial proceeding with due process accorded the accused, and even then, I reserve the right to disagree with their findings of fact or law, even if required to abide by them.

Robert R. Gard, Esq.
Chicago, IL

Dear Editor:
How "tedious" it is to hear the same old circumlocutions the letters as those of Mr. Murray, Esq's ilk (10/09/09 ID) as they attempt to mask their antipathy for immigrants. To begin with, when many of us urge that the more descriptive term "undocumented immigrant" be used, it is most certainly not in the interests of anything so insubstantial as "political correctness." It is a matter of expressing one's ideas effectively and as the first phrase specifically describes the condition and its pejorative counterpart requires further clarification...well, you get my point. I also take exception to Mr. Murray, Esq.'s letter's assertion that immigrants "flaunt" our laws and "then seek to change them to suit their own purposes." Many immigrants coming from Mexico and Latin America are jeopardizing life and limb (often losing one or both) in attempting passage here because it is often the only the only means available to them due to our severely outdated visa quotas (as the letter grudgingly acknowledges). That's a far cry from flaunting! And, by the way, immigrants aren't the only ones wanting to fix our broken, out-dated, inefficient and unjust immigration system. The greater number of native-born Americans have indicated their support for immigration reform. And finally, after all the facile assertions Mr. Murray, Esq.'s letter serves up, it concludes that the author of the article (10/07/2009 ID Article) has no respect for the law and without respect for the law, we have anarchy--i.e. the author is an anarchist-- "illegal", "alien", "anarchist" --those are, indeed, words that carry scary images and connotations! Mission accomplished.

R. Heuman

Dear Editor:
I would like to explore some off-the-cuff counter arguments to the statement of David D. Murray's letter (10/9/09 ID), that "Americans do not owe the world a better life." The flip side to Manifest Destiny would suggest that we very well might. As his letter's statement directly relates to our undocumented residents, I would ask the question that while we may or may not "owe" the world a better life, what responsibility do we owe when we "buy" the undocumented a better life? The undocumented are here because we paid for them to be here. They did not come to see the sights, they came to work, and we gladly hired them. Now, they came here to "seek" a better life, but we did not give it to them, we purchased it for them by paying their wages, and benefited from the sweat of their brows. In all candor, we are reneging on our part of the bargain, and on our own "golden rule." We have the gold, but our rules aren't fair and just. We have a shared responsibility for the presence of the vast majority of the undocumented that are here. We must fess up to that unfortunate little fact. Almost everyone, Republican, Democrat, and Independent, agrees that we have a shared responsibility for turning a blind eye, and allowing these people to remain here and work at the jobs that we didn't, couldn't, or wouldn't do for ourselves. Some documented workers might or might not be willing to temporarily and begrudgingly do some of this work. That doesn't exonerate us from the fact that we have a shared responsibility for "luring" these migrants here in the first place. We must treat these humans fairly, and not pull the rug out from under them. It simply isn't ethical.

Robert Gittelson

Dear Editor:
I want to add up here on very important issue of legal people, I repeat "legal immigrants". We have not taken this issue seriously and on priority buy would like to mention that they are the people who are directly connected with our economy and can help us in coming out from current recession. I could not understand why and how we can even talk for favoring or any type of liberty to undocumented illegal people where about two million highly educated legal immigrants are in line waiting to complete their procedure for getting their GC ? There are thousands of legal immegrants well educated with rich experience are stucked in immigration with one or another reason. That reasons are also not serious but well known and internationally accepted but not accepted by USCIS. I previously wrote on same point on I-140. USCIS is still not accepting foreign BS degree of 3 years specially for EB-3 against US BS degree of 4 years even after submitting credential copies by USCIS aproved credentialist. People are working on same position and doing same job, requested for aproval in their petition with foreign degree since 8-10 years. Their employers are also happy with those immigrants and would like to make them permenant but still USCIS is looking for equilency of BS degree. I think one should honour foreign BS degree and if not at least after certain years of USA experience.


Dear Editor:
There is a big difference between the problem we have in America And what ID has been saying. The criminal illegal aliens stealing our benefits, having kids At my expense while taking my food stamps to feed the little illegal children and men who do not wish to support them that made them. The immigrants you speak of are in two different boats, please Distinguish between the two and quit trying to make it all okay. I will agree most living in the united states of America are immigrants but the illegal aliens are not immigrants but illegal aliens and they steal everthing not nailed down.

Frank Bowers
Austin, TX

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