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Immigration Daily October 2, 2009
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Wrong Turn

The Associated Press reports "All it took was a wrong turn for Jorge-Alonso Chehade to face deportation." For the full story, see here.

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Inventory Closeout For Removal Book

Relief From Removal: A Definitive Manual For Winning Cases by Jill Sheldon of CLINIC is now available for an attractive Inventory Closeout price, only $99 including taxes and shipping and handling. This book features:

  • Chapter 1: Removal proceedings
  • Chapter 2: Grounds of deportability
  • Chapter 3: Grounds of inadmissibility
  • Chapter 4: Contesting removability
  • Chapter 5: Adjustment of status
  • Chapter 6: Waivers of inadmissibility and deportability in Removal proceedings
  • Chapter 7: Section 212(c) and Cancellation of Removal for lawful Permanent Residents
  • Chapter 8: Cancellation and Suspension for Non-Permanent Resident Aliens
  • Chapter 9: Asylum, Withholding of Removal and protection under the Convention Against Torture
  • Chapter 10: Voluntary departure
  • Chapter 11: Naturalization as a defense to Removal
  • Chapter 12: Administrative review of Removal Orders
  • Chapter 13: Judicial review of Removal Orders
  • CD-ROM has 600+ important documents including: key BIA & Federal cases, selected USCIS/ICE memos and DOS cables, forms from USCIS & EOIR, relevant regulatory sections from 8 CFR & 42 CFR, significant statutory provisions from the INA, 18 USC & 28 USC, Links to informative internet resources, etc
For more info on this book, and to order, see here (fax version, see here).


Immigrant Of The Day: Alejandro Mayorkas of Cuba
Kevin R. Johnson celebrates the achievements of New US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director.

Bloggings On Nurse And Allied Health Immigration
Christopher T. Musillo writes "Nursing and allied healthcare occupational visa reform is more likely to happen in early 2010."

New Americans In The Buckeye State
Mary Giovagnoli et. al of the Immigration Policy Center writes "Immigrants, Latinos, and Asians account for large and growing shares of the economy and population in the electoral swing state of Ohio."

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FY 2010 Continuing Resolution Extends Immigration-Related Programs
The President signed into law HR 111-265 extending authorizations for certain programs thru October 31, 2009 that would otherwise expire, including the E-Verify, Conrad, EB-5, and religious worker programs.


Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
Los Angeles, CA - Global Am-Law 100 firm seeks business immigration & compliance associate. Qualified candidates must have 2-4 years of experience preparing various types of employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions, including extensive experience with PERM. IRCA compliance experience a plus. Must be very organized, detail-oriented and able to manage a heavy caseload as well as a team of paralegals. Must possess excellent computer skills and experience with case management software as well as strong written and verbal communication skills. Please send resume, cover letter, transcript, writing sample and salary history to This is a blind ad posting.

J-1 Visa Program
Discover the ease and flexibility of the J-1 Visa with Global Current, a service of AIESEC U.S., a leader in international exchange and professional training for over 50 years. Unlike other visas, the J-1 does not require a lengthy petitioning process, has few restrictions and can be processed at any time of year to facilitate the quick and simple implementation of an Exchange Visitor Program. Global Current has developed a streamlined sponsorship process supported by J-1 experts that allows us to maintain an unrivaled 48 hour turnaround time on complete applications. Global Current provides J-1 Trainee and Intern programs in a variety of occupational categories including law, engineering, finance, architecture, graphic design, marketing and fashion. For more information on eligibility requirements and a complete list of occupational categories, visit or email Melany Hamner at

Translation Services
Eurasia Translations, Inc. has been proud to serve immigration attorneys and individuals since 1993 with the translation of personal documents, academic credentials, criminal clearance letters, etc. Our customers can rest assured that all of our translations are prepared in accordance with USCIS requirements and are accompanied by a notarized certificate of accuracy. For more information, please call 888-887-1884 or visit our website. For a free quote, please complete or fax your document at 818-907-9763.


Grassley Seeks Proof Of Jobs From H-1B Applicants
Grassley wants IT consulting companies that hire H-1B workers at third party client sites to prove that there is work waiting for them.

Immigration Reform Is The Way
Operation Guardian was the beginning of security reinforcement on the US side of our shared border with Mexico.

Politicians Can't Keep Promise On This Bill
The same cannot be said about an immigration reform bill. They know it won't pass. So they should stop talking about it.

Not an Immigration Raid: American Apparel Forced to Fire 1,800 Workers
In what the New York Times calls "a showcase for the Obama administrations effort to reduce illegal immigration," companies are being forced to "to dismiss unauthorized workers."


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The Chicago North Shore based solo practice of Melissa Chavin, Chavin Immigration Law Office, invites you to her relaunched website at, including an easy comparative chart on Investor Visas.


Readers can share comments, email: (up to 300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

Dear Editor:
Rachel Heuman's letter (10/1/09 ID) asks why CIS/FAIR has numbers "out of sync" with "even right wing think tanks, the CATO and Goldwater Institutes". One reason is that CATO and the Goldwater Institutes are heavily libertarian and pro-immigration. That'd be like asking why the writers and editors of the Wall Street Journal are "out of sync" with more anti-immigration sources on the right. Immigration is even less a clean right left divide than most American debates. Mr. Yang's letter need not have reached back to the 7th Century for pedophiles claiming religious justification. David Koresh and Brian David Mitchel (the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart). Other mass rapists closer to Mr. Yang's letter's background have tended to claim absolution or entitlement for their crimes from enlightened progress, most notoriously world-class serial rapist and the world's most prolific killer of other human beings Mao Zhedong. Not everyone who references natural law and disagrees with Mr. Yang's letter deserved to be grouped with rapist religious fanatics, just as American progressives or secularists mostly have little to answer for the depredations of the Chinese Communist Party or their formerly Leninist rivals the Kuomintang (or less prolific anti-religious killers like the Nazis). Donald Russell's letter (09/30/09 ID) about UCIS updates by text message is so reminiscent of my experience with its predecessor that I laughed so hard I cried. On the one hand, the poor overburdened bureaucrats are trying, God bless them, to be somewhat responsive to people under a good deal of pressure and who depend upon their whims. On the other, one is reminded that both snafu and fubar were terms that originated in government work.

Honza Prchal, Esq.
Birmingham, AL

Dear Editor:
The 10/1/09 ID letters display a narrow, one-dimensional thinking except possibly (d) by D. Russell. It is amazing that the R. Algase letter would once again destroy the promise of a hiatus as well as credibility with the ignorant statement that my letter of 10/30/09 ID, "does not seem to be aware that America is governed by man-made law, not divine law or natural law." The RA letter can demonstrate one of the "natural" laws by which we are bound - It's called the law of gravity. There are also "Divine" or moral laws that govern US or should. While the RA letter may choose to be an atheist, Divinity and our Christian founding fathers have given US the freedom of speech, belief, and to make laws, even to deny Divinity, all of which we sooner or later will be held responsible (I Cor.3:8-20). The RA and R. Yang letters must have missed the part of my letter that allowed that the "context" of illegality could be changed, but not the fact of an illegal act. I even agreed that "man-made laws" could be changed, even if unwisely, for which we would bear the consequences. It is the RA letter that is unawares and "confused". The R. Yang letters would be better understood if more time was spent learning English and less time ranting about former history. The R. Heuman letter may demonize responsible entry groups, but this does not change the realities of their positions. Citing the SPLC for any kind of authority destroys the letters credibility. The SPLC should be the number one entry on their own "hate" list. They never mention the real racist hate groups such as La Raza, the Brown Berets and others.

Jim Roberts

Dear Editor:
Today is proclaimed, by the president of the US, to be National Family Day. The US government has done more to harm families through antiquated immigration laws and high immigration fees, then you can possible imagine. I am a USC; I worked for more than forty years and served four years of honorable US military service. I live in Guatemala by choice. I am married to a Guatemalan and we have three children, one of which is a US citizen, two which are not. We own our home in Guatemala and it is paid for, we built it ourselves and we live comfortably. Except for freedom of travel, if I want to have US passports or visas for my wife and children to visit the US we will have to sell the house and immigrate to the US. We will have to live there until such time has expired for my wife and children to become US citizens. We don't want to live in the US, we can't afford it, and the government doesn't want us either. We do want the freedom that was guaranteed to me as a US citizen and for service to my country. I want the freedom of choice where to live and raise my family in relative peace. My wife has a visitor's visa for the US, now expired, we visited relatives in the US and returned to Guatemala as agreed and this was before we were married. There are many other non-citizens that would do the same if the opportunity existed. Think what that could do for the economy. This is now impossible. My advice to the president, make sensible new laws and sensible immigration reform, with the sensible human rights that our constitution guarantees. Give immigration back to INS and send homeland insecurity to Afghanistan to fight terrorists.

J. Brannigan

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