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Immigration Daily September 16, 2009
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The Moral High Ground

Immigration Daily is a non-partisan newspaper on immigration law, for immigration professionals in the US, in continuous daily publication for almost a decade. We have repeatedly suggested that immigration is intimately intertwined with the American fabric, and believe that the Congressional leadership's decision to prioritize healthcare (and climate change) over immigration may not be a politically wise decision. Consistent with our belief, immigration has come up in the healthcare debate, with Rep. Wilson, Republican of South Carolina, claiming expertise in immigration matters due to his having handled immigration cases in the past. There are numerous media reports today that Mr. Wilson will be reprimanded by the House today, as he well should be. The House punishes unparliamentary behavior. However, our recent tirades against Mr. Wilson should not be viewed as evidence that we are closet Democrats (nor are we closet Republicans).

Indeed, the Democrats committed a much graver sin in the House, one that concerned immigration, in the previous Congress. Essentially, the Democrats stole a House vote from the Republicans, a very serious offense, going to the heart of our democracy. This incident was the subject of a year-long, bi-partisan investigation that concluded that House Democrats incorrectly closed a vote on the House floor in August 2007, which would have resulted in Republicans prevailing on an immigration issue.

Mr. Wilson's unparliamentary language, and the House Democrats inexcusable stealing of the immigration vote, both show that our elected representatives err from time to time, and also show that our institutions are strong enough to absorb the damage. Transparency of information is the sunshine of our democracy, disinfecting such errors. A free press, of which we are proud to be part of, is an essential part of the American tradition ensuring free flow of information and opinion. We thank our customers and readers daily for making Immigration Daily possible. We could not exist without you.

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Today Is The Deadline For How to Impress the Adjudicator

Tuesday, September 15th is the deadline for the Wednesday, September 16th session of Asylum for Experts", the curriculum as follows:

  • How to get letters from the old country
  • Country conditions information from where?
  • How to interrupt the Asylum Officer
  • Give what kind of documents to the IJ? Objections to DHS documents
  • How to demonstrate harm, How to prove motive; How to avoid inconsistencies
  • How to frame a "particular social group"; Is client a member of more than one particular social group?
  • What if client has a bad memory and has a "flat" affect?
  • DHS attorney and IJ relations
  • How to make a record for the BIA
Don't wait to register, Tuesday, September 15th is the deadline. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online: Fax form:


The Unemployment And Immigration Disconnect: Untying The Knot
Rob Paral and MaduraWijewardena for the Immigration Policy Center write "The fact that immigrants are often complements to the native labor force illustrates the absurdity of suggesting - as we may read in the blogosphere and hear on talk radio - that removing immigrants would automatically lead to job openings for natives."

Setting Standards Of Success
Michelle LaBrosse writes "Many people make the mistake of thinking success is either lucky or theres some magic mojo that is out of reach for them."

Immigrant Of The Week: The Von Trapp Family Singers
Greg Siskind writes "Many may not realize that after the family fled Austria, they immigrated to the United States and brought their singing talent to American audiences."

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DOJ Immigration Litigation Bulletin: September-October 2008
The Department of Justice Office of Immigration Litigation released the September/October 2008 issue of its publication, Immigration Litigation Bulletin.


Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
Austin, TX - Paul Parsons, P.C. is a busy immigration law firm practicing the following areas of immigration law: family-based visas, adjustment of status, nonimmigrant visas, PERM, employment-based visas, and naturalization. Seek bilingual legal assistant with family-based immigration experience. FT position. Ideal candidate will manage own caseload with high level of independence under supervision of attorney. This person must be bilingual in Spanish/English with at least one year of family-based immigration experience, excellent research and writing skills, efficient, resourceful, with keen attention to detail. Must be able to meet deadlines and multitask; and be a quick learner. Consular waiver experience preferred. Competitive salaries + excellent benefits. EEO. Submit cover letter, resume, + writing sample (in Word or PDF only) to or fax: (512) 479-6903. No calls, please. EEO.

Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
Senior Business Immigration Paralegal - Downtown Washington, DC firm seeking a mature and responsible paralegal with a minimum of 4 years experience in business immigration cases, including NIV (H-1B, E, L, J, and O), IV (including EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-5) and PERM. Preference given to those with demonstrated EB-5 experience. Bilingual Spanish/English speaker preferred. Must have a Bachelor's degree and excellent native-level English writing skills. We are a boutique immigration firm with a fast-paced yet collegial atmosphere and no billable hours requirements. Salary commensurate with experience. Please email resume, references and writing sample to No calls please.

Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
Honolulu, Hawaii - USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) seeks experienced attorneys for for the position of Associate Regional Counsel, USCIS OCC, Western Region. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, serving as an attorney providing on-site legal advice to the local District Office USCIS personnel on issues involving immigration related adjudications, inadmissibility and deportability grounds, and national security. J.D. degree, active bar membership, 2+ years of post-J.D. experience required. For full details enter COU-CIS-2009-08 here. Applicants must submit (1) writing sample (10 pps. max) (2) resume (3) cover letter, to All submissions must be received by close of business on September 18, 2009. GS-13/14/15. Position open until filled. No relocation allowance offered.

Case Management Technology
Offering enterprise-level software and unparalleled US-based support, TrackerCorp is the most flexible and dependable immigration management solution on the market today. Designed by immigration attorneys and paralegals, ImmigrationTracker is often praised for its ease of use, intuitive features, and built-in immigration knowledge. As one of our customers noted, "If we had two years and unlimited funds to design our ideal immigration management system, Tracker would be it." Phil Curtis, Chin & Curtis. Find out for yourself why Tracker is the choice of: 83% of practicing Past Presidents of the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association, through June 2007); 86% of the 25 largest immigration law firms (IndUS Business Journal 2006); 75% of the AmLaw 200 (largest US law firms, American Lawyer Media, 2006); 3x as many globally ranked immigration attorneys as compared with other software vendors (Chambers Global and the International Who's Who of Business Immigration Lawyers, 2007). Schedule your private demo: Call 1-888-466-8757 ext. 278 or email sales@trackercorp.

Forensic Psychology Services
Forensic Psychology Group - nationwide service - 800-852-2160. The Forensic Psychology Group provides nationwide expert witness services in all areas of immigration law. It is led by Stephen Reich, PhD, JD, and Grace P. Lee, PhD, JD, who are both clinical psychologists and attorneys, and also AILA members. The Group's experts - all licensed psychologists or psychiatrists - have extensive experience in working collaboratively with immigration lawyers on a wide range of forensic psychological issues. We offer nationwide service in the following areas: psychological consultation, psychodiagnostic evaluation, psychological reports, expert witness services, courtroom testimony, political asylum evaluation, extreme and exceptional hardship evaluations, spousal abuse, citizenship waivers. Dr. Stephen Reich, the Group's founder and director, is a nationally known forensic psychologist who holds a BA, JD, and MBA from Columbia University, and an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University. He has been on the faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College and on the Attending Staff of New York Presbyterian Hospital for 30+ years. Visit The Forensic Psychology Group. The right experts make a real difference.


Official: E-Verify Changes Are In The Works
But it is not clear when an appropriations bill will be enacted, although one option for lawmakers would be to include language reauthorizing E-Verify in the continuing resolution expected later this month.

America's Shame: Hatred of Illegal Immigrants
Why should the mere suspicion of a compassionate stance toward aliens stir such a display of outrage?

Rep. Joe Wilson Prophet Of The Coming Immigration Wars
But until the illegal immigration problem is reckoned with, Republicans, and not a few Democrats, will scapegoat illegal immigrants for many of the nation's problems.

Is Deporting The Nations 13 Million Illegal Aliens Possible?
Since most Americans do not favor amnesty for illegals, it is no wonder that one of the leading political leaders in the United States Senate would be in favor of it.


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Dear Editor:
Whatever our quibbles with one or another enforcement policy, Bush was a friend to immigration and paid a high political price for being one. Besides which, President Obama is our President now. Is he such a wimp that he'd just roll over for Bush policies he disagrees with? Talk of semi-secret anti-foregner conspiracies by the last administration makes one likely to sound as crazy as some of the "save our dying nation from hordes of dirty foreigners" types. (Those are scare quotes, not an actual quote from anyone.) The above referenced tangent is a pity, as the rest of the argument about fast tracking some immigration reforms before bogging down further in health-care reforms makes a lot of sense. What makes even more sense is a long-time theme of ILW, echoed on the 14th by Mr. Berman's letter, pointing out that immigrants are more likely to fight for the US than against it. In fact, immigrants are disproportionately likely to defend this country when adjusted for socio-economic status, even though many of us come from countries with low status militaries and hated compulsory service laws. We like it here and, unlike most people, are all too familiar with the alternatives. Many of the same people who used to push us around "back home" are irritated that they cannot do so once we leave. Some lobby for EU anti-trust or tax harmonization actions. The less civilized steal or copy nuclear technology, blow up hotels and, back on 9-11, used aircraft as missiles. The more people who know them for what they are we have here, the better bead we can get on those still ruling their home roosts.

Honza Prchal, Esq.
Birmingham, AL

Dear Editor:
I must say I am a bit disappointed in the newest dribble, 'Liar Wilson', presented as fact in Greg Siskind blog posting (see 09/15/09 ID comment). No doubt the skilled investigator took a look at Rep. Wilson's official web page learning his area of legal practice was in real estate. At town hall meetings during the Bush attempt to rehabilitate migration laws, I have heard him mention having handled 'a few' immigration matters which gave him perspective of the complexity. I have observed Congressman Joe Wilson as a constituent for a few years. He is not one to rant nor lie. His outburst was of the res gestae 'excited utterence' version which apparently suprised even himself. I have heard several radio interviews in which he repeatedly expresses unhappiness with himself for allowing the two words to escape his mouth. I believe him. Aside from that are all the recordings of multiple honorable Democratic Congressmen openly disrespecting President Bush with loud "'Boo's", yet such demeanor was then fully acceptable. Politics is not always polite. A cynic could easily surmise Mr. Siskind's comment was simply attempting to make something of nothing for self agrandisement and politics. The thought that Mr. Siskind 'ought to grow up' more readily comes to mind.

T. C. Houghtaling, retired INS
Lexington, SC

Dear Editor:
Mr. Wilson is a hero in my eyes (09/15/09 ID comment). I don't believe in amnesty. Please remove me from the list.

Daniel Fuentes

Editor's note: Your email address will be removed from our Immigration Daily listserv as requested. Readers who wish to discontinue receiving ID can write to

Dear Editor:
I truly have enjoyed getting daily updates from Immigration Daily. Your site is always helpful and fascinating with the stories and information it shares. I was wondering, however, if it was at all possible to keep the political remarks more fair and neutral by just reporting the news and not favoring only one side of the political realm. I consider myself an independent in regards to political parties, however, some of the remarks made on here are not reporting the news, but reporting a one-sided view point. I am all for immigration reform and believe that President Obama will handle it accordingly, however, I would appreciate it if Immigration Daily would stick to the reporting on Immigration news without the underlined tones of party-favoritism. I stand behind our President just as much as the next guy, but I would appreciate it if you would think about your audience as a whole before recording some of the stories that are put on this site. I understand that it was my choice to sign up for the daily updates and it is my choice to take my email off the mailing list. Overall, though, I truly enjoy your site which is why I will continue to subscribe to the daily updates. I just wanted you to receive some feedback in hopes that you will consider Immig. Daily's audience as a whole.

Jenn McElroy

Dear Editor:
Samantha Anderson's 09/15/09 ID letter can't understand why our politicians are divided instead of united, as is the case with so many issues. For the answer, look to the three C's - corporate campaign contributions.


Dear Editor:
I have read ID's comment (09/15/09) about Mr. Wilson and his "You lie" addressed to Mr. President. Where can we find the health care project bill to be sure that the President was correct and the Mr. Wilson is a liar? Can ID provide a website link? It would be greatly appreciated.

Gretta Starik

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