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Immigration Daily June 3, 2009
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It's that time of year again. We look forward to meeting friends both old and new at AILA's Annual Conference in Vegas. If you will be in town, be sure to stop by and say hello. Come by to browse ILW.COM's entire book line which includes (4) new titles. ILW.COM speakers may wish to use their standing ILW.COM credit to purchase one of our newest books hot off the press. The Open House will be from noon-10pm each and every day in Room 3701 (Level 3, Toscana) from Wednesday, June 3rd through Saturday, June 6th (both days inclusive). Look forward to seeing you there.

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Today Is The Deadline For Physicians

Today is the deadline for the 3rd session of Health Care Visas for Beginners. The curriculum is as follows:

THIRD Phone Session on June 3: Physicians

  • Temporary Visas:
    • What visa options are available?
    • Are there prevailing wage issues?
    • What licensing and credentialing requirements apply?
    • What's the latest on H-1b cap exemption for physicians?
  • Immigrant Visas:
    • When to use EB-1, PERM or NIW?
    • How to time a 212(e) waiver with immigrant processing?
    • What's the latest on MBBS/MD equivalency?
  • Waivers:
    • When does the foreign residence requirement apply?
    • What waivers are available for physicians?
    • What's the latest on the Conrad 30 program?
For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online: Fax form:


Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Getting Down To Brass Tacks
Robert Gittelson writes "And yet ... why do I feel the need to hedge my bets?"

Why Lawyers May Finally Be Seeing The Light When It Comes To Connecting With Clients
Paramjit L. Mahli writes "I've often thought about what an entrepreneur is, especially since I ended up being one!"

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USCIS Responds To CIS Ombudsman Recommendations On T, U Visas
Michael Aytes, USCIS Acting Deputy Director released a response to Acting CIS Ombudsman's recommendation 39: "Improving the Process for Victims of Trafficking and Certain Criminal Activity: The T and U Visas".


Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
New York, NY - Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP, a nationally-known immigration law firm, has an opening for a paralegal with 2-3 years of experience to handle a variety of employment based immigration matters for hospitals and research organizations from its New York City office. You will work with attorneys, have contact with scientists, managers, and other professionals to determine their skills and background, draft documents to establish their eligibility for immigration benefits, and help guide them through the immigration process. If you are interested in international/intercultural issues; are a good writer; are able to understand complicated rules and procedures; and have a Bachelor.s degree with excellent academic credentials along with 2-3 years of immigration experience, please email your resume and a brief writing sample to: Information about the firm can be found at

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Leading immigration law firm, Foster Quan, LLP, seeks experienced immigration legal assistants for its Houston and Austin, TX offices. Applicants must have two years of employment based immigration experience. A university degree is required, as well as strong writing and communication skills and proficiency with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel. Foreign language fluency is preferred. Must be detail oriented, able to multi-task and have strong analytical and organizational skills. Send resume and cover letter via e-mail to, referencing the position title in the subject line.

J-1 Visa Program
Discover the ease and flexibility of the J-1 Visa with Global Current, a service of AIESEC U.S., a leader in international exchange and professional training for over 50 years. Unlike other visas, the J-1 does not require a lengthy petitioning process, has few restrictions and can be processed at any time of year to facilitate the quick and simple implementation of an Exchange Visitor Program. Global Current has developed a streamlined sponsorship process supported by J-1 experts that allows us to maintain an unrivaled 48 hour turnaround time on complete applications. Global Current provides J-1 Trainee and Intern programs in a variety of occupational categories including law, engineering, finance, architecture, graphic design, marketing and fashion. For more information on eligibility requirements and a complete list of occupational categories, visit or email Melany Hamner at

Expert Witness Services
Muslim World Expert Dr. Shaul M. Gabbay is pleased to offer expert testimony on immigrants from Muslim countries/societies, including the former Soviet Union (USSR). I have testified in 150+ Immigration Court cases nationwide (asylum, cancellation of removal) and to USCIS (asylum interviews, hardship waivers) with very high success rates. For more info, including detailed biography + testimonials from lawyers who have worked with me in the past, see: Please contact me with any additional questions: Dr. Shaul M. Gabbay, Muslim World Expert, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado,, (303) 871-2560. For countries outside of my expertise, I may be able to recommend an expert in that area.


Clinton Welcomes US, Cuba Talks On Immigration
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday welcomed Cuba's decision to resume talks with the United States on immigration and mail service.

Janet Napolitano, Master Multitasker
On immigration issues crucial in a border state Napolitano took ideas from both ends of the political spectrum.

Tancredo, Buchanan Bruised By Racist 'Karate Chop'
Epstein was, and still is, one of the utility players in the immigration restrictionist fringe of the conservative movement, the executive director of both Pat Buchanan's American Cause and former Rep. Tom Tancredo's (R-Colo.) Team America PAC.

South Florida Groups To Push For Immigration Reform
Using the political landscape as their ally, advocacy groups hope to hit Washington, D.C., with another push for comprehensive immigration reform.


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Immigration Event - Washington, DC
Center for Immigration Studies will host a panel discussion on Monday, June 8, 2009, at 9:30 a.m. in the Murrow Room at the National Press Club, 14th & F Streets, NW discussing "Plenary Power: Should Judges Control U.S. Immigration Policy?". The panel is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Bryan Griffith at (202) 466-8185 or


Readers can share comments, email: (up to 300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

Dear Editor:
The 06/02/09 issue of ID contained an interesting array of letters: I agree with Nolan Rappoport's letter, that delaying "CIR" may not be a bad thing. Deportation by attrition is working, and by the time CIR passes, the legalization program may have half the applicants it would have had in the hay-day of illegal immigration, when the economic times were good. I sympathize with Paul Good's case and can only observe that although most USCIS adjudications officers are good, there are a few bad apples, and this one should be culled from the ranks of adjudications and relegated to cleaning toilets. I do not believe, as Christopher Basaman's letter claims, that Roger Algase's letter stated, or meant, that "all" Republicans are raciest. Although I may not necessarily totally share Mr. Algase's letter's view on race in immigration, what his letter stated was exactly what it said - the GOP will have a "loyal, enthusiastic, base." How this reverted in Mr. Basaman's letter to "all Republicans" escapes me. I particularly liked Michael Steinberg's letter's tongue-in-cheek humor and nominate him for the prestigious Matzo Ball award for ID humor. Keep it coming. I hope the cultural overtones were not lost on Mr. Yang, whose (06/02/09 ID) letter proclaims, among other things, "Everyone must pass the very same entrance test regardless of skin color and race. Period." I agree with Mr. Yang's letter, but perhaps he has not noticed, since repeal of the Chinese exclusionary laws, that is the law of the land. And finally, R. Saheb's brilliant poem, that regretfully when formatted as in-line prose, lost its poetic pentameter. I urge ID readers to cut and paste this poem to their word processors and separate the comma-divided lines into separate four-line verses to savor the rhyming and the rhythm of a beautifully crafted, heartfelt poem.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Chistopher Basaman's letter (06/02/09 ID) completely misunderstands my letter of June 1. Nowhere does my letter say that all members of the Republican party are racist. What my letter said is that, as long as there are anti-Latino racists, the Republicans will have a loyal base. This point, far from being ludicrous, should be self evident. The Republican party began by playing the race card in the 1960's and 1970's with the notorious Nixon "Southern Strategy" of opposing civil rights legislation. At the time, President Lyndon Johnson predicted that the Democrats would lose the once "solid South" for a generation. It has been more like two generations. The Republicans have continued playing the race card with their hard line, "enforcement only" policy on immigration, which is just as much designed to appeal to anti-Latino bigots as the Southern Strategy was designed to appeal to anti-Black ones. Only now, after two devastating election losses due to Latino voters switching to the Democrats in reaction, are the Republicans beginning to have second thoughts, Even during the civil rights era, the Republicans had many supporters who were not racists, and the same is true now. But there is no doubt which party those voters who do happen to be bigots have felt most at home in during the past 40-odd years. Mr. Basaman's letter's inaccurate and irresponsible distortion of my letter's meaning warrants an apology.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
anyone is welcomed to my house, if they pass security background check that they're not terrorists, sex offenders or any other psychos or criminals, can be beneficial for my household, pay his rent due because like a country we have household budget that need to be balanced and I expect any members to chip in and please expect no bailouts nor welfare (see 06/02/09 ID). Rent free living is available with labor exchange to do some errants, cleaning and household jobs. Any jobs opening at my house are offered to anyone who are agree with my terms and conditions or mutual negotiable agreements. Any newcomers are welcomed to practice their religions or cults however absurd and ridiculous they're as long as they don't bother me, but I expect them to respect my disbelief in any faiths and on my diet that treat every edible and healthy meat or meals as equally "holy" and "kosher". Immigrants should not expect "free lunch" buffet upon arrival in any countries at the expense of the hosts. Since Mr. Steinberg's letter states that he is looking for "welfare" on my expenses then I have to use my right to deny those like him entry and I believe any other households or countries in bigger scope should do the same. Be them Jewish, Anglos, Chinese etc, ones must understand and support on how freedom of movement for survivals and better opportunies should be the very basic right of universal human rights. Freedom of movement and trade our labor, service and goods is not the same as freedom to ask welfare. Doesn't the Bible itself reminds us, don't treat foreigners unjustly because remembers you were once strangers and refugees also in foreign lands or ones may cherry pick verses again as usual to justify their nativism and selfish xenophobia?

Robert Yang

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