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Immigration Daily May 8, 2009
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Anti-immigration Sessions

The Huffington Post reports that America's Voice has released a report exploring the anti-immigrationist views and connections of Senator Sessions. "In a document provided to the Huffington Post, America's Voice doesn't hold back its punches, calling Sessions "one of the leading (and loudest) voices against comprehensive immigration reform in the United States Senate." They also tie the Senator to John Tanton, an anti-immigration activist described as a white nationalist by the Southern Poverty Law Center."

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The Nurse Immigration Book

The table of contents of this definitive work edited by Joseph Curran and Daniel Berger is as follows:

I. FOREWORD: Why A Nurse Immigration Book? By William Stock


  • H-1 Visas For Nurses By Greg Siskind and Esther Fridman
  • TN Status For Nurses By Christopher Wendt
  • Practice Pointers for Presenting TN Applications By Leslie Holman
  • An Outline Of A Typical Nurse Case, Including Consular Processing By Joseph Curran
  • Adjustment Of Status For Professional Nurses By Sylvia Boecker
  • Building International Bridges By Commission On Graduates Of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS International)
  • Tips For Staffing Companies In Planning Their Posting Strategies By Ronald Nair
  • Licensure: US State Licenses For International Nurses By Patrick Curran
  • Immigration Basics For Allied Professional Healthcare Workers By Christopher Musillo
  • Managing Or Achieving Expectations: The Key To Success By Michael Hammond
  • Global Issues In Nurse Recruitment By Joseph Curran
  • The Nurse Shortage: Why It Matters By Carl Shusterman
  • Deadly Consequences: The Hidden Impact Of Americas Nursing Shortage By Stuart Anderson
  • Aiding And Abetting - Nursing Crises At Home And Abroad By Sreekanth Chagaturu and Snigdha Vallabhaneni
  • US Visa Policy Competition For International Scholars, Scientists And Skilled Workers By Phyllis Farrell Norman
  • Better Late Than Never: Workforce Supply Implications Of Later Entry Into Nursing By David Auerbach, Peter Buerhaus and Douglas Staiger
  • The Business Of Nurse Immigration By Mireille Kingma
  • Recruitment Of Workers In The Philippines: Playing Ball With The POEA By Ronald Nair
  • Successful International Nurse Recruiting By C. Philip Slaton
  • Nurse Assimilation By Yvette Mooney
  • Hospitals' Responses To Nurse Staffing Shortages By Jessica May, Gloria Bazzoli and Anneliese Gerland
  • Nurse Perspectives Of The Migration Experience By Mariah Rutherford-Olds
V. AFTERWORD: Musings After 2 Decades In Nurse Immigration By James David Acoba

For more info, and to order, please see here. For the fax order form, see here.


Bloggings on Updates in Immigration Law
Carl Shusterman writes "Recently, a California family, all permanent residents for over 30 years, was suddenly informed by the government that they were all illegal aliens and must return to Thailand."

Bloggings on Nurse and Allied Health Immigration
Christopher T. Musillo writes "The Nursing and Allied Workers Immigration Blog is pleased to recognize this week as National Nurses Week."

Immigrants Of The Day: Rihanna of Barbados, and Sun-Min Kim of South Korea
Kevin R. Johnson writes "Rihanna has sold over eleven million albums worldwide."

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Whitehouse Summarizes Proposed Immigration Funding In Budget
The White House released a summary of the proposed changes to immigration-related funding in the President Obama's FY2010 budget.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Long time NYC practitioner seeks young lawyer as associate (or not so young) with or without own practice to work with a view towards parnership and sucession. I wish to work less now and much less later but not retire completely. Harry DeMell (212) 732-2767.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
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Credential Evaluation
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CDC's Immigration Vaccine Policies Under Review
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has proposed changing the criteria used to decide which vaccines recommended by its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices should be required for immigrants before they can become legal permanent residents

Justices Strike Down Postville Tactic
The U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously struck down a legal tool that was central to the prosecution of immigrant workers who were arrested at the Agriprocessors slaughterhouse in Iowa last May.

The Immigration Debate, Again
Has the political landscape shifted enough to change the dynamics of immigration reform?

30 arrested during Minnessota ICE protest
About 30 people were arrested for disorderly conduct during a protest outside the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Bloomington.


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New Attorney
The law firm of Albright & Rhodes, LLC in Rockville announces the addition of Timothy D. Junkin, Esq. as Counsel. For more info see


Readers can share comments, email: (up to 300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

Dear Editor:
I found myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Robert Yang's letter (05/06/09 ID), until it concluded "when a foreigner and a human being questions why he must have an authorization aka legal status" outside his native country to work to a willing employer... then we must view it as a struggle against human rights violation and universal justice." Mr. Yang's letter suggests that America should have no restrictions on foreign workers, so long as they are coming to work for a "willing employer." Mr. Yang's letter claims, "Freedom of movement and freedom to trade of all human beings should be protected and guaranteed as parts of universal human rights." There is no rational argument to support a position that "human rights" include unfettered transnational migration in search of employment. Laws should be just and companionate and they must be respected, even in disagreement, or we have anarchy. Americas immigration laws, while sadly lacking, given the realities of the 21st century, do not violate the principles of "universal justice," as they did in the days of the abhorable Chinese Exclusion Act. Restrictions on US employment are not per se bad, but indiscriminately protect first world American workers from third-world workers willing to work at substandard wages and still live better than in their home country. Until pigs fly and until there is one world government, sovereign nations will continue to have the right to regulate themselves. Unless such regulation shocks the human conscience, they have the right to do so under international law. While refusing foreigners entry and the ability to lawfully apply for status under the laws of a nation on the basis of race may be Apartheid, indiscriminately refusing foreigners access to a country's employment pool does not shock the conscience and is not.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
Not being "the sharpest knife in the drawer", I may have missed the point from David Murray's letter (05/06/09 ID), when he stated, in part, "under the law illegal aliens are not criminals". Some are, some aren't, if he's just referring to their illegal entry and status here in the U.S. 8 USC, 1325, and various other provisions of law make it a crime to enter the country without inspection or through fraud and felonies for repeat violations. And according to my old dictionary, "criminal", when used as a noun, is a person who has committed a crime. And as we know, illegal aliens who work in the U.S. commit a variety of crimes every day related to document fraud, etc. If Mr. Murray's letter's point was that all illegal aliens aren't major felons, I agree. But to say that "illegal aliens are not criminals" isn't any more correct than saying that all illegal aliens are felons; some are, some aren't.

John Frecker
Baileyville, ME

Dear Editor:
Regarding the ID comment on Army Recruiting Immigrants (05/07/09 ID): I think that is great however it still does not help my husband. he is an illegal who came to this country 8yrs ago by walking the border. we are married and have three children two of which are his by birth. I am a us citizen born in the us to american parents however it is realy hard for my husband and i being that he is not and we have been told there is nothing we can my husband has on more then one acasion stated he would be more then happy to serve in the military as long as it helped us stay together as a family he speeks fluent english


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