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Immigration Daily March 27, 2009
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Dreams Deferred

The International Herald Tribune reports on the effect of the recession on immigrants. "Soaring unemployment is hammering families across the United States, and it is having a particular impact on immigrants. In addition to their livelihoods, foreign-born workers could lose their work permits and their hope for a future in the United States. Even naturalized U.S. citizens lose the source of the money they send to relatives back home."

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US Tax Compliance For Immigrants And Employers: The Lawyer's Complete Guide

ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new book on tax compliance for immigrants and employers authored by noted authority Paula Singer. The outline is as follows:

  • International Aspects of Individual U.S. Tax Returns
  • A Guide for Filing IRS Forms 1042 and 1042-S
  • L-1 Intracompany Transferees on U.S. Assignment
  • J-1 Nonstudent Exchange Visitors Performing U.S. Services
  • U.S. Taxation of H-1B Specialty Workers
  • U.S. Taxation of B-1 Business Visitors
  • U.S. Taxation of Foreign Students
  • Tax Treaty Benefits for Foreign Nationals Performing U.S. Services
  • What You Need to Know About Exchange Visitors
For more info, including how to place a pre-publication order, please see: For info/ordering by fax, please see:


Bloggings on Nurse Immigration
Christopher T. Musillo of the Hammond Law Group writes "Many healthcare professions ordinarily qualify for H-1(b) status, including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Therapists, and some Registered Nursing jobs."

Immigrants Of The Day: Isabel Toledo of Cuba, Jason Wu of Taiwan, Thomas Buergenthal of Czechoslovakia, and Theodor Meron of Poland
Kevin R. Johnson writes "Our Immigrants of the Day had their days in the sun yesterday at the grand Presidential inauguration."

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Neufeld Memo Extending Validity Of Medical Certifications On Form I-693
Donald Neufeld, Acting Associate Director, Domestic Operations, USCIS, published a memo temporarily extending the validity of civil surgeon endorsements on Form I-693 for adjustment of status applicants.

USCIS Initiates Procedures For Unaccompanied Children Seeking Asylum
USCIS announced that it is now responsible for initial adjudication of applications for asylum from Unaccompanied Alien Children and issued questions and answers to the topic. For the announcement see here and for the QAs see here.

USCIS Extends EAD Validity For Liberians
USCIS automatically extended through Sept. 30, 2009, employment authorization for Liberian nationals covered under Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) and issued questions and answers to the topic. For the announcement see here and for the QAs see here.

DOL Publishes Withdrawal Notice Of Interpretation Of Relocation Expense For H-2A and H-2B Workers
The Department of Labor (DOL) withdrew an interpretation of the Fair Labor Standards Act concerning relocation expenses incurred by H-2A and H-2B workers.

USCIS Lists Countries With No Child Abuse Registries
USCIS reminded customers preparing paperwork for adoptions from Hague Convention countries of the need to check available child abuse registries for potential adoptive parents and published a list of countries and geographic entities confirmed to have no child abuse registry information available.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
Owings Mill, MD - The Murthy Law Firm seeks attorneys with 3+ years business immigration law experience. Our practice is dynamic and fast-paced. We have high standards with regard to integrity, work ethic, and quality. Successful candidates will have ability to work both as members of team and team leaders. They will join dozen high-caliber colleagues and have quality support in the way of legal and administrative staff, as well as technology. They will bring in-depth understanding and knowledge of the breadth of immigration procedures, and are expected to supervise paralegals/support staff. Good writing and analytical skills required. Visit to learn unique benefits of working at Murthy Law Firm. Send resume + cover letter to All communication will be treated in confidence. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience and ability. EEO.

Credential Evaluation And Translation
As the nation's leader in foreign credential evaluations and translations, American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc. (AETS) provides the most competitive rates in the industry $50 educational evaluations, as well as $200 'expert opinion' work experience and position evaluations completed by PhD university professors who have the "authority to grant college level credit for work experience and/or training." AETS offers a variety of turn-around times, including same-day service for educational, work experience, and position evaluations. For list of rates and times, see: AETS also provides certified translations in 100+ languages, with translators that are specialists in 80+ fields. For a copy of the Application for Credential Evaluation and Translation Services, please contact AETS at (786) 276-8190, visit, or email:

Expert Witness Services
Muslim World Expert Dr. Shaul M. Gabbay is pleased to offer expert testimony on immigrants from Muslim countries/societies, including the former Soviet Union (USSR). I have testified in 150+ Immigration Court cases nationwide (asylum, cancellation of removal) and to USCIS (asylum interviews, hardship waivers) with very high success rates. For more info, including detailed biography + testimonials from lawyers who have worked with me in the past, see: Please contact me with any additional questions: Dr. Shaul M. Gabbay, Muslim World Expert, Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado,, (303) 871-2560. For countries outside of my expertise, I may be able to recommend an expert in that area.


Leaders To Join Immigration Event
U.S. Reps. John Conyers, D-Detroit, and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Detroit, are among the congressional leaders joining Michigan's religious community for the national Family Unity outreach tour for immigration reform.

Can Obama Forge An Immigration Compromise
President Obama is either daring or foolhardy - or maybe a little of both.

Nebraska Lawmakers Advance Illegal Immigration Bill
A compromise bill that seeks to deter illegal immigration has been advanced to the final round of debate in the Nebraska Legislature.

Immigrants Held During DCF Visit
Elida Arriaga was holding her 1-year-old grandson during a routine visit with a state social worker when local deputies told her she was in the country illegally and led her away, immigration advocates said Wednesday.


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Immigration Book
The Accidental American: Immigration and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization By Rinku Sen and Fekkak Mamdouh, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 248 pp. Paperback, ISBN: 1576754383, $24.95


Readers can share comments, email: (up to 300-words). Past correspondence is available in our archives

Dear Editor:
I came across a useful forecast that covers the US, the global and Asia. It's quite comprehensive. While there is nothing we can do about the worldwide economic crisis (except keep spending and have no fear), it is encouraging to see that the economic pundits predict an upturn in 2010 (with their fingers crossed). It could be worse, so look on the bright side... Definition of Recession: When your neighbor is unemployed. Definition of Depression: When you are unemployed. It's all relative.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
I was arrested by ICE in San Francisco and thrown to jail after my american bona fide wife filed for divorce during a provisional green card status (sorry if it's not legal jargon). Conditions were deplorable as I was among criminal law detainees and I didn't go out of the 50+ busy detainee cell a single time besides when walking the 5 meters from the van to the SF Federal building door, but I was chained wrists, belt and ankles. I have a MBA, studied law and business in Berkeley and even have a degree in Sports Medicine. During the arrest at my legitimate employment location [as a manager of 35 people] they pretended I had commited a crime. But I never did. They wrongfully arrested me, unlawfully detained me, denied a trial [couldn't see a judge] and any discussion with my embassy and didn't even pay for my ticket while I lost tens of thousands of dollars as I never saw my apartment again. Why? my wife filed for divorce 3 months earlier and had an remotely knew an immigration officer in her family. After that we wonder why America is so hated. Honestly loved America, but this level of arrogance, disrespect and plain stupidity from the people living on our taxes is an abnormality. Wake up people.


Dear Editor:
Last year the border patrol jailed 8 Guatemalan visitors who had pending applications for tourist visas. The folks were held illegally for 2 months, then sent back to Guatemala, being told they could apply for visas again upon their return to Guatemala. The authorities didn't even bother to look up the reference numbers on the notices of action to check status. This was a major embarrasment for our country. Hispanics are also regularly carded on the Greyhound bus route that runs from Albany to Buffalo. We have also had visitors with pending visas jailed in Syracuse and Rochester. The authority only card the dark skinned passengers. We know of a couple of light-skinned Guatemalans who did not get carded, while other hispanics on the bus did... and the authorities deny that this is racial profiling. I find the practice inexcuseable.

Steven A. McKay

Dear Editor:
Regarding the letter of Margaret Makar, Esq. (03/26/09 ID) I find it strange the letter would find that there is a bad impression created by use of the word "immigrant". I never knew that. What I am positive about is the fact that any sane-thinking person who understands the bare rudiments of law and order does understand the term "illegal immigrant" and resents people to whom that moniker is directed who now believe that it has become synonymous with having a legal status in the United States. What is even more heartbreaking is the fact that the letters of even "officers of the court", otherwise known as lawyers are themselves guilty of now referring to all persons not born in the US as immigrants, regardless of the legality of their presence here. No, "immigrant" is not a nasty word; "illegal immigrant" is offensive.

J. Smith

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