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Immigration Daily September 19, 2008
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Employer Enforcement: What You Need To Know Now

ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new 3-part telephone seminar on a timely topic for immigration practitioners "Employer Enforcement: What You Need To Know Now" (with noted expert Cynthia Lange as discussion leader and Gary Endelman and others as speakers). With the most recent decision of the 9th circuit saying Arizona's employer sanction law was not pre-empted by federal statute the matters to be discussed in this seminar series are particularly important at this time in immigration practice. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on September 30: Practical Aspects of E-Verify, State Enforcement of Immigration Laws and Preemption

  • Which states have passed Employer Sanctions legislation and what do the laws require?
  • Have there been any state enforcement actions?
  • What have the Federal Courts said about preemption and recent State Legislation?
  • How does E-Verify work and how does an employer decide to participate?
  • What are some of the recent E-Verify improvements regarding Tentative Non-confirmation and Final Non-confirmation?
  • Describe the purpose and goals of the E-Verify enforcement unit
SECOND Phone Session on October 9: Developing Company Policy in Light of SSA No Match Letter Controversy, OSC and ICE investigations and workers rights
  • How has the No-match litigation and the government's response affected employer's "constructive knowledge"?
  • What effect has the 9th Circuit Aramark case had on employers attempt to create a prudent company policy?
  • How should employers/workers respond to a mistaken no match triggered by E-Verify or Social Security?
  • What are the recent investigations and charges is OSC involved in?
  • Do employers have responsibility to protect individual worker's rights in anticipating federal enforcement programs?
THIRD Phone Session on November 6: ICE Enforcement and Criminal Prosecution - What Every Employer Needs to Know
  • Review of recent ICE enforcement actions
  • What can employers do to prepare?
  • What rights do employers and employees have?
  • Cooperating with government - how far to go?
  • How to handle workers you think are unauthorized
The deadline to sign up is Friday, Sep 26th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Law Library Of Congress Global Legal Monitor: Immigration And Nationality Law October 2007
Rubens Medina, Law Librarian of Congress tracks recent immigration-related legal developments around the world.

Bloggings on Nurse Immigration
Christopher T. Musillo of the Hammond Law Group shares the latest entries as of September 15, 2008 on his nurse immigration blog.

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DOL On Pending PERM Audits
The Employment and Training Administration of the Department of Labor issued a statement on its website, "All pending audits triggered exclusively by consideration rule concerns are therefore being released and will be processed in accordance with their original filing date."

USCIS Reminds Customers To Use Correct TPS Forms
USCIS reminded its customers that only the Oct. 17, 2007 version of the Application for Temporary Protected Status (Form I-821) will be accepted.


Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Downtown Washington, D.C. - Boutique immigration firm seeks senior business immigration paralegal. Small, friendly environment with no billable hours requirements. Bachelor's degree required and 5 + years of business immigration experience preferred. Must be proficient in preparation of PERM cases, H-1B, L-1, O-1 and E-1/E-2 visas, I-140 EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 petitions, adjustment applications and consular processing. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred, but must have excellent English writing skills. Must be comfortable with extensive client contact and have the ability to multitask effectively. Compensation commensurate with experience and skill level. Please send resume with cover letter and salary requirements to: No calls please.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Midtown Manhattan - Prominent immigration law firm seeks paralegal with 3-5 years of business immigration experience. Applicant will work in high volume team environment. Applicant will have client contact and work with state-of-the-art case management system. Applicant must have excellent writing, communication and organization skills. Potential for assignment in firm's Bergen County, NJ office. Please send resume to:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
New York - Troutman Sanders LLP, an international law firm, seeks immigration paralegal. Ideal candidate possesses: four-year degree plus a paralegal certificate (ABA-approved preferred); 2+ years of business immigration experience; ability to read, write, and speak Korean preferred; knowledge of preparing H, L, O, E non-immigrant visas, I-140 petitions and adjustment of status applications; experience with multi-national corporations, start-up companies and PERM applications; must have excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, initiative, strong client relations skills and be a quick learner by relating individual tasks to the "big picture" issue in complex business transactions. If interested, please visit to apply online.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
New York, NY - Established mid-sized NYC law firm seeks business immigration paralegal. Will provide general support to the firm's immigration practice group, including preparation of H-1B, L-1, O-1 and E-1/E-2 visas, I-140 immigrant petitions, consular applications, adjustment applications, PERM cases, and special projects. Bachelor's degree required. 2+ years business immigration experience preferred. Must be organized, detail oriented, responsive and have excellent writing, verbal and case management skills. Must be able to multi-task and work independently. Ability to work well under pressure and work effectively with clients, attorneys and staff. Competitive compensation + comprehensive benefits package. Please send resume + cover letter to:

Website Services
Gain the competitive edge with your new website from INSZoom, the world's largest immigration software company. Choose from a range of template websites, complete with customized logos and images, 60-70 pps. of professionally written immigration law content including news articles, processing dates, and priority times posted directly on your site. Our search engine optimization tools will increase your web traffic and prioritize your site in the major search engines. Our content management tool lets you update your site in real time. Customized intake sheets let you integrate your case management software directly into your site. Biweekly newsletters and email blast tools enable you to stay in constant touch with current clients and strengthen your potential client base. Build leads and maintain a professional presence at a reasonable cost with websites from INSZoom. Learn more online at or contact a sales representative at (925) 244-0600 to start the process of launching your new website today.

Border And Consular Assistance
For visa application processing at US-Canada border or at US Consulate in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and/or Quebec, please contact Charles J. Leamy at Ogilvy Renault LLP. Mr. Leamy is a Montreal-based AILA member with more than 15 years experience in U.S. immigration law. Ogilvy Renault s Business Immigration team will accompany your client and provide representation at border/consular posts. We have wide-ranging expertise with border/consular issues including all TN visas, L visas and waiver of inadmissibility cases. For more information: Charles J. Leamy at Ogilvy Renault LLP; Montreal, QC; (514) 847-6103;


Appeals Court Upholds Arizona Immigration Law
A US appeals court on Wednesday upheld an Arizona law that targets employers who hire illegal immigrants by revoking their licenses to do business in the state.

John Mccain Accuses Barack Obama Of Scuttling Immigration Overhaul
With the race for the White House grown tight, Republican presidential candidate John McCain has begun using the issue of immigration to try to dent Democrat Barack Obama's lead among Latino voters, who could prove decisive in the Southwest.

Immigration Ad Ties McCain to Limbaugh
Immigration is flaring up again in the presidential campaign, and Barack Obama on Wednesday released a new advertisement that tries to tie John McCain to his longtime critic, Rush Limbaugh.

Next U.S. President Should Be Ready For Immigration Crisis
The destruction inflicted on Cuba by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike dramatically raises the risk that the next U.S. president will face an immigration crisis next summer when the warm weather makes crossing the Florida Strait propitious for Cuban refugees.


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Immigration Event - San Diego, CA
'Politics, Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Research Consortium', 1:00-5:00pm., Friday, September 26, 2008. Social Science Building Room 107, University of California, San Diego, Organizers: Zoltan Hajnal and Marisa Abrajano, UCSD, Contact: (858) 822-4447 or


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Thank you for providing us with a road map as to how the junior senator from Illinois can win in November (09/18/08 ID comment). In the interest of fairness, I am sure that ID is going to have an editorial describing how McCain can win as well. After all, it is a bit ungrateful to turn our backs on one of the few members of Congress in the GOP who consistently supported immigration reform, when it mattered, and when it was clearly not to his advantage. It would be an act of incredible arrogance for those of us in the immigration community to ignore the past, and a man of established ethics and credentials in the immigration field, to embrace someone whose resume is thin to begin with, and particularly inconsequential when it comes to immigration issues. Please remember that not all of ID's readers are Democrats.

Christine Flowers, Esq.
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Editor:
It was good to see so many other letters (9/18/08 ID) calling John McCain to account over his hypocrisy on immigration and pointing out ID's own shortsightedness in overlooking this. But, in view of the financial crisis that seems to be about to overtake America, all of us who are now having such a lively debate over the future of immigration may be just like children playing with seashells on the beach while waiting for the mother of all tsunamis to roll in.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
Well, I guess ID pushed the buttons of its readers with their 09/17/2008 commentary. Too bad there was not one more letter, or we could have say they covered the subject "a to z". Although ID edited my letter to lead readers to believe I was responding to their 09/16/2008 Editorial, I was not, and in fact had not even read it, or their 09/17/2008 Editorial when I submitted my letter to them. Shame, shame, ID - don't over-editorialize or assume anything. It is obvious from reading the letters responding to ID's 09/17/2008 Editorial, that Republicans remain behind McCain, while Democrats remain behind Obama, and the facts be hanged. But how anyone could buy into the Republican parties string of lies anyway has always baffled me - from the days of Tricky Dick Nixon. But I liked ID's Editor's closing line in their 09/18/2008 editorial: "Thanks to the Democratic party's control of Congress, Mr. Obama has options now that Mr. McCain does not. We urge him to use them and do something for immigration benefits before Congress adjourns." I too urge not only Senator Obama, but Senator McCain alike to actively participate in the passage of immigration reform before the election ... that's how one euphemistically "puts his money where his mouth is". But although one can hope, I doubt we will see either senator take an active stance on immigration before the election, but rather will remain "mugwumps" - that's a politician who has his mug on one side of the fence and his wump on the other, not offending anyone, and politicians, it seems, other than arguing over lipstick on a pig, would rather not offend, and assure their electability, than do the job to which they were elected.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Editor's note: Thank you for pointing this out. We regret the error.

Dear Editor:
ID presupposes that all immigration lawyers are democrats. Not true. (09/18/08 ID comment).

Robert G. Schrader, Esq.
North Conway, NH

Dear Editor:
I do not see immigration as in the top 5 issues that matter (09/18/08 ID comment). And I say that despite my wife being native born Dominicana (from Santo Domingo), still not a US citizen, and I understand many immigration issues, being here in New York. The health of our planet and our economic health depends on an updated and vastly changed energy policy. Prevention of excessive, runaway, unregulated capitalism such as led to this current crisis is another major priority. Education needs improvement (that is a tougher nut to crack). We need to strengthen foreign alliances and clarify international policy. I see immigration as an issue that needs attention but that is in no sense an urgent priority. Sorry to disagree with you on that. And electing a man who shows evidence of early senility, John McCain, and who is a hypocrite, would be a tremendous error. By the way, did you hear what John McCain said on Monday, that "the economy is fundamentally sound"... his advisors must have taken him aside afterwards, so later in the day he said "what I really meant was that our American workers are fundamentally sound, but the economy is at great risk". He repeated that many times. I will leave it to you to understand that whole sequence.

David Alexander

Dear Editor:
I believe that since a citizen ought to know that the President has limited power when it comes to do any change and that Congress and Senate are the ones who run the country why say anymore at this time (09/18/08 ID comment). It is known that both houses are more Democrats than Republican and nothing has been accomplished in the last two years in any good change.

Gladys C. Farris

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