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Immigration Daily August 19, 2008
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Saving Solos Money

A news story offers, "three basic tips for solo practitioners who want to protect their financial flexibility." For the full story, see here.

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ILW.COM is pleased to offer the completely revised editions of Patel's Immigration Law Library, the 2008-2009 Edition (Shipping Now). This collection includes the essential reference resource "The WHOLE Act, The INA (Annotated), 2008-2009 Edition", used by DHS officials, federal court libraries, and many veteran immigration practitioners. Once you have used this version of the INA, you will wonder why you ever used any other (see more info below)! This collection also features the fully indexed 8 CFR, 2008-2009 Edition and fully indexed 20/22/28 CFR, 2008-2009 Edition. While supplies last, the best quality immigration law reference books are now available at the cheapest price on the market - $189 for all three books (shipping and handling included!).

More info on The Whole Act, compiled by P J Patel: This book contains statutory provisions that amended any section of the INA incorporated in the INA text itself, and those that stand apart but are considered significant or important enough for the immigration bar are included as Appendices. This newly updated version includes the following features:

  • 53 Appendices, containing immigration-related provisions that are not made part of the INA
  • 414+ annotations (Most of the provisions in the INA text make references to other INA sections or to various other provisions/titles in the U.S. Code. To make it easy and convenient for all users, annotations provide a gist or a succinct summary of the referenced provisions
  • 875+ footnotes and editorial notes, to refer to the public law numbers and the dates that created or amended the referenced provisions
  • Succinct digests of 93 U.S. Supreme Court decisions on immigration-related issues from 1952 onwards
  • A separate segment entitled "Non-INA-Related U.S. Supreme Court Decisions," which covers as many as 32 listed topics and incorporates digests of decisions under each relevant topic, which could not be properly placed under any particular INA provision
  • A comprehensive Topical Index, which is often praised by the Immigration Bar
  • A separate Index to 53 Appendices
  • A separate Index to U.S. Supreme Court decisions

All these features make The Whole Act extremely user-friendly and unique. See here to take advantage of the Special Offer now!.


Court Orders USCIS To Pay Alien's Attorney Fee
Jian Joe Zhou, Esq. writes "On July 2, 2008, a US Federal District Court in California entered an order requiring that the USCIS pay Mr. Asghar Shirmohamadali, the plaintiff in a Writ of Mandamus law suit against the USCIS, around $25,500 in attorney fees and $1,000 in other costs incurred during the suit."

William E. Rappard: An International Man In An Age Of Nationalism
Richard E. Ebeling for the Foundation for Economic Education writes "The years between the two world wars were a dark time for the advocates of individual liberty, free markets, and limited government."

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USCIS Reminder On Using Correct I-765 Edition
USCIS reminds its customers to use the correct version of the Application for Employment Authorization (Form I-765) dated 05/27/08.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Multiple locations - Williams Mullen seeks business immigration mid-level associate to join our ten-member global visa practice. Successful candidate will advise on strategic choices and manage client relations in all immigration areas. Prepare and review NIV, IV filings; handle RFEs; and prepare updates for client newsletters and email alerts. Associate will assist with immigration compliance issues (I-9s, E-Verify, etc.) and will have heavy involvement with PERM filings, EB-1/NIW petitions and foreign work visa applications. Successful candidate will work on in-bound and out-bound projects. Requirements include superb communication, analytical skills, judgment and writing abilities. Our firm is equipped with state-of-the art, web-based software and ample paralegal capacity, which enables our associate to take on meaningful and challenging assignments. Moderate amount of portable business required, as well as proven ability to market and develop business and client contacts. For full details, including job locations, see here. Highly competitive salary + benefits offered. Qualified applicants, send resume to: EOE.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Lee's Summit, Missouri - USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) seeks experienced attorney for the position of of Service Center Counsel at the National Benefits Center (NBC). Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing legal advice to the NBC personnel on issues involving immigration related adjudications, inadmissibility and deportability grounds, and national security. Service Center Counsel are also responsible for writing visa appeal briefs and providing litigation support to the U.S. Attorney's office on cases arising from Service Center adjudications. The Service Center Counsel will be directly supervised by the Deputy Chief Service Center Counsel and the Chief of the Service Center Counsel Division. Applicants must possess a JD degree, be an active member of the bar (any jurisdiction) by the entry on duty date. For full details enter COU-CIS-2008-0009 here. Submissions for this announcement are preferred by email (all attached documents must be in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format) to W. Douglas Craig, Chief Service Center Counsel Division, at Contact Information: Sheila Fisher. Phone: 949-389-3687. Or write: Office of the Chief Service Center Counsel, USCIS, 101 West Congress Parkway, Suite 560, Chicago, IL 60605.

PERM Services
At Jon Byk Advertising, Inc., we provide a wide range of services that will help fulfill your PERM recruitment requirements quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently. With 15+ years of experience working with one of the nation's largest immigration law firms, our customer service is unparalleled. We understand the importance of meeting DOL requirements with regards to ad content, media selection, ad documentation (tear-sheets), and deadlines. We will locate publications that meet DOL and EDD requirements by geographic region, provide upfront pricing, and timely deliver original tear-sheets for all ads (print, online or broadcast). Our experience in recruitment solutions means valuable time saved for you. For more info and a free quote, contact Mya Le at 310-476-3012 or

Immigration Law Certificate
Master the complex and ever changing maze of immigration policies and regulations with the Immigration Law Studies Certificate Program offered by CUNY's School of Professional Studies. This graduate-level certificate program, consisting of (3) three-credit classes, offers students who complete it a comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations, and processes surrounding the status of immigrants in the US, including family and employment-based immigration and deportation defense. It is designed for individuals working in law firms, companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations where they interact with immigrants and immigrant legal concerns on a regular basis and would therefore benefit from greater knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding immigration. Beginning this spring, the program is also being offered online. For more information on class schedules, tuition and fees, course applications and to register, see here.


Judges Focus On Case Not Immigration Status
"Should judges try to identify the legal status of the defendants who come before them?"

Visas For 15 Who Lost Relatives On 9/11
"Federal officials granted temporary legal status on Friday to 15 illegal immigrants whose spouses or parents died on 9/11 but who have remained largely invisible, living in the shadows of society for fear of deportation."

Justice Department Scandal Still Lingers
"U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey has decided to let bygones be bygones in the case of his predecessor's top aides' shameless attempt to politicize the Justice Department."

What Will Whitey Do?
"I simply don't understand why isn't there an uproar, especially in California, with all those farm workers, gardeners, nannies, busboys, fast-food workers and maids."


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Immigration Book
The New Case Against Immigration, Both Legal and Illegal By Mark Krikorian. Sentinel (July 3, 2008). Hardcover, ISBN: 1595230351, $25.95.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
It is nice to see that there are at least a few points of agreement between my letters and Jim Roberts' letters. However, on some issues, there has never been any disagreement. My letters have never advocated "open borders". They have never argued that America has room for the whole rest of the world to come here. Nor have they ever stated that it is a good thing for American workers to lose their jobs or to be forced to work for substandard wages, or that we should fail to protect ourselves against the really dangerous people who wish to harm us (as opposed to busboys, meat packers, construction workers and tomato pickers, who clearly do not). Where my letters disagree with restrictionist letters like those of Mr. Roberts is over the question of whether making legal immigration more difficult and adopting draconian "enforcement", instead of more open and flexible visa policies, is really the best way to advance the best interests of everyone who lives in and contributes to the welfare of this great country, citizens and non-citizens alike. Mr. Roberts' latest letter (08/18/08 ID) argues that we need to restrict immigration to protect against "cultural dilution". This seems to be saying that, no matter how qualified someone may otherwise be to live here under our laws, and how assiduously that person may have obeyed the law, that person should be barred or kicked out merely because of his or her "culture". None of Mr. Roberts' letters has defined "culture", but it sounds very much like a euphemism for race, skin color or ethnicity. At least that is the way most restrictionists are using it. What could possibly be more un-American in this land of equal opportunity for all?

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
Once again, a letter from Jim Roberts (08/18/08 ID) warns about the dangers of the "cultural dilution" of America arising from immigration. The other night, I watched the women's "all round" gymnastics Olympic championships. An American born in Russia won the gold medal. Her father had once been a gold medalist for the Soviet Union. The silver medal was won by another American, whose coach was born in Beijing. Without this "cultural dilution", these two medals would most likely have gone to China, which has its own methods of dealing with "cultural dilution", in Tibet and elsewhere. Is this the kind of country that Mr. Roberts' letters would like to see America become? How many Olympic medals would Mr. Roberts' letters like to see America lose in order to protect our country from the evils of "cultural dilution"? Or does that fact that neither of these two American champions (or their coaches) appeared to be native Spanish-speakers mean that the kind of "cultural dilution" that Mr. Roberts' letters find so horrifying was not involved?


Dear Editor:
Money is what is making ICE keep going and this will go on as long as Senate and Congress do nothing. Why bother when money is coming in.

Gladys C. Farris

Dear Editor:
I just read the letter from David Murray regarding CO2 gas and immigrants (08/18/08 ID). His letter accused the CIS (Center for Immigration Studies)of engaging in "spin", but then engaged in a bit of spin of its own. His letter "poked fun" at the CIS recent CIS report in which they wrote that more immigrants will cause more CO2, partly due to the fact that they would be living in the US where we produce more CO2 and mostly due to the fact of population growth; i.e, the more people in this country, the more CO2 (and other waste) we produce. I believe the CIS report was making the point that more people produce more CO2, not that immigrants produce disproportionately more. Just recently the Census Bureau raised its "guesstimate" of US population in 2050 to 439 million, up from its prior estimate of 420 million. (Will anyone bet that this number won't go up again?) And most of the growth in population will result from immigration. Those who favor the present or higher rate of immigration, rarely if ever, address the negative impacts of the large growth in our population. Those who think they have a plan for "comprehensive immigration reform" should also come up with a plan to accomodate all those people.

John Frecker

An Important disclaimer! The information provided on this page is not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt by you does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers must not act upon any information without first seeking advice from a qualified attorney. Copyright 1995- American Immigration LLC, ILW.COM. Send correspondence and articles to Letters and articles may be edited and may be published and otherwise used in any medium. The views expressed in letters and articles do not necessarily represent the views of ILW.COM.

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