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Immigration Daily July 7, 2008
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Mexico, Gangs, And NATO

Various news reports indicate sharply increased violence by drug trafficking gangs in Mexico, including a number of recent assassinations of senior law enforcement officers in Mexico. Some of this violence is spilling over the border into the US. The most egregious incident happened on June 22nd, when a Mexican hit-squad dressed up in Phoenix Police Department uniforms to kill a Jamican smuggler in Phoenix, Arizona. Such incidents will not long remain little known. The reaction will be that the US will get dragged into Mexican law enforcement, whether it likes it or not. Over the coming months and years, unless some fundamental factor in the economics driving Mexican drug lords changes, the US will get increasingly involved with Mexican authorities to, at a minimum, keep the violence away from the US, and more likely, US drug agencies will get directly involved with Mexico's drug cartels in Mexico. Welcome to the interconnected world.

While relatively unknown to the immigration community, the hereinabove does not come as news to those involved in US drug enforcement and border enforcement. Such interconnections go two-way, however, something that few have given much thought to. One of the unexpected twists involved in an eventual legalization program will be that a huge chunk of the Mexican population will acquire a personal connection to the US. Take that together with the increased US law enforcement involvement in Mexican drug wars, and America's historical attitude to its allies, and what have you got? What will most likely happen is that Mexico will increasingly find itself in a situation akin to Canada vis-a-vis its relations with the US. Mexico's defense and foreign policies will get less and less driven by traditional Mexican processess, and increasingly will be responsive to US concerns and priorities. We will not be the least surprised if Mexico joins NATO within 5 years of the enactment of legalization in the US. Again, welcome to the interconnected world.

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Immigrants Are America
Katherine Vargas of the National Immigration Forum presents a compilation of quotes by and about immigrants to help celebrate the 4th.

Immigrants Of The Week: Lukasz Zbylut, Coldplay, and Hiam Abbass
Greg Siskind presents the Immigrants of this week.

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CBP On Travel To UK
CBP issued a press release announcing it had "signed a joint agreement today with the government of the United Kingdom to develop a bilateral pilot program to facilitate travel between the two nations."

USCIS Latest H Caps Count
USCIS released the latest counts for the H1B and H2B cap counts.

Fragomen Statement And Letter From Ad Agency
Fragomen released a statement along with a letter from its advertising agency on issues connected to labor certification.


Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Knoxville, TN - Kramer Rayson LLP seeks an immigration paralegal with experience in the immigration field. Job responsibilities include the preparation and filing of business and employment-related immigration documentation and communications with government agencies and clients. Qualified candidates must have excellent writing, technical, communication and organizational skills with an attention to detail. BA or MA preferred. Please e-mail your confidential resume with your specific experience, salary requirements and writing sample to Marc Upchurch, Executive Director at or fax number (865) 522-5723.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Dallas, TX - Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr. P.C., an immigration law firm located in the Galleria area, seeks a full time immigration paralegal. Ideal candidate has a BA degree and a minimum of three years experience preparing employment-based and family-based cases. Please fax resume to: 972-386-9547 or email to:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Ridgewood, NJ - Nachman & Associates, PC seeks Senior Immigration Paralegals and a U.S. Office Manager. For the Senior Immigration Paralegal position qualified candidates must have 3+ years of heavy business immigration experience. Senior Paralegal position requires direct client contact, strong communication skills, detail orientation, organizational skills, ability to meet deadlines, interpersonal skills, team-mindedness, customer service skills, PC skills, multi-tasking, and work under pressure. The U.S. Office Manager position will manage the paralegal staff and be responsible for running the U.S. offices. Candidate must possess 2+ yrs of management experience in a law firm and handle: employee orientation, vendors, compliance with firm policies, employee relations, organizing team meetings, and management of work flow and assignments, preparation of engagement letters, A/R and A/P, respond to clients, manage calendar of events. BA preferred. E-mail resume and salary requirement to specifying position in subject line. EOE.

Border And Consular Assistance
For visa application processing at US-Canada border or at US Consulate in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and/or Quebec, please contact Charles J. Leamy at Ogilvy Renault LLP. Mr. Leamy is a Montreal-based AILA member with more than 15 years experience in U.S. immigration law. Ogilvy Renault s Business Immigration team will accompany your client and provide representation at border/consular posts. We have wide-ranging expertise with border/consular issues including all TN visas, L visas and waiver of inadmissibility cases. For more information: Charles J. Leamy at Ogilvy Renault LLP; Montreal, QC; (514) 847-6103;

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Federal immigration raids - These are shameful
Addressing members of a federal commission investigating allegations of abuse and misconduct by federal agents against immigrants at worksites, Cardinal Roger Mahony "strongly recommitted" the Catholic Church in the United States to defending the rights of every immigrant.

Comprehensive immigration reform a must
The New Immigrants series "is a stark reminder of our tragically broken immigration system and is further proof that we absolutely must work together to establish a comprehensive immigration policy for our country," U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, D-Mass., said in a statement. "Comprehensive immigration reform would give many of the hard-working, taxpaying immigrants profiled in this series a legal path to citizenship."


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Felicitation For Award
Attorney Josie Gonzalez was presented with the AILA Founders Award at a special event held during the Associations Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday, June 28, 2008. Established in 1950, the Founders Award is given in recognition of "a person or entity that has had the most substantial impact on the field of immigration law or policy in the preceding period". The Founders Award was last given in 2003. The staff of Gonzalez & Harris congratulates Josie Gonzalez on her outstanding achievement and thanks AILA for recognizing the dynamic force who inspires all of us.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Imagine leaving everyone & everything you've ever known & loved your whole life behind to travel thousands of miles away on a deadly journey just to feed yourself & your loved ones...and then imagine not being able to see them for years on end because you are waiting for an immigration reform to surface that might never come to pass. Imagine missing your little ones' firsts, then your little ones' become adults & they barely know you except through occasional phone calls & Western Union recepts because its so expensive to call to third world countries & you can't send items through the mail because their postal services are too corrupt for them to ever arrive. Imagine family tragedies, illnesses, & funerals in your home country that you cannot attend. Imagine falling in love with & marrying a US citizen & constantly having to hide in the shadows, worrying every day you go to work that you might not see your spouse again because of a workplace raid or even a fender bender & he/she would never be informed what happened to you or where you were (detained). Imagine being the victim of a crime & not being able to report it for fear of being imprisoned & months or years later, deported. Imagine not being allowed to rent an apartment, apply for credit, open a bank account, purchase health insurance, or get a driver's license becuase your existence was prohibited. Imagine not being able to get to work or take your kids to school because you weren't permitted to obtain a driver's license. Imagine being forcibly separated from your children in front their eyes just because they were born here & you were not. If Congress would address fair immigration reform, & if the US immigration system wasn't so flawed & backlogged, there wouldn't be a need to enter "illegally".


Dear Editor:
It's better for all nativists here to ask the Congress of why they approved $ 162 billion budget for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan recently while our hospitals are closing and our infrastructures are crumbling. Nativists may need to ask John Mc. Cain on how he will finance these continuing wars while giving tax cuts to US richest and how he will maintain our highways while he want to give a "small change" gasoline tax suspension which fund our highways. Nativists are delusional and ignorant folks regarding how our tax dollars were spent and wasted by our war monger corrupt politicians while conveniently blame illegal immigration as the scapegoat. I always find out that it's US citizens and legal immigrants that milk our welfare. Mr. Utterback's letters need to explain us of how illegal immigrants who posses no valid IDs, social security numbers and legal immigration papers can obtain food stamps, medicaid, unemployment welfare check etc. We don't have to do the whole detail research to find the truth on this debate, but simple common sense is good enough, too bad many nativists' accusations here on illegal immigrants are out of prejudice, ignorant and completely delusional. And nativists suggestions that we can kick out all those foreigners and stop international trades and sealed our border to shield us from competition are foolish and even more delusional. It will never happen. Nativists may consider to exile themselves to Antartic and create their own isolationist colony there for the own delusional dreams.

robert yang

Dear Editor:
Ref. Utterbeck's letter (ID 07/03/08) which attempts to make utterances facts by even more utterances... OK, I'll pick one, the crime statistics where the letter claims Latinos commit more crime... according to the USDOJ website, they state under 'Characteristics of State Prison inmates' "About 4% of State prison inmates were not U.S. citizens at year end 2001" Why go any further?


Dear Editor:
I have a fair amount of sympathy for immigration restrictionists, though I am not one, so I write this as a well intentioned reader. Jim Roberts's letters cannot have it both ways. In order to remain plausible. He cannot fairly resent Roger Algase's letters and others imputing racist motivations to his letters while simultaneously fulminating against the racism of Hispanic organizations whose virulence hardly extends beyond Internet posing that is almost a mirror image of organized white racist organizations that similarly have an almost pitifully small influence in this country. Either everyone who writes a letter to the editor is read with a calm and jaundiced eye or everyone gets the fulsomely hysterical treatment. Immigration, both legal and illegal, has costs and benefits. Lawyers and pundits often get a bad rap for stressing only that side of an issue that supports their side instead of trying to weigh costs against benefits. In a forum like the letters page, a more balanced approach might bear Mr. Roberts' side more dividends. So far, his letters have moved me away from taking many of their assertions seriously by their over the top approach, not towards it.

Honza Prchal
Birmingham, AL

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