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Immigration Daily June 11, 2008
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Checks Dont Check Out

The Washington Post reported that "The FBI system for checking the names of immigration applicants suffers from 'serious deficiencies' that have produced overwhelming backlogs and questions about the reliability of the information, an internal audit has found. The bureau's name checks have fallen victim to 'outdated and inefficient technology' as well as inadequately trained employees, according to a report issued yesterday by the Justice Department inspector general." See here for the full DOJ report carried in yesterday's issue of Immigration Daily.

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Investor Visas Workshop Last Chance

The Investor Visas Workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. The speakers are Lincoln Stone, David Andersson, Edward J. Carroll, Steve Fischel, Linda Lau, Angelo Paparelli, and Leon Wildes. The curriculum is as follows:

Session 1: The EB-5 category

  • Basic Eligibility for the I-526 petition
  • Thorny Issues in preparing the I-526 petition
  • Practice Pointers for the I-526 petition
Session 2: Beyond the Initial Petition
  • EB-5 case processing problems and issues
  • The I-829 petition
  • Regional center designation and oversight
Session 3: EB-5 and Investments
  • Overview of active regional centers
  • Due diligence
  • Professional responsibility standards
Session 4: Liability Considerations
  • Business and securities law issues
  • Financial advisors and advice regarding investment
  • Best practices on limiting risks
For details on curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, please see: For the fax form, see here. Don't delay, act today!


Jimmy Hoffa In A Dress: Union Boss's Stranglehold On Mexican Education Creates Immigration Fallout
George W. Grayson for the Center for Immigration Studies writes "Ours is not the economy of the nineteenth century, when we needed strong backs to slash through forests, plough fields, lay rails, and excavate mines."

Bloggings: June 11, 2008
Joel Stewart shares the latest entries to his blog.

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DHS Designates Use Of E-Verify By Federal Contractors
DHS designated E-Verify as the electronic employment eligibility verification system that all federal contractors must use as required by Executive Order 12989.


Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
New York, NY - Bretz & Coven, LLP, a fast-paced Manhattan immigration law firm, seeks experienced paralegal able to speak English and at least one other foreign language (Hindi, Spanish, Creole French, etc.). Qualified candidates must have 2+ years of diverse immigration experience. The position requires heavy contact with clients. Requirements for this position include strong written and oral communication skills, attention to detail, organizational skills, ability to meet deadlines, interpersonal skills, team-mindedness, customer service skills, PC skills, ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time, and ability to work under pressure. Please e-mail your resume, salary requirements & writing sample to

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Lexington, KY - Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC, a large Kentucky law firm, seeks employment-based immigration paralegal/case manager. Position requires strong organizational, writing, communication, and computer skills. Experience preferred in H-1B, L-1, PERM, and I-140 cases. Spanish or Japanese language skills considered a plus. Salary commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits. Great work environment. Please email your resume and salary requirements to EOE.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Cerritos, CA - The Chugh Firm, a mid-size law firm, seeks business immigration attorney with a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in employment-based immigration. Email resume to

Position Sought
Experienced immigration specialist seeks immigration contract work for immigration law firms on a telecommute basis. Possess 10+ years experience in law firm environment and corporate environment managing the immigration department with primary responsibility for all phases of immigration processing and administration. Provides a wide range of immigration support services to immigration attorneys and organizations including, but not limited to: preparation of all IV and NIV documents and support letters (B, H, E, L, TN, O, P, PERM and PR), onsite I-9 and Public Access File auditing services to ensure corporate compliance with labor and immigration regulations, and coordinating visa applications requiring host-country filings. Resume, writing sample, and references available upon request. Email:

PERM Services
At Jon Byk Advertising, Inc., we provide a wide range of services that will help fulfill your PERM recruitment requirements quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently. With 15+ years of experience working with one of the nation's largest immigration law firms, our customer service is unparalleled. We understand the importance of meeting DOL requirements with regards to ad content, media selection, ad documentation (tear-sheets), and deadlines. We will locate publications that meet DOL and EDD requirements by geographic region, provide upfront pricing, and timely deliver original tear-sheets for all ads (print, online or broadcast). Our experience in recruitment solutions means valuable time saved for you. For more info and a free quote, contact Mya Le at 310-476-3012 or

J-1 Visa Program
Discover the ease and flexibility of the J-1 Trainee visa with AIESEC United States. For 50 years, AIESEC U.S. has offered foreign nationals the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally by sponsoring exchange visitor traineeships. Enjoy unparalleled customer service, including in-depth guidance on J-1 Trainee visa regulations and the changes effective July 2007. We also offer logistical and cultural reception services in locations nationwide. Expect a 24-48 hr. application processing time. The J-1 Trainee visa can be used for individuals to participate in training programs in the following fields: information media and communications, education, social sciences, library science, counseling and social services, management, business, commerce and finance, the sciences, engineering, architecture, mathematics and industrial occupations, public administration, and law. Attorneys interested in learning more about AIESEC United States and the J-1 Trainee visa, please email Melany Hamner:


Immigration, Economics: A Symbiotic Relationship
Unless native fertility rates increase, any rises in the U.S. workforce will have to come from immigration by the middle of the century

Don't Virtually Fence Me In
A comprehensive solution remains the best and most long-term optionwithout it were getting a piecemeal approach to a national issue.


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Immigration Event - Los Angeles, CA
June 24 - Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO is pleased to present a national public hearing examining the impact of recent ICE raids on workers, families and local economies. For more info, see:


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Regarding an article in reference to the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program (6/10/08 ID), Linda Lau states that: "In California, the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency is the agency authorized to designate high unemployment areas. In May 2007 announced the areas that qualify as targeted employment areas in California in its May 2007 publication titled "Federal Investor Visa Program. This document is available at" This is incorrect and outdated information. As of April 21, 2008, the Governor of California re-designated the authority found at 8 CFR 204.6(i) and (j)(6)(ii)(B) to the Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing (BTH). Any designation by a prior designee needs to be submitted to BTH for re-validation. To make an inquiry or ask a question about an "urgent" EB-5 case, general EB-5 questions or the Regional Center Program you may send an e-mail to: In this case, "urgent" means that a large financial loss or U.S. job losses are imminent without quick action, otherwise, make standard case inquiries through the National Customer Service Center or case status online.

Joseph P Whalen
USCIS Office of Service Center Operations - USCIS Foreign Trader, Investor and Regional Center Program

Dear Editor:
In opposition to the attack on the legal profession by the last round of USDOL rulemaking, I sent the below summation to Interim Chief Beverly in April of 2006, as comments in opposition to the proposed rules: "Finally, one must ask whether your PERM rule making was undertaken in good faith, or merely as a pretext for this most recent effort to take away important and significant rights now held by employers, aliens, and their attorneys. Much of the PERM rule making process involved concerns for the integrity of the system, for prevention of fraud, and for efforts by the agency to return to good government. Soon after implementation of that program, you have returned to the table for the remainder of the remaining rights: Denial of substitutions; Short fuse unreasonable deadlines for I-140 filings; Denial of right to counsel at the expense of aliens; And, new punitive procedures to be administered by your agency against licensed attorneys." It appears to this attorney, that my suspicions about the agencys conduct were accurate. Rule making for the PERM with the 2007 amendments was a mere pretext toward a far more punitive and heavy-handed ETA at USDOL.

Bill Bennett, Esq.
Fountain Valley, California

Dear Editor:
While D. Murray letter is praising China trade and H. Prchal letter the hyperbole of the "assimilation" of the Atzlan invasion (6/10/08 ID), the reality is different. Pat Buchanan's wrote in "To Die for NAFTA": "Is it going to take 20 more years for Republicans to awaken to the economic disaster they have created and the political ruin they are inviting with this fanatic faith in free trade, while the rest of the world loots our country through mercantilism? When Europe imposes a 15 percent value-added tax on U.S. imports and rebates the VAT on exports to the US, that is not free trade. When China devalues its currency 45 percent, as it did in 1994, and bolts it down to suck jobs and factories out of the United States, that is not free trade. When Japan manipulates its currency, preaches economic nationalism to its people, and shelters its market for TVs, autos and steel, while dumping into and capturing ours, that is not free trade". Neither is carting off America's jobs, technology, markets, factories and future with 3.5 million mfg. jobs vanishing, $4 trillion in trade deficits, borrowing $2 billion a day to pay for foreign goods, we have seen a collapse of the dollar, the price of gold quadruple to $1,000 an ounce, oil soar to $139 a barrel, gas over $4 a gallon and a collapsing housing market. In PB's "G.W. Bush - Globalist", we read: "free trade is the Trojan horse of global government. A cornucopia of consumer goods is the Faustian bribe that is offered to nations for the surrender of their souls, and to peoples for the surrender of their sovereignty". It's beyond pathetic that so many are accepting the offer.

Jim Roberts

Dear Editor:
In the end it all comes down that God is a just God. People pray for their own interests, disregrding the morality, ethics, commandments of God. For God to bless the US, the US must be in harmony, those blessed as God's representatives in government, in industry and workers all committed to harmony will in the end profit. Those who seek disharmony trying to make a quick buck are really setting a trap for themselves. The United States is not in harmany, like it was when management respected the people and the people who worked for management worked to help the management. After world war 2, management and labor worked together with a faith that was in harmony and mutually fostered care for the other. Do you really think you can come to a country in disharmony, competing with the legitimate citizens of that country and be blessed by competing with the them. Its like a recipe. You have ingredients that are not correct, and by adding more ingredients you think it will taste good? Do you think that situations of disharmony in our nation, God will bless by adding more disharmony will actually work? No president has the power to take the corruption, the lawlessness and make it into anything good. Those who come in to compete against law abiding Christians who work unto God, are they not setting a trap for those who are humble unto God and his ordinances. Thou shall not covet they neighbors property. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not take thy neighbor boundry and move it. Do you really think thru legislatuion, politics you can change God. Gods ways work, and prayers said that violate God's commandments will only be a trap you have set for others, that you yourselves will fall into. God is a just God.

David Utterback

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