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Immigration Daily May 13, 2008
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Social Security Diversion

A New York Times editorial points out that Social Security Administration was not designed for immigration enforcement, and burdening it with the new responsibility jeopardizes its core mission. "Barbara Kennelly, a former Democratic representative from Connecticut and president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, warned at the hearing that forcing Social Security to take on the enormous burden of immigration enforcement would be a harmful diversion from its core mission and could strain the bureaucracy to the breaking point."

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Deadline Is Tuesday, May 13th For PERM Audit Preparation And Response

Tuesday, May 13th is the deadline for the May 15th telephonic seminar session, the curriculum is as follows:

  • Normal Requirements
  • What affect will travel have on the AOS application?
  • Employee gained experience while working with the employer
  • Business Necessity Arguments & Documentation for
    • Exceeding SVP
    • Foreign Language
    • Special Requirements
  • Demonstrating that skills could not be acquired during a reasonable period of on-the-job training
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, May 13th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: . (Fax version:


US Customs And Border Protection Inspector's Field Manual
Charles M. Miller writes "It is my hope that this publication, made possible through the use of the Freedom of Information Act, will encourage readers to find their own ways make our government more accessible to the public." For the field manual see here.

Market Reforms Score Big In Soccer
L. Jacobo Rodriguez for the Foundation for Economic Education writes "One can only hope EU leaders, realizing what freer markets have done for soccer, will push for more reform to help other sectors of their often rigid economies and to stop the drain of human capital."

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CBP Inspector's Field Manual
This is the US Customs And Border Protection Inspector's Field Manual obtained through a FOIA action. To read an article about it by Charles M. Miller, see here.


Help Wanted: Immigration Professionals
Multiple Locations - USCIS seeks over 500 entry level Immigration Services Officers. Positions are available in duty locations around the nation at the GS-5/7/9 grade levels. Starting salaries range from $26,264 to $39,795. Promotion potential and regular salary increases may also be available. USCIS will accept applications starting Monday, May 12, through Monday, May 26, 2008. New recruits will attend a 8-week training program and practicum, during which new recruits will be provided with the skills needed to adjudicate applications and petitions. Applicants can qualify for the GS-5/7/9 grade levels based on education, experience, or a combination of both education and experience. All academic majors are acceptable for these positions. For more info, see here: Please be sure to reference vacancy announcement number: FCIP-187891. To review the official vacancy announcement, key in vacancy announcement number: FCIP-187891 at OPM USA Jobs website.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Chicago, IL - Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP seeks senior level immigration paralegals. Ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience in senior level capacity with an immigration law firm, law department or corporate immigration function. Manages caseload with a large degree of independence. May manage team of one or more legal support staff. Serves as team resource for client and office procedures. Communicates regularly with clients regarding procedural and case processing issues. Candidates will have experience counseling US and foreign employers on range of immigration issues, including nonimmigrant and immigrant visa matters, preparing PERM applications, and O-1, H-1B, TN, and L-1 petitions. Must be able to work in fast-paced, high-volume case-processing environment. Must be people- and service-oriented . College degree and excellent writing skills required. Competitive salary + excellent benefits package. Send cover letter, resume, + writing sample to EOE.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Cincinnati, OH - Hammond Law Group seeks experienced immigration attorney. Preference given to attorneys with experience in healthcare and corporate matters. Experience should include a wide range of employment based immigrant and nonimmigrant categories. Attorney should be used to working on large caseloads and supervising Legal Assistants. HLG has a fast-paced and entrepreneurial culture. Please email resume and writing sample to

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Washington, DC - Immigration Law Group PC, fast-paced 5 lawyer boutique immigration law firm in downtown DC (K Street area) seeks 2 legal assistants. 1 year prior immigration experience required. Interesting clientele, friendly, casual work atmosphere, no timesheets, competitive salary and benefits (401k w/ employer match, health insurance, etc.) Successful applicants will be detail-oriented, highly organized and good communicators. Please email your resume, cover letter and salary reqs. to: No calls please. EOE.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Clearwater, FL - Law ofice of Joan Mathieu seeks experienced immigration attorney with 3+ year's experience practicing US immigration law, including employment, family and removal. Joan Mathieu, a solo practitioner and the owner of the firm, who has been a member of AILA and past chapter chair, has been practicing immigration exclusively at the profitable downtown Clearwater location for 12 years. She is opening a second office where she will work full time. The new attorney will handle all the firm's current and future clients at the Clearwater location. The position will be ideal for someone who has or had an immigration law firm and seeks to relocate to Florida to start again without all the work of establishing a new practice and the hassle of paying the bills. May also be ideal for associate in big firm who deals well with responsibility and who wants same. Please email resume to Phone number: (727)-462-8181

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Philadelphia, PA - Established immigration firm seeks attorney with minimum 3-5 years of corporate business immigration experience. Experience should include full range of employment based immigrant and nonimmigrant categories. Experience supervising paralegal staff and managing corporate immigration accounts strongly preferred. Excellent legal writing, organizational and case management skills required. Please submit resume, cover letter and relevant, substantive legal writing samples (i.e.: RFE responses, explanatory letters to clients, analytical case planning memos, etc.) to Lawrence Rudnick:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Detroit, MI - Clark Hill PLC seeks experienced immigration associate. Qualified candidate will have 2+ two years business immigration law experience with filings for H Visas, L Visas, E Visas, PERM cases and green cards. Working knowledge of immigration case management system is preferred. Excellent written communication and strong interpersonal skills required. Email resume, cover letter, writing sample, + law school transcript to Martha Mackinnon: EOE.

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Immigration Consulting Services
Angelo Paparelli, a nationally-renowned expert with an outstanding breadth of immigration law knowledge and expertise, is available to provide immigration- related consulting services to corporate executives, general counsel, HR departments, foundations, attorneys and law firms in private practice. He consults on employment-based immigration, job portability, remedies for status violations, mergers and acquisitions, immigration-related corporate policies, crisis communication, government investigations, employer sanctions, legislative advocacy, waivers of ineligibility and litigation. Offices in CA & NY. Services: worldwide. To discuss how he can consult on your case, contact Angelo Paparelli at 949-955-5555 or


Detention In America

Border Busts Coming And Going


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Immigration Event - San Diego, CA
Center for Comparative Immigration Studies at University of California, San Diego is pleased to present a lecture "Textual Representations of the Border and Border Crossers: Constructing Latino Enemies in English Language Newspapers?" by Ken Henriksen on May 27. For more info see:


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
For better or worse the raids from ICE, ostensibly with the tacit approval or at the urging of the Bush administration, simply set the table for immigration reform. Although the citizenry may enact laws with righteous enthusiasm, often public opinion wilts in the face of the ugly realities of enforcement with the resulting family separation, fear of law enforcement, smuggling and greater and greater risk to life taken at the border. Our current situation with immigration is is not unlike the Prohibition years in which police turned a blind eye to alcohol consumption and production and took only symbolic gestures towards enforcement. President Bush has always favored a liberal immigration policy, but has not been able to forward the process. Active enforcement, one of the few affirmative acts taken in the last year of his presidency will, I believe build public opinion and resolve to enact real immigration reform. This is not unlike the Roosevelts strict enforcement of prohibition laws being the precursor to their ultimate removal from the books.

Robert J. Dupont, Esq.
Cerritos, CA

Dear Editor:
The anti-immigrant tirades in your letters column are mainly tiresome, but sometimes there is comedy gold, such as Jim Roberts' letters' stirring conclusion (5/12/09 ID) that "The Rule of Law is more than a 'fig leaf' to most true Americans." The joke is that anybody who would earnestly use the term "true American" is, a fortiori, not a "true American." The letter also is confused about what the "Rule of Law" means, mistaking it as a weapon of justice without mercy. That's un-American and immoral.

Bruce Hake, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Contrary to Jim Roberts' letter (05/12/08 ID), none of my letters has ever argued that race is the only factor in forming immigration policy. Without question, many other factors mentioned in letters by Mr. Roberts and others are important as well. But no matter how much hypocritical distortion and denial of the reality of public attitudes toward immigration, past and present, one may engage in, it is impossible to escape from the central role of race. One can no more ignore the role of prejudice against Latinos in the first decade of the 21st Century than it was possible to overlook the central role of anti-Chinese prejudice in shaping immigration policy in the first decade of the 20th Century, or of Anti-Jewish, anti-Polish, anti-Asian and anti-Italian prejudice in the drafting of the 1924 Immigration Act that remained in force right up until the 1960's Civil Rights era. These are simple historical realities, despite all revisionist attempts to slice and dice the facts. In an ideal world, David D. Murray's letters' sensible suggestions to base our laws on a rational assessment of what is in America's best economic, security, law enforcement, humanitarian and other interests, would have long ago been accepted without argument by all sides. But as long as our media and politicians continue to exploit racial prejudice in order to rely on more prisons, roundups and deportations, more divided families and detention fatalities, bigger fences and even fewer legal visas as a substitute for real immigration reform, our problems will only get worse.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York NY

Dear Editor:
I applaud the letter of Martin D. Ficke (05/12/2008), supporting the position of ICE in performing its duly authorized and mandated enforcement of immigration laws. What part of law enforcement and respect for the law does ID not get? Nobody is above the law, and even when Richard M. Nixon held himself above the law, the US Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Nixon told him otherwise. ICE are not "vigilantes." Vigilantes are those who are unauthorized to enforce the law taking the law into their own hands and enforcing it without regard for law or the proper designated authorities. It is ironic that the term vigilante is Spanish for "watchman" or "watcher," ultimately from Latin "vigilans"- the present participle of "vigilar" (to watch). It was introduced into English from the Southwestern United States. Vigilantism is generally frowned upon by official agencies, especially when it gives way to criminal behavior on the part of the vigilante. Therefore, while the Minutemen may be vigilantes, ICE certainly is not. For more than twenty years the American government failed to enforce the immigration laws of the nation and the result is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 million whining and complaining illegals, demanding legalization, after being lured to the land of milk and honey by unscrupulous, lawbreaking American employers who have been enjoying the fruits of their illegal labor, while buying fancy cars and big homes with the money they save by not hiring Americans. It is time for the law to be respected and enforced. America cannot have immigration reform while there is no respect for the law, or the cycle will just continue to repeat.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
In response to the letter by Martin Ficke (05/12/08); The majority of people who end up deported or in detention are not criminals but working undocumented or asylum seekers. Just to show that we are a World Leader in Human rights ICE actually has created a space for children in jail. Innocent little babies and children who have done nothing wrong and whose parents are only guilty of civil immigration code violations are housed in detention centers. When ICE "enforces" against employers not employees I will concede ICE is an honorable organization run by decent people. Has ICE entertained taking some employers and bussing them off to remote detention centers in rural areas of America with no access to attorney's or family? And what about those daily news accounts of raids that destroy families, detention standards violated, rapes, medical neglect and systemic corruption? Why then has ICE has been "selectively" enforcing the Immigration Laws of the United States are some laws more fun and profitable to enforce? Is ICE ignoring some of the laws because it is the path of least resistance and what is politically popular? Who at ICE has the canards to apply the law with gusto to the "source" of the problem, employers who agressively hire, recruit and employ undocumented aliens? Selective enforcement indicates to me that ICE is "about" expansion, power and the abuse of it. More detention centers equal more real estate equal more empire and on it goes. It is all about corporate greed via "prison for profit" and it is morally reprehensible. Its an expensive proposition for taxpayers and has little effect on the total number of undocumented in the country. The "core mission" seems to be profitability for prison and the associated industries.

Janet Fitzgerald

Dear Editor:
Nativists always preach about "The Rule of Law". What about Islamic Sharia Laws? Segregation Laws? Nazi's Laws? Apartheid Laws? There're many kind of laws, laws that uphold universal justice and human dignity and rights or laws of "convenient" that benefit certain special interests while discriminate and deprive others' rights. Foreigners can accuse Americans bringing dirty diseases to their countries as well, in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc. they may accuse American soldiers bring dirty STDs by their "free sex" lifestyle and adventures. It's an American guy that got a dangerous form of TBC flying accross Atlantic back and forth on the news recently, so accusing foreigners are diseased people are nothing but an insult based on racist prejudice, ignorance and bigotry. Nativists must admit that they want USA is free from any kind of foreign competition, that's about it. Keep dreaming on, but it will never happen. Globalization is happening, competition is stiff and everywhere. These people really need to get a life and wake up for real.

Robert Yang

Dear Editor:
In response to Martin D. Ficke letter (05/12/08 ID), I sat at INS in Omaha many a time, and when illegals came in flagrantly announcing their presence in the U.S. the INS people were polite. INS dealt with people from all nationalities and they were always unprejudiced. Then too, our police, do their job regardless of their personal convictions. Police officers do not arrest people, hating them, but they arrest all violators under the law. Then also, INS set up special building to keep warm the illegals who overflow the normal capacity of our facilities to make them comfortable. In response to Robert Yang's letter (05/12/08 ID), I live in a 3rd world country and I watch the news, I read the news, and even the government website has no statistics on the income of those above a doctor or airline pilot. They do not pay taxes but live in luxury. They sell their rice for High prices as exports and thats on US news every day. However, the US just gave approximately $138,000,000 of free rice to these same countries, where the wealthy are profiting from export sales of rice. Made short, theyre selling their rice at high prices as exports and then the US taxpayer is paying the tab. The reason Americans owe more than they Have equity in their homes is to pay for increased fuel costs, for supplementing illegal medical, educational costs. Those who let illegal enter our country want cheap labor, passing on the burdens of medical and education and the use of the US physical and social infrastructure are again paying illegals way at their financial suffering.

David Utterback

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