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Immigration Daily April 23, 2008
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If you are reading this, congratulations! You are part of the largest community for immigration professionals online. Immigration Daily subscribers now number over 21,000 and we expect this number to rise by many more thousands (as a result our recent merger with Immigant's Weekly). As is our custom, we will continue to report increases in our subscribers here in increments of 1,000 over the coming weeks.

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Investor Visas Workshop Early Bird Deadline Is April 30th

ILW.COM is pleased to announce The Investor Visas Workshop which will be held on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. The Early Bird Deadline is April 30th. The curriculum is as follows:

Session 1: The EB-5 category

  • Basic Eligibility for the I-526 petition
  • Thorny Issues in preparing the I-526 petition
  • Practice Pointers for the I-526 petition
Session 2: Beyond the Initial Petition
  • EB-5 case processing problems and issues
  • The I-829 petition
  • Regional center designation and oversight
Session 3: EB-5 and Investments
  • Overview of active regional centers
  • Due diligence
  • Professional responsibility standards
Session 4: Liability Considerations
  • Business and securities law issues
  • Financial advisors and advice regarding investment
  • Best practices on limiting risks
For details on curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, please see: For the fax form, see here. The Early Bird Deadline is April 30th, don't delay, act today!


Extremists Hijack Debate: Increased Reports Of Hate Crimes And Discrimination Aimed at US And Foreign-Born Latinos
Walter Ewing of Immigration Policy Center writes "The national debate over immigration, currently raging from the halls of Congress to local communities and across family dinner tables, is a legitimate and important conversation."

Bloggings: April 23, 2008
Joel Stewart shares the latest entries to his blog.

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USCIS Allows F-1 Students Opportunity To Request Status Change
USCIS announced that it would allow F-1 students who are the beneficiaries of selected H-1B petitions for FY 2009 to request a change of status in lieu of consular notification.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Washington, DC - USCIS Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC) seeks an attorney for the position of Associate Counsel in the National Security & Records Verification Law Division (NSRVLD). Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing legal advice and consultation in discussions with the heads of USCIS units, working with USCIS managers in a continuing effort to improve the security check and fraud detection processes, assisting in the coordination of legal issues involving national security, criminal and fraud matters with other law enforcement and intelligence agencies and providing litigation support in cases before the Federal courts. Experience in immigration-related criminal and national security legal issues preferred. Must be able to hold and maintain a Top Secret clearance. For full details enter COU-CIS-2008-0006 here. Applicants must submit (1) resume, (2) writing sample (5 pps. max), (3) references, (4) cover letter to All submissions must be received by close of business Wednesday, April 30, 2008. GS-13-15, position open until filled. No reimbursement expenses offered.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Manhattan - Alan Lee, Esq., ( seeks a bright, ambitious, extremely hard-working attorney as sole associate, who writes well, is detailed, does the homework on cases, & has experience in various aspects of immigration law. You will handle appearances at CIS and courts and cases that are/may become difficult. Strong interpersonal and communication skills required. Salary not necessarily commensurate with workload, but good opportunities down the road. E-mail resume to

Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
Rockville, MD - Hammond Claxon, P.C., nationally-recognized 2-attorney business immigration boutique, seeks law firm administrator to ensure efficient workflow, implement/coordinate practice management software, automate procedures, coordinate billing and finances, handle personnel matters, open and assign cases, assist in marketing and planning for changing needs of the firm. Must have 4+ years experience in legal or other professional service organizations, strong communication and administrative skills, ability to work independently and organize and prioritize work and availability for overtime. Excellent growth opportunity for legal secretary or paralegal. We are conveniently located in the charming Rockville Town Center near the Metro. Email resume to

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Dupont Circle, DC - Fast-paced, dynamic nationally recognized, immigration law firm seeks motivated, detail-oriented individual for business immigration paralegal position. Strong organizational, writing, and interpersonal skills required. Prior business immigration experience required. Experience with PERM desired. Great opportunity for individual interested in challenging, exciting work with international clientele; excellent career advancement possibilities and work environment. Competitive salary and benefits. Please email resume, salary requirements, and references to: or fax (202) 483-6801, Attn: John Nahajzer. No calls please.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Cleveland, OH - David Wolfe Leopold & Associates seeks associate with 2-4 years of employment-based immigration law experience. Excellent writing, technical, communication and organizational skills essential. E-mail resume (with specific experience) and writing sample to: Daurielle Horowitz:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
San Jose, CA - Littler Global seeks associate with 5-7 years of employment-based immigration law experience. Candidate should possess excellent academic credentials and should have experience working in high-volume, fast paced environment. If you are interested in applying for this position, submit resume online at Littler Careers > Laterals > How to Apply. Please reference Littler Global in application. We offer generous benefits package to all full-time employees. EOE. No telephone calls please. No recruiters, principals only.

Credential Evaluation And Translation
As the nation's leader in foreign credential evaluations and translations, American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc. (AETS) provides the most competitive rates in the industry $50 educational evaluations, as well as $200 'expert opinion' work experience and position evaluations completed by PhD university professors who have the "authority to grant college level credit for work experience and/or training." AETS offers a variety of turn-around times, including same-day service for educational, work experience, and position evaluations. For list of rates and times, see: AETS also provides certified translations in 100+ languages, with translators that are specialists in 80+ fields. For a copy of the Application for Credential Evaluation and Translation Services, please contact AETS at (786) 276-8190, visit, or email:

PERM Services
Adnet Advertising Agency Inc. has provided labor certification advertising services to immigration attorneys since 1992. Adnet helps attorneys find appropriate places to run labor cert ads, places the ads, obtains the tearsheets, and offers a variety of billing options. Attorneys can manage the entire ad process through Adnet's secure web-based Ad-managment system. Most of Adnet's services are free since we receive a commission from the newspapers and journals where the ad is placed. Adnet services large international law firms as well as solo practice attorneys. Call us at 212-587-3164, visit, or email us at Contact us today to find out why we are the ad agency of choice for immigration attorneys since 1992.


Speaking Up For Immigrants, Pontiff Touches A Flash Point

Amateurs Use Video Cameras To Watch The Border For Illegals


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Immigration Book
Mothers without Citizenship: Asian Immigrant Families and the Consequences of Welfare Reform By Lynn Fujiwara. Univ. Of Minnesota Press, 272 pp. Paperback, ISBN: 0816650764, $22.50.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Jim Robert's letter's antipathy to birth citizenship is apparently so strong that his letter indicates not being able to see the forest for the trees. One should remember the old adage that we are only entitled to our own opinions, not to our own facts, and certainly not to our own laws. Perhaps the letter writer should also speak to a few constitutional law professors instead of believing an anti-immigrant website like the limitstogrowth website. Maybe then his letter will reflect the simple, basic fact that only a constitutional amendment can amend or terminate a constitutional right and that purporting to do it in a statute is an unconstitutional exercise in futility.

Sid Lachter, Esq.

Dear Editor:
Roger Algase's letter (4/22/08 ID) was excellent, dispassionate and thoroughly correct. It does, however, crystallize a lot of what has been bugging me about his line of argument. I cannot think of a country that was not at least socially bigoted in 1965, much less racially so. Most places were not just de facto bigoted, but de jure bigoted back in the day. Logically that has little to do with who America should be letting in now. Back in the day, many legislators, especially progressives up 'till WWII, used race and nationality as proxies for assimilability and other characteristics they wanted here, while others were just plain hateful bigots. It does not logically follow that Mexican illegals should be able to queue jump or be preferred over Mongolians or anyone else. Legislators are tasked with creating a functioning system that protects the interests of American voters - those already legal. To my mind, that means fostering free trade in goods, services, intangibles and even human capital. Confusing an analysis of how the system "works" now with racial guilt accumulated before most of us were born and well before I immigrated, much less was naturalized, does not seem calculated to engender the warm-fuzzy feelings or rational calculation of personal and national interest I believe is needed to reform a dysfunctional immigration system. Waving the bloody shirt of past injustice seems unproductive to me, unless the goal one wants to achieve is continued policy paralysis and growing numbers of semi-legal residents who serve as a power base for the unscrupulous who want to whip up the anxieties of society's most vulnerable or the self-interest of members of "the helping professions" or other intermediary elites who make a living catering to them and ameliorating but not fixing their seemingly permanent gray-market status as modern-day helots.

Honza Prchal, Esq.

Dear Editor:
In response to the points Mr. Gittelson's letter enumerated in support of amnesty, I offer the following: (1) so now, in addition to providing cheap labor for employers, illegal aliens are to be legalized in order to provide "cannon fodder" for the military in an unpopular war? (2) on the contrary, the Pew Hispanic study of employment among illegal aliens shows that roughly 75 percent of construction jobs are still done by American workers, but that illegal aliens do roughly 25 percent of these jobs. This is an area where illegal aliens compete directly with citizens. In food service and cleaning, illegal aliens displace the legal and often minority workforce. Also, since illegal aliens are heavily in service jobs, they have little to no impact on our trade balance (3) tax revenues are paid by illegal aliens if they either use a fraudulent/stolen ITIN number. Fraudulent or stolen numbers also don't mean that the illegal worker pays taxes. He could easily claim enough exemptions that he doesn't have to. If the ITIN is used, then illegal aliens are eligible for an earned income credit. And no, illegal aliens will not "save" social security. The suspense file into which earnings from fraudulent numbers go wouldn't pay for one year's worth of SS obligations (4) illegal aliens are social and legal outcasts because they have chosen to be (5) illegal aliens and their children are a strain on our education and social system for the same reason that they were a strain on their own countries' educational systems: there are too many of them (6) remittances to Latin America are going primarily for consumption, not for building those countries in the way that aid is supposed to. What remittances create is a culture dependent on the continued flow of dollars to sustain an inflated standard of living.

Ali Alexander

Dear Editor:
Mr. and Mrs. Servanos were sponsored as singles by their own respective parents. They could still circumvent the laws by cohabiting and receiving their own immigration visas as "singles". Is it the way of some "conservatives" who balk on "illegal" immigration and to be merciless and though on all immigration issues but support of "sanctity of marriage" suggesting? A lot of singles got married after years in waiting for their immigration visas, the laws that punish them and push their priority dates are ridiculous and barbaric. Mr. and Mrs. Servanos are the victims of ridiculous, senseless and unjust immigration system. Many who are in the same position may do the same "trick" but they're not smart enough because they can get caught later. Cohabiting first, get the visas quicker then get married later. I suggest many immigration lawyers here suggest this trick to their clients overseas. It's a shame and ironic that people must cohabit instead of getting married so they can immigrate more quickly, it's more shameful for those who support this irrational, unjust and inhuman kind of immigration laws. It's time for us to abolish family chain immigration system by merits based one, anyway. Those who meet the bars will get the visas, no quotas. Education, health, age, language ability, financially independence, cultural adaptibility, crime free record and willingness to support our constitution and separation of church and state principles should be the bars for anyone who want to be parts of us.

Robert Yang

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