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Immigration Daily October 15, 2007
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Investor Visas Workshop

The Investor Visas Workshop will be held in Chicago, IL on Friday, October 19, 2007 (the first Investor Visas Workshop, held in Orlando, FL this June was completely sold out). For details on curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, please see: For the fax order form, see: The deadline is October 18th, don't delay, act today!


The Black Book Of Outsourcing: State Of The Outsourcing Industry
Scott Wilson and Doug Brown provide the state of the outsourcing industry based on 2007 survey results of service provider buyers, users and analysts.

Legislation from 1941-1960
USCIS details immigration-related legislation passed from 1941-1960.


USCIS Announces Revised Guatemalan Adoption Processing Procedures
USCIS will, effective October 15, 2007, place a ceiling on the number of initial orphan petition submissions in Guatemala.


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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
NY, NY - Lehman Brothers seeks immigration paralegal with 2-4 years experience. Responsibilities include: interacting with HR and employees/prospective employees on immigration matters, advising foreign national employees and HR reps on immigration policy and the preparation of employment-based visas petitions and green card applications. Requirements include: Bachelor's degree in liberal arts or equivalent experience; strong technical knowledge of non-immigrant and immigrant visas; organized and detail-oriented candidate with excellent writing skills; ability to juggle multiple tasks under time constraints; strong interpersonal skills. Visit for detailed information and to apply (select Experienced Hires, search for jobs in Americas, key word: paralegal). Please indicate in cover letter that position was seen in Immigration Daily. EOE.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Downtown Cleveland, OH - The Law Offices of Margaret Wong & Associates, LPA seeks an employment based immigration attorney with 1+ years of related experience to join its thriving immigration law practice. Founded over 30 years ago, the firm now consists of 9 attorneys and 36 other staff members. Licensed in Ohio preferred. We offer a challenging and exciting work environment and seek a candidate possessing a keen legal mind. Research and drafting skills are a must. Competitive benefits package offered. Interested candidates submit resume and cover letter to or fax to 216-566-1125. No phone calls please.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Downtown Cleveland, OH - The Law Offices of Margaret Wong & Associates, LPA seeks an experienced employment based immigration paralegal with 3-5+ years of experience to join its thriving boutique immigration law practice. Founded over 30 years ago, the firm now consists of 36 staff members and 9 attorneys. Interested candidates submit resume and cover letter to or fax to 216-566-1125. No phone calls please.

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New Appointment - NJ
Mayor Wildes was appointed to New Jersey Governor Corzine's Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Immigrant Policy. The Advisory Panel will consist of 27 members. Governor Corzine signed Executive Order No. 78 at Liberty Park, NJ establishing the Blue Ribbon Panel on Immigrant Policy that will develop recommendations for a comprehensive and strategic statewide approach to successfully integrating immigrants in the State.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
"Verbalist"'s letter (10/09/07 ID) objected to Mr. McTyier's letter's spelling of Roman Law terms "ius sanguini" ("the law of blood') and "ius soli" ("the law of the soil/land") as "jus sanguini "and "jus soli" (10/09/07 ID). Well, both are right. Latin proper lacked a "j", hence Indiana Jones' difficulty spelling out Jesus on the stepping stones near the grotto of the Holy Grail. Medieval and Renaissance Latin, on the other hand did use the "j". Since most of our Roman Law is really Medieval and Renaissance law that sought legitimacy by false assertions of Romanness, both spellings are correct. In other news, Mr. Murray's letter (10/10/07 ID) isn't the only writer objecting to the rudeness of Mr. Yang's letters in the last few months, but please don't start censoring letters like his. Mr. Yang's letters which are aggressive, even in your face High Whig Libertarianism is refreshing given the statism of most political discourse, especially when lawyers are involved.

Honza Prchal, Esq.
Birmingham, AL

Dear Editor:
Reference Cheri Attix's query, and ID Editor's response (10/12/2007 ID) claiming they based their statement on "inference," that Philippe Kahn received his Green Card through the 1986 Amnesty Program: If any inference is to be drawn, then the inference should be that he did not receive it through the 1986 Amnesty. One reason is, while people applied through the 1986 Amnesty Program, not many actually adjusted to permanent residence that first year, but in theory it could have been possible, thus the inference. However, the real reason an amnesty inference is faulty is the law itself. In order to qualify for the 1986 Amnesty, an applicant must have been unlawfully present in the US on January 1, 1982. The Wikipedia article claims Mr. Kahn arrived as a tourist "in 1982". Obviously, unless he lied on his amnesty application, Mr. Kahn could not have qualified for amnesty. The more logical inference is that, unless he married a US citizen, some company filed a Labor Certification. Back in those days, Labor Certs could be completed in six months to a year, and there was little, if any, Visa Bulletin backlog in EB-3 or above. Also, then, there was no such thing as "accruing unlawful presence," so overstaying a nonimmigrant visa was not a big deal. And, in 1986 there was no three or ten-year Bar to Admissibility. Back then, a person who was in unlawful status, no matter how long, could do a Labor Cert, I-140 and then Consular Processing for an Immigrant Visa, returning forthwith to the USA. Amazing, but true! In analyzing old cases, one must be cognizant of what the law and procedure was back in the dark and dirty days of a really loose immigration system. A lot has changed because of IMAC 90 and the 1996 IIRIRA.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
If Philippe Khan got his green card in 1986, he could not have gotten it as a result of the legalization program IRCA spawned. The registration period didn't start until May 5, 1987. (10/09/07 ID comment)

Gregory W. Christian, Director, Virginia & Washington, DC

Dear Editor:
What Gurrattanpal Singh says in his letter (10/12/07 ID) is true that " illegal immigrants have misused this option "Asylum" after having unsuccessfully tried other paths to legal permanent resident status". It is also true that the same people who got LPR status through asylum on the grounds that they would face extreme hardship if they go back to their homeland, are making frequent visits to their homeland. Isn't is ridiculous ? Therefore, as suggested by Gurrattanpal Singh's letter "a thorough background check needs to be done to ascertain as to whether the claimant's life or liberty is really under a threat if he goes back to his home country". Not only this it should also be checked that on what visa the claimant entered the US, and whether or not he had tried the other ways to get LPR status. Asylum should be granted to genuine and deserving asylees only.


Dear Editor:
Parents of US citizens and legal resident may be sponsored for long term temporary resident visas without possibility to be citizens and won't enjoy medicare and social security benefits, the parents can't sponsor their other children to immigrate to the USA, the other children must immigrate by their own merits by using points system. The sponsors must show certain amount of minimum income and nett worth requirement and arrange for private health insurance for their parents while staying in that status. The sponsors must deposit USD 10,000 per person they sponsor to make sure they won't take any public welfare. Greencard for siblings of USC will be abolished. All new immigrants will be screened by age, health status, education, English fluency, criminal background check and their skills. They must deposit at least 3 months worth of living expenses in the USA for lodging, meals, health care etc. or equal to USD 8,000 to make sure they're not looking of public assistance. All new immigrants must submit TOEFL test result with minimum paper based equivalent score of 525 or registering for ESL class and pay it out of their own pocket and pass the TOEFL test here. New immigrants won't be eligible for social security and other welfare benefits until they can show that they have paid enough tax credits into the system. Health insurance should be mandatory to keep them in their legal status. I will write my proposal later for millions of undocumented aliens in the next ID.

Robert Yang

Dear Editor:
I suggest that the organization should prepare a boiler plate complaint, asking for injunction, complaint for damages and request for fees to be provided to attorneys whenever a situation arises and SSA and ICE are 100% wrong, e.g., accusation where individual is USC or USPR (see 10/12/07 ID comment).

Albert C. Lum

Dear Editor:
Responding to Robert Yang's letter, the (10/12/07 ID) letter is correct, I never blamed Jose for the failure of the administrations, congress, the courts, for committing treason against the constitution. My most memorable fact was when Senator Byrd, held the constitution in one hand, the bible in the other and wept over his vote for NAFTA. I understood then, what this 40 year senator was expressing and it was indeed the abandonment of the US constitution. This was a major impact for me, to see the most loyal, the most sincere, bible loving, constitution loving senator, somewhat admit the union was doomed. So, now I can resolve within myself, that the US will continue to fall as a world power, resolve that theres no ideal, no better way for people to look to as a bastion of God's ways, but rather a nation committed to corruption, immorality, and eventual doom. We, America, are no longer a nation of laws, but rather a 'defacto' power, laying aside the 'dejure' the legitimate. This in fact is a defeat for democracy. Even the armed services generals cannot uphold duty, honor, country, but rather neglect their constitutional oath. These cowards, who push young men to their deaths, cannot themselves come to grips with their supposed oath to the constitution. I have learned a lot in these discussions and now I've drawn conclusions, resolved myself to the closure that the u.s. shall continue to dwindle in world power, prestige, and credibility. So, the land is full of bloody crimes and having the knowledge, thru and thru, I know how one ought to pray for my beloved, homeland is no more.

David Utterback

Dear Editor:
Since I hadn't seen any mention of it here on ID, I thought that I would bring to your readers attention some of the interesting polling data that ABC News released this past Monday regarding American's feelings toward the illegal immigration issues facing our country. Among their findings, here are some interesting numbers: 58% of the people polled favor a path to citizenship for those already here illegally, while only 35% of those polled oppose it, and 7% had no opinion. On the other hand, just 20% feel that the government is doing enough to keep illegals out of the country. Interestingly, 54% think that illegal immigrants do more to hurt the country then help it, while 59% say the opposite about legal immigrants. Importantly, sensitivity to language is associated with these attitudes. Among people that are bothered by Spanish speakers, 79% feel that illegal immigrants do more to hurt the country, while among people that don't m ind the language difference, only 39% feel that way. It is noteworthy that of the people who concede some prejudice toward Hispanics, 73% are bothered by contact with Spanish speakers, while among those polled that do not report feelings of prejudice toward Hispanics, only 28% are bothered by Spanish speakers. These figures are heartening, and should give hope to those of us that recognise the importance of comprehensive immigration reform. However, in my opinion, they also show that we need to do more to educate the voters as to the true and vital contribution that all immigrants, both legal and illegal, are making to our society.

Robert Gittelson

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