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Immigration Daily October 5, 2007
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EB-1 And Other Options For The Best And The Brightest

The October 11th telephone seminar of "Latest In Business Immigration Law Practice" will focus on EB-1 And Other Options For The Best And The Brightest. The curriculum is as follows:

  • Extraordinary vs. Outstanding vs. Distinguished
  • When there are multiple options to choose from, which is the best?
  • Is Self-Sponsorship better than Employer Sponsored?
  • What is Schedule A, and is it still an option?
  • When is "The Best" not good enough?
  • Tricks for meeting more than just 3 categories!
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, October 9th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


J Exchange Visitors: Resident Or Nonresident
Paula N. Singer, Esq. writes "A foreign national's immigration status and countable days of US presence over a three-calendar year period determine the foreign national's US tax residency status."


USCIS Interim Rule On Adopted Children Under Hague Convention
USCIS issued an interim rule to establish new administrative procedures for the immigration of children who are adopted by U.S. citizens and who come from countries that are parties to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption. For the news release, see here. For the Q&A, see here.


Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Dallas, TX - Exceptional and challenging career opportunities available for you at this prominent global immigration law firm. Ideal candidate will work on site at client. Must have 24 years of law firm experience or corporate U.S. business immigration experience within professional services firm/hi-tech industry preferred. Experience processing H-1B, L-1 (blanket & non-blanket), TN, B-1 required. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong employee relations skills; demonstrate ability to make independent, sound judgments under critical and time sensitive conditions; must be detail-oriented with strong analytical and organizational skills, and ability to perform multiple tasks in fast-paced environment. Bachelor's Degree, Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, Acces, PowerPoint required. Firm offers highly competitive salaries + great benefits. Please submit resume, writing sample, + salary requirement to:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
NY, NY - Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, an international immigration law firm seeks (3) experienced immigration associates. Position (1) requires 2-4 years business immigration experience, as an attorney; Position (2) requires 4-6 years business immigration experience, as an attorney; and Position (3) requires 3-5+ years of business immigration experience, a proven track record as writer on immigration issues, and the ability to work under pressure. Ideal candidates familiar with all aspects of business immigration, including NIV and IV, have had extensive client contact, and can perform multiple tasks in fast paced, high volume environment. Must also possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Competitive salaries + excellent benefits offered. Please send cover letter, resume, writing sample, + salary history to Fragomen is an equal opportunity employer.

Immigration Law Certificate
Master the complex and ever changing maze of immigration policies and regulations with the Immigration Law Studies Certificate Program offered by CUNY's School of Professional Studies. This graduate-level certificate program, consisting of (3) three-credit classes, offers students who complete it a comprehensive understanding of the laws, regulations, and processes surrounding the status of immigrants in the US, including family and employment-based immigration and deportation defense. It is designed for individuals working in law firms, companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations where they interact with immigrants and immigrant legal concerns on a regular basis and would therefore benefit from greater knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding immigration. Beginning this spring, the program is also being offered online. For more information on class schedules, tuition and fees, course applications and to register, see here.

PERM Services
Adnet Advertising Agency Inc. has provided labor certification advertising services to immigration attorneys since 1992. Adnet helps attorneys find appropriate places to run labor cert ads, places the ads, obtains the tearsheets, and offers a variety of billing options. Attorneys can manage the entire ad process through Adnet's secure web-based Ad-managment system. Most of Adnet's services are free since we receive a commission from the newspapers and journals where the ad is placed. Adnet services large international law firms as well as solo practice attorneys. Call us at 212-587-3164, visit, or email us at Contact us today to find out why we are the ad agency of choice for immigration attorneys since 1992.


Readers can share their professional announcements (100-words or fewer at no charge), email: Readers interested in learning about featuring your event or conference in Immigration Daily, see here. To feature your newsletter in Immigration Daily, see here.

New Position
The American Immigration Law Foundation is pleased to announce that Angela Kelley has been selected as Director of the American Immigration Law Foundation's (AILF's) Immigration Policy Center (IPC). Ms. Kelley will be responsible for all of IPC's public policy efforts on immigration - including research and public affairs. She brings to AILF more than 15 years of experience in immigration policy.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
If, as Tihamer T. Toth-Fejel (10/04/07 ID) seems to suggest in his letter, the book of Exodus 23:9 is to be interpreted literally, thousands of years later, after the invention of the photo camera, the phonograph, digital CD's, the telephone, the cell phone, automobile and the airplane; when humankind has had thousands of years of intellectual growth (and political stagnation), when mankind has made one giant step on the moon and landed a rover on Mars, then to God-fearing Christians throughout Middle America, God has spoken and they should act accordingly. End of debate. Let'em all in. But what havoc it would reap, if after opening America's borders to the world, as Mr. Toth-Fejel's letter advocates (supported by Emma Lazarus' epic poem, "The New Colossus, emblazoned on the base of the Statue of Liberty), America suddenly had 750,000,000 poor Chinese, 5000,000 Indians, not to mention half the world's population of scattered poor Muslims, ready to convert Christian America to Islam, and some 150,000,000 poor Mexicans, Salvadorians, Hondurans and Guatemalans to name a few, simultaneously descended on the shores of America, ready to seek a better economic life in the land of freedom and democracy. Enough said?

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
I know that some folks bristle at anything that might imply religion in this country, but when all territories and states and the Federal government call something a holiday (a derivative of Holy Day for Goodness' sake), that's "national". Christmas, New Year's and all that are, in fact national holidays. Arguing the contrary looks silly.

Honza Prchal. Esq.
Birmingham, AL

Dear Editor:
I am really touched by the letter of Mr. Toth-Fejel (10/4/07 ID) who is honest and straight forward. It's very shameful that those who want to kick out "illegal" immigrants infact mostly called themselves as "compassionate conservative Christians" and who are mostly Republicans. I don't think being selfish and inhuman like splitting families by cruel and heartless deportations are part of the core teaching of Jesus Christ. Open border policy should be only for those who will benefit us not who will harm us. Welfare seekers, criminals and terrorists must be out, but those who want to do businesses, study, invest and seek employements and can show their best merits and credentials to be hired should be allowed to get in. Americans are not given advantage over foreigners solely based on their citizenship, so the same principle should apply for Americans seeking jobs overseas. Hiring best employees for less, shopping for the best deals over so many competitors, selling goods and services for the best prices globally should never be punished as a crime and illegal. The native protectionists here must get a clue, life is competitive and they must live with it, like it or not.

Robert Yang

Dear Editor:
The letter of Tihamer T. Toth-Fejel (l0/4/07 ID) has a myopic view of the Bible, and displays a major problem with excessive immigration, many of whom then disrespect our laws with specious arguments, criticisms and open border advocacy. The letters of Robert Yang and some other writers come to mind. This country is more immigrant friendly than most others, yet it is never enough for them. Why should we become an "immigrant factory" to the world? A limited, selective policy is very prudent and is in the interests of our citizens and sovereignty. The letter's mention of the problem of assimilation is a direct result of excessive numbers and would be alleviated with a reduction. Contrary Bible references are Deut. 28:43-44, 1 Sam. 23:27-28 and Matt. 7:13-14 which states, "Enter ye in at the strait gate".

Jim Roberts

Dear Editor:
Responding to Tihamer T. Toth-Fejel statement (10/4/07 ID) "Thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Exodus 23:9." Illegals are not strangers, but invaders. One cannot take one scripture out of context, but must paud and meditate as to whats the truth here. God did protect Israel against invaders, not mis calling them 'strangers.' God established governments and laws to be respected and subjects are to be in the fear of the Lord in obeying the laws of countries that God has placed before men. So, to break the law and enter calling oneself a strangers is a lie. Do, come into a country a take from the people what does not belong to them is called stealing. We have all been strangers at one time or another and have appreciated emphathy, the good Samaritan, but coming into a country and telling its inhabitants how to think somewhat defy's the teachings of the scriptures. One can take a few scriptures out of context and apply it to their own selfish interests and thats done all the time, but its not scripitual. So, invading a country illegally is not being a stranger but rather breaks Gods commandments. With this type of picking out a verse that favors yourself and harms others, could make anything justifiable. I am sure God, not Jesus Christ did not write a love letter advocating taking ones neighbors peoperty and calling it okay.

David Utterback

Dear Editor:
Our US government should be punished for not doing its job: (1) enforce the 1986 immigration law (2) prosecute employers proven to willfully break the 1986 law (3) build barriers adequate to reduce trespassing and illegal entry (4) prevent most civil + social services for illegal illegals (5) reverse the decision that creates anchor babies.

Peter Griswold

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