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Immigration Daily September 18, 2007
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Rogue CBP Officers

According to a news story, "With the help of reporters and activists promoting - and embellishing - the defense's version of the case, the two convicted agents were transformed into martyrs for the battle against illegal immigration. Instead of rogue officers who shot a fleeing, unarmed suspect and then lied about it, they became stand-up cops who were forced to shoot an armed drug dealer and then sent to prison by a legal system run amok. After they went to prison in January 2007, they even became the tragic heroes of a country song called "Ramos and Compean." For the true story of Ramos and Compean, see here.

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Deadline Is Sept 18th For Latest In Business Immigration Law Practice With Ed Rubin, Roy Watson, Gary Endelman

The curriculum for the September 20th phone session is as follows:

  • L-1A vs. L-1B: What are the differences? Is one easier to get?
  • Executives: Isn't everyone an "Executive?"
  • Key Managers: If I'm not an Executive, then I must be a Key Manager!
  • Functional Managers: The definition and uses of the extraordinary category.
  • Work Locus of an L-1: Can they travel? Can I outsource L-1 employees?
  • What is a Blanket L, and when should I consider it?
  • New / Start-Up Office considerations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: How changes to business structure can impact the worker.
  • Planning Ahead: Can an L-1 help my client get a green card?
The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, September 18th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: . (Fax version:


Beat The Cap And Fix The Law: All About the H
Sherry L. Neal, et al. share the citations from this recently concluded seminar series.


DOL Releases Foreign Labor Certification Performance Report
The Employment and Training Administration of the DOL issued a performance report for the period March 28, 2005 - September 30, 2006.

Rep. Lofgren Querys ICE Assistant Secretary Myers On ICE Detention Standards
Rep. Lofgren sent a letter to ICE Assistant Secretary Myers requesting a copy of the proposed new "performance-based" detention standards.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Progressive and quickly growing law firm seeks attorney interested in working in a business development capacity. Must have experience and a solid track record. Must be a self starter, motivated and capable of national or regional coverage. Competitve package, incredible benefits and tremendous incentives. Can work from any location. Interested candidates should send resume, salary history + references to Rami Fakhoury: All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Toronto, Canada - Ernst & Young's (E&Y) global alliance of independent law firms cooperate with our offices worldwide to provide our clients with integrated, quality service. The business immigration specialists at Egan LLP work closely with members of E&Y's Human Capital group, to help companies address the challenges associated with managing today's globally mobile workforce. We seek an associate lawyer to manage multiple and challenging US business immigration engagements and to contribute to the delivery of solutions and ideas for our diverse clients. This position offers excellent opportunities for teaming, leadership, and career advancement to the right candidate. Requirements: (1) law degree along with a US bar admittance (dual Canadian-US bar admittance would be asset) (2) 2-4 years post-call business immigration experience (3) broad exposure to US immigration law. (4) excellent managerial, organizational, + verbal/written communication skills. For more details, enter job #00EK9 or key word "business immigration lawyer" here. Send resumes directly to Thomas Byun, Recruiting Manager, E&Y Canada:

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Arlington, VA - Small, collegial immigration law firm seeks another attorney for our growing business immigration law division. Must have 2+ years of solid immigration law experience. Opportunity for partnership within two years of service as an associate. Candidate must be enthusiastic and possess excellent communication skills (verbal and written). Individual must be a "go-getter" with the ability to bring in business. We are a boutique law firm established in 1973 having successfully completed 16,000 cases. Internally we offer a relatively relaxed environment which makes the production of work product easier. Team players are encouraged to send an email to which should include resume, a personal statement about your legal abilities in business immigration law, plus financial compensation requirements. All replies are confidential. We offer a base salary and bonuses dependant upon production.

Help Wanted: Immigration Professionals
Tindall & Foster, P.C., an established immigration-only practice seeks additional licensed outbound immigration attorneys with experience in foreign immigration to join our growing outbound immigration section. Ideal candidates possess 1-5 years of experience in employment-based immigration law, including experience in securing and coordinating work authorization in a wide range of foreign jurisdictions. T&F has been practicing immigration law since 1973. The Firm's thriving outbound practice is almost two decades old and specializes in providing corporate clients with expert services aimed at obtaining appropriate short and long term work visas for US and third-country expatriates in countries around the world. The Firm has offices in Austin and Houston and continues to expand. 401(K), medical and dental offered. Salary commensurate with experience. Experienced candidates may submit resumes and salary histories to No calls please.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
Owings Mills, MD (minutes from downtown Baltimore) - The Murthy Law Firm seeks attorneys with 3-5 years' experience in business immigration law. Our practice is dynamic and fast-paced. We have high standards with regard to integrity, work ethic, and quality. Successful candidates work both as members of a team and as team leaders. Will join a dozen high-caliber colleagues and have quality support in the way of legal and administrative staff, as well as technology. Right candidate brings in-depth understanding and knowledge of the breadth of immigration procedures, and is expected to supervise paralegals. Good writing and analytical skills required. Candidates invited to familiarize themselves with Forward resume + cover letter to with "Attorney Search Sept 2007" in subject line. All communication treated in confidence. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience and abilities. EEO.

PERM Services
Adnet Advertising Agency Inc. has provided labor certification advertising services to immigration attorneys since 1992. Adnet helps attorneys find appropriate places to run labor cert ads, places the ads, obtains the tearsheets, and offers a variety of billing options. Attorneys can manage the entire ad process through Adnet's secure web-based Ad-managment system. Most of Adnet's services are free since we receive a commission from the newspapers and journals where the ad is placed. Adnet services large international law firms as well as solo practice attorneys. Call us at 212-587-3164, visit, or email us at Contact us today to find out why we are the ad agency of choice for immigration attorneys since 1992.


Readers can share their professional announcements (100-words or fewer at no charge), email: Readers interested in learning about featuring your event or conference in Immigration Daily, see here. To feature your newsletter in Immigration Daily, see here.

New Attorney - Brownsville, TX
The Law Office of Marlene Dougherty is pleased to announce the addition of Attorney David P. Willis III, to her staff. David clerked for the Honorable Filemon Vela after law school and later was in a successful partnership handling tort and PI cases. We are happy to offer his experience in the Federal Court system to our clients. Law Office of Marlene A. Dougherty 314 E. 8th Street, Brownsville, TX 78520. Tel: 56-542-7108. Fax 956-542-7109.

Immigration Event
CIS Ombudsman is pleased to announce our Sept. teleconferences: Sept. 20 - District 15 (Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Louis, and St. Paul) and District 25 (Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, and Tucson) - 2:30-3:30 p.m. EDT. Sept. 20 - District 19 (Denver, Boise, Helena, and St. Lake City) and District 20 (Seattle, Anchorage, Portland, Spokane, and Yakima) - 4-5 pm EDT. To participate, RSVP to specifying which call you would like to join. Indicate how you learned about the program + city, state from which you are calling. We will provide call-in information shortly before Thursday for those who RSVP.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
While one can empathize with Linda Cogill's letter's expression of frustration over the delay in receiving her family's green cards, it is not as easy to feel sympathy for her letter's distortion of immigration history. Her letter buys into the pernicious myth that white immigrants of 100 years ago came here openly and legally, when they were supposedly more needed because of lower population, while Latino and other mainly brown-skinned immigrants of today sneak into the country illegally because letting them in legally would cause unacceptable "overpopulation." As the descendant of Jewish grandparents who came to America from Eastern Europe in the late 19th Century in order to escape from the same type of poverty and oppression that many Latino and other minority immigrants are fleeing from today, and who were also considered unwelcome by many Americans even though my grandparents came here legally at a time when almost anyone from Europe was able to do so, I deeply resent any attempt to use the memory of their struggle, and that of millions of other immigrants like them, against prejudice, in order to try to justify prejudice against today's minority immigrants. Even as I respect the patient quest for a green card described in Ms. Cogill's letter and hope that it will finally be successful, I also hope that today's immigrants will "assimilate" to our country's best tradition of tolerance, not its worst one of divisiveness, if they expect to live here permanently or become Americans.

Roger Algase, Esq.
New York, NY

Dear Editor:
Kazhaktanis pay $1,300 and Indonesians pay $85 a month for their unlimited slow ADSL broadband internet service. South Koreans and Japanese pay 5 times for their rice than us all because of protectionism and monopoly. Hongkongers, South Koreans and Japanese pay the cheapest broadband internet fee but enjoy the speediest one because of stiff and free competition among the providers. And we enjoy ridiculously cheap cell phones airtime and make Australians, Canadians and Europeans going green by envy because of free competition here compared regulated and protected telecom businesses over there. If US farms harvest must be picked by $ 30/hour legal US citizen workers, and job outsourcing must be outlawed, how much extra will one be happy to pay on their grocery bills. Japanese don't like and want immigrants despite of its falling birth rate, shrinking labor force and aging population, but Japanese can't afford to hire $ 30/hour real Japanese caregivers to take care their seniors and use robots instead. If Americans don't compete with foreigners, we will compete with robots, computers and machines. C'est la vie.

Robert Yang

Dear Editor:
Last Friday on the Lou Dobbs show (where has L.D. gone, haven't seen him for weeks I'm pleased to say) they are rallying the antis to email against any kind of immigration reform including the Dream and Agjobs. They had their say last time, its time for us to be listened to as well. Please sign the petition at Also write and email your support. Immigration reform is not only for people who came here illegally. Many people waited a long time to come here legally, paid all taxes and SS and are now out of status due to the incompetence of Goverment agencys. Many others, fortunate to have stayed in status are waiting years for their papers. I dont think we can match the angry noise the antis are making but we can try and hopefully we will be heard this time.

N. McCourt

Dear Editor:
Responding to Linda Cogill's letter (09/17/07 ID), we do know the situation like hers, even tho, we hear little about it. Many people have been in line for application to enter the US for decades. So, increasingly the administration has little regard for the spirit of the US constitution. We are a fair people. Now we have those in the government, lobbyists that think money overrides 'we the people' and hopefully the nexts election will change the wrong path our country has taken in thinking the US is nothing more than a checkerboard of economy, and letting the social and physical infrastructure decay. Mr. Yang's letter's intrepetation of American competing for their own citizenship has denied us the right to live in our own country. After World War 1, many Americans had to leave also as they are now, due to the injustrice and lack of concern in our electred official in upholding their oath of office. How can they protect America, American citizens, when we're completely forgotten. With 46% of the American population without healthcare, lower paying jobs, positive steps must be taken to restore our country to its precepts. I am glad to see a post from someone whose been waiting for application for a green card to legally enter the US. I also emphasis, the suffering of Latino's coming in from Mexico, S. America, but better leaders, in all major countries, must come up with a solution and invading the US isn't the answer. Certainly the slaughter of those in Nicargara was not our will. We do emphathise with illegals, and governments must find other solutions, than flooding the US with illegals, defying our laws. But at this time, the plight of US citizens is crutial. Without improvements for the US citizens, then all is irrevelent in time.

David Utterback

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