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Immigration Daily August 15, 2007
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Robert C. Divine And R. Blake Chisam 2006-2007 Edition

Immigration Practice by Robert C. Divine & R. Blake Chisam 2006-2007 Edition is an invaluable supplement to Kurzban's with a different approach. It is also useful to newer practitioners and paralegals in view of its easy to understand and practical style. For more info, see here. To order by fax, see here.


The Economic Logic Of Illegal Immigration
Gordon H. Hanson writes "From a purely economic perspective, the optimal immigration policy would admit individuals whose skills are in shortest supply and whose tax contributions, net of the cost of public services they receive, are as large as possible."

Bloggings: August 15, 2007
Joel Stewart shares recent entries from his blog.


USCIS Issues Service Center And Lockbox Receipting Update
USCIS issues Service Center and lockbox receipting update dated August 10, 2007.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Newark, NJ - Proskauer Rose LLP, one of the nation's largest law firms, seeks an immigration attorney for an opening in its growing Corporate Immigration Practice Group. Applicant must have broad experience in business related immigration law. Minimum of 3 years experience, superior communication and writing skills. Highly competitive compensation. Fifteen minute train ride from NYC. Please send resumes to Angela

Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
San Francisco, CA - The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC), a nonprofit legal services organization, has an immediate opening for a Project Director for a newly-created Immigration Advocates Network (IAN). IAN is a collaboration of immigrants' rights organizations whose goal is to create an integrated national legal and advocacy support network to increase access to justice for low income immigrants. The Project Director is responsible for overall management of the project, including strategic direction and project planning and sustainability. This position will also oversee project staff (initially a Project Coordinator position located in NYC) and report to senior CLINIC staff and the IAN Working Group. For more details, see here. Interested applicants should submit resume, references, + writing sample by August 30, 2007 to Juakeita Norman at No telephone calls. EOE.

Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Rockville, MD - Largest suburban MD law firm seeks proactive, result-oriented immigration associate with 3+ years of attorney immigration law experience, including Emp.-Based IV (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3), and NIV (E-1, E-2, H-1B, L-1A, L-1B, O-1, TN), Family-Based IV, naturalization, adjustment of status, consular processing, I-9 compliance/employer sanctions, and litigation. If you have excellent academic credentials and strong drafting skills, you will find an exciting, diverse practice with opportunity for further career development. Work with a team of experienced immigration attorneys and professionals who are passionate about the practice of immigration law in a fast paced, collegial setting with all the resources of a large law firm. Excellent salary/benefits package. Submit resume to: Ms. Maura Bowen, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A., 11921 Rockville Pike, 3rd Fl., Rockville, MD 20852-2743. Fax (301) 230-2891.

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Immigration Event
CIS Ombudsman is pleased to announce that the following teleconferences will be held in August: "USCIS District/Field Offices" - Thursday, 8/16, 1:30 - 2:30 pm EDT. "USCIS Service Centers" - Thursday, 8/16, 3-4 pm EDT. Share your comments, suggestions, and issues of concern. RSVP specifying which call you would like to join. Please indicate how you learned about the program as well as the city + state from which you are calling. Participants will receive an email with the call-in information.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
Recently, I have written several letters cautioning against the interjection of unsupported personal opinion as fact or law. It appears nobody is listening. The opinions of both Karmeea Adamas and Narsingh (08/14/07 ID) are incorrect and do not properly state the law or the concepts of law. All that is against the law is not a crime, as was accurately pointed out by attorney Sid Lachter's letter (08/10/07 ID). It is not necessarily a crime, but it may be a civil offense, if the elements of the violation specified in the law are present. And neither are other "violations" of immigration law crimes, unless a statute specifically makes it a crime. To break a law is not necessarily a crime. However, even if it is not a crime, a violation of law may be a civil offense, with only a civil fine as punishment, if the elements of the violation are met. Some violations of immigration law are crimes, for instance, it is a crime to engage in a "pattern or practice of knowingly hiring or continuing to employ unauthorized aliens". The law provides that these employers may be fined up to $3,000 per unauthorized employee and/or face up to 6 months of imprisonment. But simply hiring an undocumented alien is not a crime, although it may be a civil offense, if the I-9 documentation requirements were not followed. Likewise, violators engaging in fraud or false statements, or otherwise misusing visas and identity documents, may be fined and/or imprisoned for up to 5 years, may be prosecuted as criminals. Lawyers should see and appreciate the distinctions between crimes and civil offenses, as well as "wobblers" which can go either way, or both, because they have been educated in the details of the law - details that go beyond mere personal opinion.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
ID has got the CSNY song linked twice (see 08/14/07 ID comment). Other immigration-them tunes: Led Zeppelin did an awful wailing piece, I think it was called "Immigrants' Song", in the early 70's. Arlo Guthrie I think did a funny ballad with the refrain "Don't touch my bags if you please, Mr. Customs man" about 1970. Graham Nash sang of emigrating from Britain to a US suffering from "Military Madness", a catchy tune also from around 1970. I wouldn't be surprised if Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, those thoughtful and long-enduring Canadian folk rockers, didn't compose a tune or two about the immigrant's experience, as well.

Allen Ladd, Esq.
Greenville, SC

Editor's note: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The correct link is now available.

Dear Editor:
Responding to Joyce Antila Phipps, Esq.'s letter (08/14/07 ID), when I used to go to INS, there sat in Omaha Nebraska's office legal immigrants from all countries of the world. White women, homosexuals, blacks, everyone is quick to cry 'racist'. When I was at Omaha NE a fellow came in a said 'I'm just in from Mexico' and the INS agent was polite and told him to come back in so many days. Now, when women won the Equal Rights Amendment, and many (not all) blacks were advanced from the Equals Rights Amendment and entered the work force, it was not the whites who unaccepting, but the prejudice of those particulair women, some also black, that we the most hateful, prejudiced, racist of all. Americans are not unaware that those crying racist, prejudiced, one they are in a position of citizenship, of supervisor capacity, they fire all the whites, while the whites have done their best to comply. I think your opinion is behind the times, as Americans have become tired of the racist cry. The senerio today is vastly different from the 1600's thru the 1900's and comparison of previous immigrants to todays situation is not applicable. The US is still taking legal immigrants from all over the world today thru legal means. Your cry of racism doesn't mean much to Americans, as we've been thru this before and theses really no racism in US immigration. The whites are discriminated against by the Latino there when we went to ask for medical there, however, every race, creed, wants all the benefits of our sympathy, only to get hatred, flag burning in return. Burning the American flag, you must remember, thousands of our uncles, relatives gave their lives so we could have freedom.

David Utterback

Dear Editor:
I have always cringed at the word racist because to me it has a strong insulting sting, like the N word (see Joyce Antila Phipps letter to the Editor 08/14/07 ID). In my life and in my philosophy, those who throw the R word at others, really are the R word. Good people are attacked by the accusation. That is why the real R's can hurl it with impunity.

Peter Griswold

Dear Editor:
These undocumented children now adults should be put in a category of his own especially if the youth are going to college with their own money and effort and no help from the government. These efforts whould be considered high when these youth are not rich per se and are following the American dream "education".

Gladys C. Farris

Dear Editor:
The topic on immigration on YouTube, bring me laughs and amusement (see 08/14/07 ID comment). Glen Beck of CNN, "history of illegal immigration" is one of the funniest. All prejudice and labels on immigrants themselves have happened long in the past on Chinese, Irish, Jewish even the Anglo Saxons. It's sad to admit that human beings are selfish, protectionist and even hypocrites on this matter while forgetting that maybe in the past, their ancestors were subject to these very same inhuman treatments, labels because they were in the same "shoes" etc. With the rapid advance of globalization, strict protectionist immigration laws won't help much. Protectionism always cost more on jobs, prosperity, competitiveness and prices. It's ironic, while Europeans and South Americans are erasing borders and creating a single commonwealth, currency and market economy to get better bargaining power and common goals for their citizens, here many are still thinking that being protectionists and isolationists will keep their current comfort level and shield them from the reality of competition and globalization.

Robert Yang

Dear Editor:
In response to Dave Anderson"s letter (7/30/07 ID) which stated "Lou Dobbs. His motivation is money and the notice he receives from it." I disagee with this analogy, Lou has reported for many years on several issues that affect americans like on the out-sourcing of jobs and the in-sourcing of illegal aliens for cheap labor. He has the same concerns on this crisis as the majority of americans. The difference is most news stations won't report on this, because there is too much money to be made and greed. I think it would be disingenuous not to mention, the one's working so hard against american laws and americans are lawyers, those in the immigration service field, charities and the immigration bureaus because of greed and then there are those politicans who for see future voters. Want to see how much money is involved .. look at the ads in just this news letter. Or look in a trade paper. Its not Lou hiring all these people.

Sofia Courter

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