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Immigration Daily February 12, 2007
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Labor Force Participation

The following table provides a good snapshot of the undocumented population's participation in the labor force (source: figures, broken down by gender and age, show that (1) the undocumented are mostly young (73%) and (2) are overwhelmingly employed (with 80% of undocumented men (18-39) and men and women (40+) in the workforce and 60% of women (18-39)).

Gender and Age: Profile Summaries of Illegal Aliens January 2006
Sex / age Profile Worker profile

men 18-39 5,300,000 43.7% 4,500,000 80%
women 18-39 3,500,000 29.1% 2,000,000 60%
more than 40 1,300,000 10.7% 1,000,000 80%
less than 18 2,040,000 17.0% 200,000 10%
Born / yr. 300,000

In contrast, the US population has a large number of retirees who are consumers of public benefits (Social security and Medicare). Since people of retirement age are a miniscule percentage of the undocumented, the net public consumption by the undocumented is relatively lower. As a general thumb rule, those in the labor force contribute to the government's coffers (even if not through income tax, then through sales tax, property tax, etc). The undocumented labor pool (as shown above) is an overwhelmingly employed population, and thus a net tax contributor. This disputes the widely held misconception that the undocumented drain public resources. Rather, these workers positively contribute to our nation's tax base and are the engine behind our nation's economic growth. That is why economists have widely supported immigration as a boon for our economy.

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ICE, I-9s, States' Employer Sanctions - What Every Immigration Lawyer Needs To Know

FIRST Phone Session on Feb 22: States pass independent versions of Employer Sanctions - What every immigration lawyer needs to know

  • Which states have passed Employer Sanctions legislation?
  • What requirements are states imposing on employers?
  • How can an employer comply with Colorado HR 1017 and 1034?
  • Is there subcontractor liability?
  • Are employees outside the state subject to the rules?
  • What role does Federal preemption play?
  • What is the Basic Pilot and how does an employer participate?
  • Does Basic Pilot subject employers to any potential increased liability?

SECOND Phone Session on Mar 8: What's new with I-9 verification: Advising clients in a tumultuous times

  • Best practices in completing and maintaining the I-9 form
  • What voluntary government programs can employers use and what are their pros and cons: Basic Pilot, IMAGE program,SSNVS?
  • How should a company deal with a SS mismatch letters in light of the proposed regulation?
  • How are employers using electronic signature and storage?
  • What Employer Sanctions legislation is on the horizon?

THIRD Phone Session on Apr 5: How to prepare for ICE raids and possible criminal prosecution

  • What rights do employers and employees have?
  • When is the right time to involve employment and criminal counsel?
  • Cooperating with government - how far to go?
  • How to handle workers you think are unauthorized
  • What are the company's potential penalties?
  • Lesson learned from the Swift & Company raid

The deadline to sign up is Tuesday, February 20th. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: (Fax version:


Defining "American": Birthright Citizenship And The Original Understanding Of The 14th Amendment
James C. Ho writes "There is increasing interest in repealing birthright citizenship for the children of aliens especially undocumented persons."

Transient Servitude: The US Guest Worker Program For Exploiting Mexican And Central American Workers
Richard D. Vogel writes "The US is currently at war and, simultaneously, at another historical crossroad of domestic policy that will not only undermine the economic life of working people, but will tax the social and political institutions of the nation at large."


DOS Issues I-130 Filing Notice
The Department of State issued a notice on filing I-130s, all petitions must be filed with USCIS.


Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Chevy Chase Pavilion at Friendship Heights Metro (Washington, DC) - Polished and meticulous senior business immigration attorney needed to join nationally recognized, fast-paced immigration team in friendly 10-attorney firm. You will work independently on diverse immigrant and nonimmigrant cases, manage paralegals, and coordinate directly with clients. Requires 4+ yrs experience, excellent PC, communication, interpersonal & organizational skills. Contact Denise C. Hammond, Tobin O.Connor Ewing & Richard, 5335 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Ste. 700, Washington, D.C. 20015,

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
NY, NY - The Law Offices Of Jan Allen Reiner, a law firm with impeccable reputation, seeks an immigration paralegal with 1+ years of experience in any and all areas of immigration. Candidate will work with some degree of independence, have extensive client contact, will have excellent written and verbal communication skills both in English and the Mandarin dialect of Chinese, the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, the desire to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, and word-processing skills. While a candidate with some experience is preferred, we will also train the right candidate. Please submit resume to Please only those with permanent legal status in the US need apply.

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
Tyson's Corner, VA (Washington, DC) - Fast-paced growing immigration law firm seeks two experienced immigration paralegals. Experience in labor certs, NIV categories, AOS, and consular processing required. Experience with NIW, extraordinary ability a plus. Must have 2+ yrs of business immigration experience with direct case management of corporate clients' immigration legal needs and some familiarity with family based cases. Strong writing and verbal communication skills required. Westlaw, Lexis and AILA link research systems knowledge a plus. Benefits and salary commensurate with experience. Come and be a part of growing firm where your influence really counts. Send resume + salary expectations to Glendia Mondesir:

Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Established downtown NYC immigration practice seeks paralegal with 2+ years of business immigration experience, including hands-on preparation of PERM applications. Must have Bachelor's degree as well as excellent writing, communication and case management skills. Opportunity to work closely with sole practitioner. Competitive salary/benefits. Submit resume and cover letter to Lynne R. Newkofsky, Esq.: All inquiries will be kept confidential.

EB-5 Investor Program
An investor green card with no quota backlog for your clients. A generous finders fee from American Life Inc. for you, if allowed in your state. One of the best-kept immigration secrets... a real estate limited partnership investment of $525,000 in the American Life EB-5 Investor Green Card program in the Seattle Regional Center gives your accredited investor clients speed and freedom. Speedy conditional green card approval, typically in about 1 year. Freedom to live anywhere in the U.S. without being tied to a job or business. No need for day-to-day management of an active business. Limited Partners have a policy making role. American Life Inc. manages over 25 properties - over 1,350,000 sq. ft. The oldest active Regional Center, projects range from $3 million to more than $20 million. Want to know more about the immigration benefits of American Life's EB-5 program? Call Mark Ivener at 1-866-767-1800 to answer your EB-5 immigration questions. With more than 30 years immigration law experience and five immigration law books to his credit, Mark Ivener is American Life's Immigration Consultant. For more information visit American Life's website,


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Immigration Event - Chicago, IL
Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) & Depaul Law School Legal Clinic present "Bars and Waivers: How to Prepare Waivers to Overcome Grounds of Inadmissibility". February 22-23, 2007. This training will review common grounds of inadmissibility, including health, crimes, fraud, smuggling, and prior immigration violations, and provide guidance on preparing and documenting waiver applications. The deadline to sign-up is February 14, 2007. Registration is limited to 45 participants. To learn more, including summary agenda, fees, and registration information, please see here. ILW.COM is pleased to be a media sponsor for this event.


Readers are welcome to share their comments, email: (300-words or fewer preferred). Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence, available in our archives.

Dear Editor:
ID's comments about Tom Tancredo don't reveal a solid understanding of Republican politics on the issue of immigration (see 02/09/07 ID). John McCain isn't liked by social conservatives for many of his positions on social issues, such as gay marriage. He has voted against the federal gay marriage amendment, while Bush did pushed for it twice. The likely candidate for 2008 for social conservatives was George Allen. He was solid on social issues for paleocons, but on immigration he had a wierd moderate position for Republicans. He was against the Senate bill (calling it amnesty), but he was also against the House bill (which made illegals criminals). But he lost his Senate seat and now his viability is gone. In steps in Tom Tancredo. He fills the anti-immigrant position which was held previously by Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. In the primaries, Tancredo may not be able to get 50%, but he can play spoiler on immigration issues for Republicans. He can be so destructive on that issue that many Republicans will stay home if John McCain wins the nomination, a la what happened to George H.W. Bush in 1992, when conservatives stayed home and he lost to Clinton. Now you may want Hillary to win in 2008, but if Tancredo is successful in driving out McCain from victory or being viable, that gives him the opportunity to pull the Republican Party more towards the Tancredo position and away from the McCain position. But don't forget that Bill Clinton signed the insane 1996 immigration bill into law which created our current chaos. A Democrat screwed up our immigration system more than anyone.

Sundeep Kothari, Esq.
Sandy Springs, GA

Dear Editor:
Who could disagree with the advice in Nader Anise's Article (02/16/07 ID), which recommends expanding your circle of new acquaintances to bring in more business? I would. In fact, the chances are, if you knew every person in the world, the probability of increasing your immigration practice would be more than pretty good. But in the immigration law business, even in immigrant-rich Southern California where I practice, meeting the general public may only result in one immigration case out of a thousand people you meet, if that. I'll give some free advice to young immigration practitioners, gleaned from 28 years in the business. There are as many ways to market in immigration practice as there are immigration lawyers. But there are two very effective ways to market an immigration practice, depending, of course, on where your practice is located, and that is (1) referrals from other lawyers - so advertise in your local bar magazine, and join and become active in Bar Association Practice Sections - both local and state - other than immigration - especially corporate practice, business litigation, intellectual property and international law; and (2) direct marketing to corporations - that's where the big bucks are. Nobody gets rich defending deportations of the poor or by immigrating spouses of US citizens. Very few immigration lawyers get rich at all. The fees are just too low and it takes a high volume practice to make any real money. Mr. Anise's Article closes by saying, "The worse that can happen is you will expand your referral base and possibly land $250,000 worth of business." That's a funny punch line. I'm still laughing, and still waiting for that client who lands me $250,000 worth of business.

David D. Murray, Esq.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Editor:
I just read a Yahoo news about immigrants suing the government for delay in naturalization process while immigrants have passed background check and done anything needed for it and paid the fees. Instead of 3 months as supposed to be, it takes 3 years and no further explaination about the delay. It's time to make USCIS acts like business entity with satisfaction guarantee or your money back promise. There should be specific time period of how long all those red tapes will take. If USCIS missed the date, the application will automatically approved and the greencards or US citizenship certificates will be issued in no less than 30 days. Or if further red tapes needed there should be money back guarantee and specific promised date that application will be approved or not, if that application still weren't approved than there should some fair compensation and remedy for the applicant and if the next promised date missed again. That the application is considered approved and final.

Robert Yang

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