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Immigration Daily November 7, 2002
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Editor's Comments

The historic election results, where the President's party gained in an non-Presidential-election-year for only the third time in a century, are a big win for the President personally since he campaigned hard and long for many of the winning candidates. This gives President Bush considerable clout to push his agenda not just with Congress as a whole, but also with the Republican party. If the President decides to move on the massive legalization program that was in the air before 9/11, he will likely now have the political strength to carry his party on this matter.

Rep. Gekas (R-PA), the Chair of the House Subcommittee on Immigration lost to a Democrat in a redistricted seat. This throws the Chairpersonship of this important committee up for grabs. One, and we emphasise one, of the possible replacements for this position is Rep. Cannon (R-UT). Rep. Cannon has been the strongest Republican supporter of the President's liberal immigration agenda in the House Subcommittee. It would be greatly beneficial to have him as Chair of this critical subcommittee. The decision will be made mostly in the proverbial cigar-smoke-filled rooms, albeit rooms full of Republicans. Immigration advocates are unfortunately mostly partisan, and may not have sufficient influence in Republican-filled rooms to sway this important appointment.

Immigration Daily will continue to cover the impact on immigration-related matters stemming from this historic election.


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Keeping The US Strong Through Immigration
Jose Latour writes "when, oh when, will we have a government that plans ahead for its people?"

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Immigration Law News

President Bush Signs Private Bill Into Law
President Bush signed into law a private bill.

INS Requires Certain Aliens To Register
INS issued a notice requiring certain nonimmigrant aliens from designated countries to appear before, register with, and provide requested information to the Immigration and Naturalization Service on or before December 16, 2002.

DOS Updates Affidavit Regarding Name Change
The Department of State updated Form DS-60, the affidavit regarding change of name.

Coast Guard Ramps Up Surveillance Of Waters To Deter Illegals
The Department of State reports "in response to a possible increased flow of migrant activity from Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba toward South Florida, the Coast Guard is increasing its patrols and surveillance of the Windward Pass, Old Bahama Channel and the Straits of Florida."

Habeas Available In Non-Criminal Cases, Motions To Reopen For Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel May Be Equitably Tolled
In Riley v. INS, Nos. 01-1250 and 02-9531 (10th Cir. Nov. 5, 2002), the court held that 8 USC 1105(a) is not sole remedy for judicial review of non-criminal cases, and that 2241 habeas jurisdiction remains with the federal courts; and held that Congress did not intend, implicitly or explicitly, to prevent equitable tolling on motions to reopen before the Board of Immigration Appeals based on ineffective assistance of counsel.

Vigilante Groups Patrol Border
An op-ed piece in the Tuscon Citizen says "Several recent incidents in which private groups have taken enforcement of border laws into their own hands are troubling and could lead to violence along the Arizona-Mexico border."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
My work e-mail is [email address withheld]. I am now working from home and only use [email address withheld] to receive mail. I am not able to mail out from home even though I do receive all my emails. Please unsubscribe me as I am already subscribed under another e-mail address. I cannot use any of the links from my home set up, so there is no use in receiving a second Immigration Daily. Thank you. (I could not find a link on your website to unsubscribe, hence this e-mail to you).


Editor's Note: Information to unsubscribe from Immigration Daily appears at the bottom of each and every email issue sent to all our subscribers. Please follow the instructions to change your email address.

Dear Editor:
I have a question for the "attorney name not supplied" who said: "There is nothing laudable or constructive about Webb's punitive, selective prosecution of immigrants for the inoccuous faking a social security numbers - an understandable expedient for any undocumented person trying to get by and get work." What then would be laudable or constructive? Perhaps those who have no problem with individuals using social security numbers that they obtain illegally should make available to any and all their own social security numbers. This would help the people who need a number and can't get one as well as those of us who really would rather keep our number to ourselves. In our city we recently had a gentleman who applied for a position with a fairly large company. Imagine his surprise when he discovered that he was already working for said company! His name as well as his social security number was already in use by someone living at a different address in a different part of the county. The person who was using his information was an illegal alien. When police arrested the man they discovered that, not only was he using the name and ss#, he had already incurred over $8000.00 worth of debt that the real person will now have to fight tooth and nail to clear off of his credit records. I would be curious as to what our unnamed attorney thinks should be done with the thief (any way you cut it a thief is still a thief). Personally, I believe the gentleman whose identity was stolen should have the right to sue this individual in addition to the criminal actions that should be forthcoming from the authorities.


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