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Immigration Daily October 31, 2002
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Editor's Comments

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What the job involves:
The job involves providing excellent professional customer service (by phone, email and mail) to our clients who are immigration attorneys, performing basic web design (will train), assisting in marketing/website traffic development, and handling general office work. The job requires 9 hours a day (includes lunch) and the exact hours can be mutually agreed upon, with the occasional overtime.

The right candidate must have the following:
Must have solid communication skills, both speaking and writing (fluency in English is required). The ideal candidate must have basic internet and computer skills (MS Word and Internet Explorer). Candidate must be able to work independently and juggle multiple tasks. Experience is highly preferred but not absolutely necessary.

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Our Friends Down Under: A Closeup On Australia's Migration Policies
Jose Latour gives his personal point of view on immigration in Australia.

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Immigration Law News

Nazi Persecutor Ordered Deported
The Department of Justice announced that "a federal immigration court in Manhattan has ordered the deportation of an Ellenville, N.Y., man to Ukraine because he had participated in the persecution of Jewish civilians during World War II."

DOS Removes Rule On 2002 Winter Olympic Games
The Department of State removed its interim rule providing for special visa procedures for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games since these games ended in March 2002 and the rule no longer serves a practical purpose.

Care For Daughter As Motive For Illegal Reentry Is Discouraged Factor For Downward Departure
In US v. Mejia, No. 02-1190 (1st Cir. Oct. 30, 2002), the court affirmed the district court's denial of Defendant's motion for downward departure sought on the ground that the Defendant's motivation for illegal reentry after deportation was to care for his daughter in the US, finding that Defendant's argument was semantically and practically equivalent to the specific offender characteristic of "family ties and responsibilities," which is listed in the Sentencing Guidelines as a discouraged factor for departure.

BIA Had Substantial Evidence To Deny Relief
In Shewatsega v. INS, No. 02-1162 (4th Cir. Oct. 30, 2002), the court said that substantial evidence supported the Board of Immigration Appeals's conclusion that Petitioner failed to establish a well founded fear of persecution to qualify for relief from deportation.

Former California Governor Wilson To Come Back From "Hibernation" And Hurt GOP Again?
An opinion column in the Arizona Republic says "Wilson said his appearance for Bill Simon at the Sacramento event signaled the end of his "hibernation." Wonderful. How much are the Democrats paying him? With friends like these, Simon and the GOP really don't need enemies. Wilson, in fact, is a big part of the reason that his party has had to work double time to get Latinos to give the GOP a second look at all."

Judge Orders Bond Hearing For Man With Misdemeanor Convictions
The Greensboro, NC News and Record reports "In a decision that could affect hundreds of other jailed immigrants, a federal court in Georgia has ruled that a Greensboro man jailed and facing deportation for misdemeanor convictions must be allowed to request bond."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
A Forensic Scientist was recently admitted to the U.S. in H-1B nonimmigrant status. When she applied at the SS Administration in NY for a SS # she was told that she would need to have the INS email/wire the SS Administration to verify that she was an H-1B nonimmigrant. When the Scientist produced her passport and I-94 Card to verify that she was an H-1B nonimmigrant the SS officer refused to accept her credentials as proof of the fact that she was a bona fide H-1B nonimmigrant. We then were able to obtain a copy of her Approval Notice from the INS by fax and forwarded it to her in NY. The Scientist then returned to the SS Administration and provided the officer there with the Approval Notice/passport/I-94 Card. The SS officer refused to accept any of her documentation as proof of the fact that she is in H-1B nonimmigrant status. When she asked to speak to a Supervisor the SS officer called Security and she was escorted out of the building.

So, here we have someone whose employer went through the INS to obtain an H-1B for a professional position; the alien then applied for and received her visa at an Embassy abroad; and, she then successfully applied for admission to the U.S. and was issued an I-94 Card after inspection at a U.S. port of entry. Now she cannot obtain a SS# due to some SS Administration glitch that demands more proof of status than the INS demands.

I thought that the INS made these decisions on status. Can anyone provide any insight ?

Patrick J. Corr
Legal Assistant, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Editor:
The current round of opinions found in Immigration Daily and indeed the whole matter of the immigration debate seems to have similarities in the story of the blind men from India who came upon an elephant one day and proceeded to examine and describe to each other their perception of the beast. As each experienced a different part, their perceptions varied greatly, yet the animal was the same. As we all struggle with our "perception of the beast" of immigration and it's needed reform, hopefully, we can remember that we are all the same in being Americans. If we do not agree on or have that, all other effort and discussion becomes irrelevant and futile.

But this is the very real concern that many citizens have regarding immigration (temporary entry is another issue, but it also needs to be better controlled). Borders are not being controlled and immigration, legal and illegal, is in such numbers as to be a serious threat (if you can't accept threat, substitute concern) to our land, social fabric, physical structures, safety, health, and existence of our Constitution and way of life. Ask the native Indians what they think of uncontrolled immigration. The Mexicans lost the Southwest when they invited Americans to migrate. Now, many of them have expressed a desire to have it back. After paying them for it and improving the real estate considerably, we are under no obligation to do so. Yet that may happen with current policies.

David Murray expresses "hope that logic will prevail" to avoid mass destruction and says that salvation is in our hands. I expressed that same idea in stating that we have our agency but to the extent that we ignore a "higher authority", we experience the sorry result, the scripts of a TV program notwithstanding. He describes my and others perceptions as "hysterical rhetoric" while referring to his "logic".

He refers to my and other's "anti-immigrant" position when it is only the un-limited, non allocated and un-controlled immigration that is our concern. Murray expressed his love for "diverse cultural enrichment" and we all have experienced and appreciate that. But does he think the Mexican people whom he previously described as having served him in numerous subservient positions will always be satisfied with that. Their prolific birth rate together with the numbers coming here dictate otherwise, if the trends are not reversed, and the radical cries of Aztlan and LaReconquista may not forever be ignored.

While the defense of "Anonymous" about my use of a pen name is appreciated, it was never my position that cultures and peoples should always remain in separate lands. I also am engaged in "inquisitive reflection" in Biblical study and the fact that God may have encouraged that historically does not mean that he can't modify that today. Perhaps, like a child growing up remains largely within a family circle, but increasingly becomes more involved in affairs outside the family, some cultural exchange and movement is beneficial. But out-of-control, radical movements in the case of cultural groups remain divisive and unwise. In Mr. Murray's area, it was just reported that 25% of L.A. County's inmates are illegals costing $83 million per year. A multitude of similar instances of these adverse effects can be seen frequently in all other areas of America.

Immigration Daily comments upon the statement of Pres. Bush about committment to "immigration reform". That is what we all seem to want. The question is will it be reform as we have had in the past for the benefit of big business and globalists at the expense of Americans, or will it be a reform that will protect citizens, our way of life and our Constitution. Mr. Murray's statement leaves no doubt as to his position when he says reform must concentrate on "filling the needs of America's employers". Many Americans feel otherwise.

R. L. Ranger

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Editorial Advisory Board
Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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