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Immigration Daily September 20, 2002
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Editor's Comments

Announcement from the Editor pro tempore and Publisher: On Saturday, September 21, 2002, I will be a Speaker at the Immigration Law Basics Seminar at Mt. Laurel, New Jersey organized by the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education. My topic will be Technology and Immigration Law. For more information on this event, click here.


Deadline is Friday, September 20th! Gary Endelman, Bryan Funai, Alan Tafapolsky Will Speak At "Paparelli on Cutting-Edge Issues in Business Immigration Practice"

Gary Endelman, Bryan Funai, and Alan Tafapolsky will be the speakers at the September phone session in the seminar course led by Angelo Paparelli on cutting-edge issues in business immigration. The curriculum will include:

  • Latest Developments and Practice Strategies involving:
    • The Immigration Consequences of Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin-Offs and other Forms of Corporate Restructuring:
    • How Do You Resuscitate "Lost" Cases through creative use of the New Definition of "Successorship in Interest"?;
    • What Should Your Immigration M & A Due Diligence Checklist Contain?
    • How do You Dazzle and Work Successfully with Corporate Counsel?
    • What are the I-9 and Anti-Discrimination Risks and Solutions?
    • How Can You Preserve Priority Dates and RIR Advertising Benefits Secured by the Predecessor Entity?
    • How Can You Gain Maximum Benefit from Strategies involving POE submissions, E-2 Advisory Opinions, and the "Class Representative" and "Minimalist" Approaches?
    • What does the Puleo memo on new or amended I-140 Petitions cover and omit? and
    • What are the most successful strategies in Dealing with the Regional Service Centers, INS Headquarters and Consular Posts?.
  • Blanket L-1s and E-2 Advance Practice Issues:
    • Benefits and Risks for Large, Mid-Size and Emerging Companies;
    • Changing jobs without prior INS petition approval;
    • When to Use the Blanket Approach and When to Opt for INS Premium Processing;
    • Avoiding Bungles and Capturing Opportunities with Clients and the Government.
  • Late Breaking Developments involving new Regulations and Statutes.

Mr. Paparelli reveals hidden subtleties and provides in-depth commentary on many complex issues in business immigration. This seminar course will be fast-paced and full of practical pointers for immigration practitioners. Fortify your knowledge with this seminar. Don't miss it! The deadline is Friday, September 20th. Register Today!

For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information online, click here.
For more info, including detailed curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information by fax, click here.

Featured Article

President Bush Signs Child Status Protection Act
Clarice F. Liao writes " the Child Status Protection Act comes at time when severe backlogs at the INS and the Department of State have jeopardized the immigration of children who cannot immigrate with their parents because they have aged-out. For this, the Child Status Protection Act is welcome news to parents and their children who now do not have to fret about being separated because the children age-out."

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Immigration Law News

Rep. Tancredo Comments On Undocumented Immigrants Who Finished His Basement
Rep. Tancredo (R-CO) spoke about the undocumented workers who finished his basement and offered his comments on the rule of the law. An excerpt "I hope that we will enforce our immigration laws in this country. I hope that we will stiffen those laws. I hope that we will in fact even put military troops on the border to help enforce immigration laws. But I will tell you, Mr. Speaker, quite honestly, that if this Nation decides that it does not wish to enforce immigration laws, that if we do not wish to have a border that requires somebody to get permission to cross, that is okay with me. It is not okay, I would be a no vote on that bill, but let us assume for a moment that this House and the Senate, the other body, I should say, and the President agree that we should abandon this whole concept of border security and immigration policy. If it is the will of the majority, I would live by it."

Amendments Offered To Bill To Abolish INS
Amendments to the Bill to Abolish the INS (a.k.a. the Homeland Security Bill) were offered by Senators Feingold (D-WI), Byrd (D-WV), Sessions (R-AL), Lieberman (D-CT) and Feinstein (D-CA).

INS Testifies On SEVIS
INS offered testimony before the House Immigration Sub-Committee on implementation of SEVIS - the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

Cuban Detainees In Buffalo Paroled
INS issued a news release saying " Upon hearing about the case today of nine Cuban nationals being held in Buffalo, New York, INS Commissioner James Ziglar asked for an immediate review of their cases. After that review, it was determined that the nine individuals would be paroled pending resolution of their immigration status."

Department Of Education Computer Matching With INS
The Department of Education gave notice of computer matching between itself and the INS

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Unodocumented Immigrants Finish Rep. Tancredo's Basement
The Denver Post reports "Undocumented immigrants helped remodel U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo's Littleton basement, two of the workers told The Denver Post."

Columnist Asks: Should We Deport Tancredo?
A columnist in the Rocky Mountain News asks "Or should we - and I guess legally there's no remedy here - simply deport Tancredo?"

Former Nazi Declared US Citizen, Cannot Be Deported
The Legal Intelligencer reports about a case which "is unique among the former Nazis targeted for deportation by the Justice Department in recent years because [the Nazi's] mother was born in the United States and was still an American citizen when he was born." The article says "The ruling is a victory for attorney Martin Lentz of Philadelphia's Pelino & Lentz who filed the suit after Breyer was deported seeking a declaratory judgment that Breyer is a United States citizen."

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Help Wanted - Experienced Immigration Attorney
Do you want to join a winning team? Are you energized by challenging opportunities in employment-based immigration law? If so, read on: Nationally prominent, well established West Coast Immigration Law Firm with focus on employment-based immigration seeks an experienced immigration attorney who is a self-starter and a team player to help open and manage an office of the firm in Manhattan. Successful candidate will have (1) at least five years of substantial experience in all phases of employment-based immigration (with experience in family-based immigration, deportation-defense and the immigration consequences of criminal convictions all a plus), (2) excellent writing, communication, technology and people skills; (3) membership in the New York state bar; (4) verifiable references and high ethical standards; (5) a track record in motivating, managing and leading immigration paralegals; (6) proven talents in marketing and business origination; (7) a passion for immigration law and an equal passion to help people; and (8) a desire to work with a diverse and top quality team of lawyers and paralegals who mirror excellence in client service and dedication to advancing the field of immigration law. If you have a drive to succeed and you meet or surpass our requirements, then send your resume and a letter describing your interest, qualifications, financial requirements and career goals in strict confidence to

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Re: "remand back" and time wasted... (Time not wasted... your timely link to the BIA Reform Reg. Operating Instructions). Time Wasted, or Not... (Entertainment is all relative) The libelous letter written in by "Jane," assuming and insinuating with no basis in fact or actual personal knowledge about another ILW.COM subscriber's background was both unprofessional and defamatory. ("Blimey") You are dead wrong, Jane. "Do good, get good, do bad, get bad, it's Karma, trust me. My point may have been misguided, I concede, but your personal attack of my credentials, was uncalled for, and simply false. It is true, remand back, was "tautology," (redundancy). The attorney writing in to criticize this literary slip up, who hails us from Atlanta, made a valid point. When I wrote ILW.COM about it, I was simply taking a break from drafting a Brief. In hindsight, I would not have criticized a colleague, and I would have clarified, that I was writing in sympathy for the author who had profusely apologised for what seemed at the time, to be in the big scheme of things, a minute blunder, to explain that if the extra word had been used to define "remand" for all readers, then actually, it would have been considered a matter of clarity and "good" writing. It is true, that as it was used, it wasn't a parenthetical definition. Touche' ! As immigration attorneys, and advocates for our clients, we clarify acronymns, "foreign" words, matters of customs, culture and religion in presenting our petitions/briefs, etc. We should all be more careful to check for misspellings that also "butcher" the English language! A side note to our colleague with a sense of humor/humour (British spelling) in Newport Beach, CA. (A colleague from England tells me it is actually the Queen's English, and not the King's English). As far as grammatical errors one might write in about, the Immigration Daily issue containing a sentence construction error, "a Chinese immigrant with illegal aliens in her underpants, caught with baggage claims," was an egregious grammatical error, and an element of humor could be found by some readers. This summary made me ponder which errors, (caught by English majors, and other attorneys, who have "passed two semesters of required classes in college"), if we are writing in about errors and having these corrections become a little out of proportion compared to focusing on immigration laws, news, policy and opinion. We are in a so-called learned, pedantic profession, yet few of us would be so bold as to deny we have never made a mistake. An Arab proverb comes to the keyboard, "a moment from my lips and a thousand sorrows." What has been gained from these letters to the Editor? Proofread typed letters before they are disseminated. It is much easier to criticize another's writing, than it is to create it. In close, for those looking for something to ponder, perhaps brighten someone's day... Never win the battle if you will lose the war, now, this is a true story, not "blimey." Once upon a time, I represented a client in an affirmative application for asylum before an asylum officer who had never heard of the country my client had just fled... My client and I were shocked, but we kept it to ourselves. I diplomatically presented the case, and my client was granted asylum. What would I have accomplished had I practiced "one-ups-manship" in this setting? I could have humiliated another human being, and lost the case.

Not So "Minnesota Nice" Right Now!

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Editorial Advisory Board
Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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