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Immigration Daily September 12, 2002
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Editor's Comments

ILW.COM has a New York City based, full-time Editorial position open.

What ILW.COM offers:
We offer an unrivaled opportunity to acquire holistic knowledge of immigration law and an excellent opportunity to gain rapid recognition in the immigration law community. We offer an opportunity to gain useful technological and research skills. We have an informal and friendly small-company environment. Some flex-time is possible. We also provide company-paid health insurance.

What the job involves:
The job involves primary responsibility in preparing our flagship product, Immigration Daily, and in adding new legal content to the website. The position also involves contributing to the team effort in growing a small company.

The right candidate must have the following:
An intense interest in learning about all aspects of immigration law is an absolute must. The right applicant must also be a "power searcher," i.e. must be very comfortable with finding information on the internet. Basic knowledge of immigration law is required. A law degree is highly preferred, but is not an absolute requirement. Experience as an immigration lawyer is desirable, but not necessary.

Who is ILW.COM:
We are a law publisher based in New York City. We are a small business, currently we have 6 team members. We own and operate, one of the most important websites on immigration law in the world. We publish Immigration Daily, the pre-eminent news publication in immigration law, which is emailed to over 10,000 opt-in subscribers 5 days a week. We have an attorney referral service and offer seminars on immigration law to attorneys.

Interested applicants should kindly send a resume by email to References are required.


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Featured Article

One Year After 9/11: Will The Courts Protect The Rights Of Non-Citizens?
Cyrus D. Mehta writes that "Unlike a conventional war, President Bushs war against terror is undefined and may go on forever."

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Immigration Law News

Sen. Corzine Points Out That 504 Out Of 2,800 Victims Of 9/11 Were Aliens, Their Families May Now Be Deported
Sen. Corzine said "The United States lost some 2,800 lives, as you know, but in the past year we have forgotten, in my view, to take into consideration the 504 nationals from 86 foreign countries who were a part of that. Many of these victims were in the United States as guest workers, contributing their technical expertise in helping the U.S. economy be the strongest in the world, be the engine of the world's economy. When they died, their hopes to provide a better life for themselves and their children in the United States died with them. Tomorrow is September 11, and deportation proceedings could very well begin, if the INS were to proceed this way, for the grieving families of those temporary workers."

Sen. Feingold Comments On Immigration
Sen. Feingold (D-WI) offered his views on H.R. 5005, the bill to abolish the INS, including several references to immigration.

Administration Issues Statement On Senate Version Of Bill To Abolish INS
The Office of Management and Budget of the Executive Office of the President, issued a Statement of Administration Policy on the Senate version of the bill to abolish the INS setting forth the Administration's views on "Separation of Immigration Enforcement from Border Security" and "Fragmented Administration of Immigration Law."

BIA Memo On Streamlining
The Acting Chairman of the Board of Immigration Appeals issued a memo to members of the Board on "Additional Streamlining Categories - Motions."

Petition For Review Denied
In Romero v. Ashcroft, No. 01-3854 (8th Cir. Sep. 11, 2002), the court agreed with the Board of Immigration Appeals that the Petitioner did not show past persecution or a well-founded fear of future persecution.

INS Seeks Comments
INS sought comment on Guarantee of Payment; Form I-510.

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Anger At Ashcroft Is Because He Bears Bad News
Writing in Legal Times, Douglas Kmiec, Dean of the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law says "For reasons not entirely plain or often fair, John Ashcroft bears the burden of our anger. I suspect the anger we direct at the attorney general reflects the anxiety of the time and our deep resentment that the placidity of a life we once knew, and may never know again, has been stolen. We would be just fine -- thank you -- not having to contemplate another terrorist attack. In this, the attorney general is the proverbial messenger bearing news we would, as a nation, rather not deal with -- but must."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
The following is the text of my open letter to Rep. Tancredo.

"Dear Representative Tancredo:

"I have just finished reading your statement on "Defending Our Borders" as reported in the Congressional Record (Congressional Record: September 9, 2002 (House) [Page H6122-H6125]), and I am offended by many of your comments in general, and one comment in particular.

"You state in part on page H6125:

"Because what we are trying to do is to pretend to the American people that we are taking our responsibility of border defense seriously while at the same time assuring that people can come through illegally in order to, quote, take the jobs that no one else will take and in order to increase the ranks of political parties in the United States that benefit as a result of massive immigration, one particular political party, of course, the Democratic party, and the fear that if we actually got tough on the borders, there would be a political reaction. And there would be certainly outcries by immigration advocacy groups, especially immigration lawyers. They would raise Cain. But is our responsibility here to pander to those political extremists? (emphasis added).

"I have been an attorney for nearly 27 years. I am proud to have worked for the INS in the Newark, NJ District Office for over 5 years as a Naturalization Examiner and a Trial Attorney (prosecuting deportation cases), and I am equally proud of my experiences over the past 20+ years in private practice, concentrating in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law. I resent being labeled by you as a "political extremist", implying that I am somehow disloyal to the best interests of the United States, because I have chosen to represent and assist people in dealing with the complexities of our immigration laws.

"In addition to being an immigration lawyer, I am also a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. My family first came to these shores over 300 years ago. I have at least three ancestors who fought to obtain our freedom in the Revolutionary War, many others who fought to defend the United States since, and still others who have served our federal, state and local governments in various capacities over the years. Members of my family, therefore, helped to settle our great country, and were here to welcome many generations of immigrants who followed, perhaps even members of your own family. On a personal level, I served on my local Board of Education for 6 years, I have coached children in my community on Little League, Soccer Club, and PAL basketball teams, I give annual presentations to groups of prospective adoptive parents on issues of immigration and adoption law, and I have otherwise been active in PTA and other community and church activities for many years.

"For you to label me as a "political extremist" without knowing anything about me as a person or an attorney, is an insult. With respect to my law practice, I do not consider it an act of "political extremism", or anything to be in any way ashamed of, to help to reunite a hard working, law abiding man with his U.S. citizen wife and children in this country, or to help a Medical Center in one of our poorest cities obtain a visa for a foreign born, U.S. educated, physician who will then provide necessary medical care to some of our neediest fellow citizens, or to help an elderly Italian woman to obtain her U.S. citizenship (just a few of the cases that I have handled recently). To the contrary, I am proud to be able to continue, even if only on a small scale, the efforts of my ancestors to build and strengthen our country (our country's greatest asset being its people and their various and cumulative accomplishments).

"I would therefore urge you to reconsider your intemperate and ill-considered comments, and to publish an appropriate retraction of them in the Congressional Record. Thank you.

"Very truly yours,
"Paul N. Gilbert"

Paul. N. Gilbert,
Attorney At Law
Parsipanny, New Jersey

Dear Editor:
I join the world in sympathazing with families of the victims of sept. 11. May God give them the courage to bear the loss and the strength to carry on. Nothing and I repeat Nothing can justify such acts of wanton violence and unprovoked attack by the terrorists of Sept 11.

While reflecting on the past year, I can only reflect how life has changed for the average or pending immigrant. To many people including myself, the United States of America is not a country, but an "ideal" that embodies deep values inside of us. If you believe in those values and are willing to uphold it, You Are an American!

In the morning of Sept. 11, I woke up and watched in awe and disbelief that "anyone" sane or insane would think of attacking this country, leave alone crash planes into the Twin Towers in broad daylight.

I felt so violated, attacked, enraged and shook with anger. I was ready to enlist in the Army, Marines, Rangers etc to help get back at whoever did this wherever they were. Cave or valley. I would help make them pay for attacking America.

After a few days when the nation and everyone was coming to grips with the events and tragedy, I looked back and reflected on how so strong my emotions were and still was. And you know what? I knew I Would Never feel the same for my own native Land. I was shocked at the revelation. I was truly shocked and I wondered why I would feel so strongly about America and not my own motherland.

Then it hit me. America, to me was not a country but an embodiment of the values that I hold deep in my innermost parts. How dare they? Attack a country that protects the weak and defenseless, that fertilizes your dreams, that tries most to encourage diversity, tries hard to ensure equality, stands as a tower of refuge to the prosecuted, that stands tall above the whole world in might and glorious victory? A country that has shown me more dignity in a few years, more than I have seen in all my life, where if you pick on a weakling, strangers will fight for you, where the system encourages you to grow in whatever direction you seek, where the system encourages you to trust in yourself and not rely on who you know to get ahead in life, etc.

You know what? The world acknowledges that too. That acknowledgement is one of the primary reasons that the terrorists' plot failed before it was even committed. Let it not be lost as the reason why the plotters did not acheive sympathies beyond their tiny cabal. I am by no means a sycophant or praise singer or attempt to say there are no short comings here in the USA, but tell me one injustice here and I will show you two in any other country - Europe or elsewhere.

When some Government officials round up immigrants and attempt to put every immigrant under the microscope, many immigrants have allegiance to this country than even some US Citizens. Recent actions by some government officials depicting immigrants are suspicious and questionable characters seek only to destroy those wonderful ideals called America that endears the world and free loving individuals to the nation - The Land of the free. God bless America!

Name Of Immigrant Withheld On Request

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Editorial Advisory Board
Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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