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Immigration Daily
Arthur L. Zabenko, Esq., Legal Editor
December 27, 2001
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Editor's Comments

Word has reached us that a reader of the Daily feels we include too much general information and information about ILW, and not enough immigration news. From the very first issue of Immigration Daily we have tried to bring you all the immigration related cases, Federal Register and Congressional Record items, and government agency items that we can. With experience and practice we have become even better at finding immigration news items to bring you. Over the past 20 months we have introduced additional items into the Daily such as "Tip of the Day," "ILW.COM Focus" and "This Day in Immigration." Just as not every news item, even if immigration related, will be of interest to every reader, not every section will appeal to every reader.

We continue to try to bring you all the immigration related cases, Federal Register and Congressional Record items, and government agency items that we can. The number of news items is dependent on the newsmakers. December 24, which we anticipated would be a rather slow news day with many government offices closed, turned out to be rather busier than average because the end-of-session Congressional Record items became available. [If you missed the December 26 issue, which was written on the 24th, simply use the searchable archive of past issues]. So, if you find that an issue of the Daily has less hard news than other items it does not mean that we are are putting any less effort into brining you the news. It means it is a day you do not have to read quite as much to remain on the cutting edge.

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Tip of the Day

Processing Times

The INS processes many petitions at its Eastern Service Center in Vermont, the Northern Service Center in Nebraska, the Southern Service Center in Texas and the Western Service Center in California. There are backlogs and delays throughout the INS including the Service Centers. We thank the American Immigration Lawyer's Association which makes this information available to the public. The processing times pages are a resource attorneys can use to give their clients an idea of how long a particular application will take. Attorneys can also encourage clients to check the processing times themselves to reduce the number of phone calls asking how long a case is taking. The real measure of processing times is how long cases are actually taking. If you find a case taking more or less time than indicated on these pages, send the information to As the hub for immigration information ILW.COM is a place to share the latest and most up-to-date immigration information.

ILW.COM Featured Article of the Day

The ABCs of Immigration - Options for Essential Workers
Greg Siskind and Amy Ballentine examine the nonimmigrant and immigrant options for those working in semi-skilled and unskilled positions, often in fields where it is difficult, if not impossible, to find US workers.

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Immigration News

No Reduction in Sentence for Cultural Assimilation Not an Error
In US v. Murillo, No. 01-2774 (8th Cir. Dec. 26, 2001), the court found that the District court did not err in sentencing the Defendant for illegal entry into the US when it recognized that it had the authority to depart downward from the sentencing guidelines on the basis of cultural assimilation, but declined to do so. The court has made available the Appellant's brief and Appellee's brief.

Newly Designated Terrorist Organizations
The Secretary of State has added Jaish e-Mohammed and Lashkar e-Tayyiba to the list of designated terrorist organizations.

Immigration in the Press

Foreign Students who Return Home Risk not Getting Back into US
According to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, in the face of heightened US security and the debate over limiting visa renewals, foreign students are questioning whether they should risk leaving the country and gamble on being able to return, or just play it safe and stay in the US.

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This Day in Immigration

From December 27, 2000

"Court Says No to Nunc pro Tunc Naturalization In Fierro v. Reno, No. 99-8018 (1st Cir. 2000), the court rejected the argument that an order granting custody at age 15 nunc pro tunc to Petitioner's father who naturalized was effective for conferring citizenship on Petitioner."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

In reference to: "It Could Happen To You: Why Americans Should Care About John Walker" by Gary Endelman, seldom does one come across a Gary Endelman. His insightful comments on immigration matters are delivered with a persuasiveness that I have personally not found elsewhere.

What I like most about Gary Endelman's articles is that they are delivered without bias towards or against immigration and other related matters. Often, I find his articles cautioning Americans about embracing/bashing immigration or related laws blindly. His latest article on John Walker is again characteristic of his style and hopefully makes one sit back and analyze the John Walker issue more carefully and figure out what went wrong rather than jumping into the band-wagon of bashing John Walker.

Rangarajan Suresh

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Editorial Advisory Board
Marc Ellis, Gary Endelman

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