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Immigration Daily
Arthur L. Zabenko, Esq., Legal Editor
December 13, 2001
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Editor's Comments

As the end of the year approaches people reflect on the events of the past year and what direction should be taken in the year to come. Immigration has been gaining increased prominence in the public mind and in public debate over the past few years. The September 11 tragedy has heightened awareness of immigration issues and drawn more people into the discussion. ILW.COM offers a platform for the discussion of immigration issues. You can express your views and opinions in letters to the editor or by writing articles. If something in the Daily piques your interest, your can share it with others you know who are interested by forwarding the e-mail, or using the "Share this page" feature on the web pages. Send letters and articles to

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ILW.COM Featured Article of the Day

Dissecting Attorney General Ashcrofts Testimony
Cyrus D. Mehta analyzes excerpts related to the rights of noncitizens from Attorney General Ashcroft's December 6 testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee

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Immigration News

Lost in the Brush Is an Entry
In US v. Hernandez-Herrera, No. 00-50548 (9th Cir. Dec. 12, 2001), the court found that Defendant's "A-file" was admissible under the public records exception to hearsay rule, and that when Defendant wandered into thick brush and out of the sight of the "still watch" agent, he had made an entry into the US.

Questioning in DMV Waiting Room Not "Custodial Interrogation"
The court in US v. Lemus-Alvarado, No. 01-60-P-C (D. Me. Oct. 29, 2001), determined that questioning Defendant about the validity of documents presented to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the DMV's waiting room was not a custodial interrogation and so did not require Miranda warnings.

House Passes "Basic Pilot Extension Act of 2001"
The House passed H.R. 3030, a bill to extend the "Basic Pilot" employment verification system for two more years.

Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus Testimony
Rep. Tancredo submitted the testimony of Michael Cutler, INS Senior Special Agent, given before the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus.

Safe for Democracy, and a Nation--The Idea of This Country Post-9/11
Sen. Kyl introduced into the Congressional Record the National Review Article "Safe for Democracy, and a Nation--The Idea of This Country Post-9/11" by John O'Sullivan.

Immigration in the Press

Judges not Cleared for Cases
According to the Washington Times secrecy imposed on immigration hearings for September 11 terror suspects is so tight that nearly half the Justice Department's 220 immigration judges lack the security clearance needed to hear the "special" cases.

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This Day in Immigration

From December 13, 2000

"In the featured article Carl Shusterman writes about a successful private bill in Congress to obtain permanent resident status for a client. Unlike public bills that affect the general public, a private bill is legislation that affects a particular individual, private corporation or specific part of the country. Before a Congressman can initiate a private bill on behalf of an immigrant, all administrative and judicial remedies must be exhausted. Private bills are usually introduced in cases with compelling humanitarian factors where the INS has not, will not or cannot grant relief. Until a scandal several years ago campaign contributions were the major means used to encourage Senators to introduce private bills. In these days of closer scrutiny and talk of campaign reform it may be easier to persuade a Senator to take up the cause by reminding him that getting a green card for a sympathetic case would be great publicity. It should not be overlooked as a last resort in otherwise hopeless cases."

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to draw your and every body's else attention towards what I perceive as deficiencies or weaknesses in present US immigration benefits. I feel that a large number of immigration quotas are reserved for relatives of US citizens or permanent residents. These beneficiaries have done nothing to earn this privilege, but just by virtue of one of their brothers or sisters having migrated to this country in the past get this benefit on a silver plate. Lawful immigrants who enter this country as students or temporary workers may not get this privilege even if they stay here for ten or even fifteen years and in spite of paying taxes, maintaining lawful status and not getting involved in any crime. I personally think they should have preference over candidates gaining immigration just on the basis of family ties other than spouses, children or parents. In many countries such as U.K., Germany and Switzerland, permanent residence is offered if one has stayed there for a certain period of time, i.e. five or ten years. This also appears much more sound and safe from a security point of view. It is better to naturalize people who have lived and culturally assimilated and have spent some years in this country than to grant immigration benefits to people about their back ground very little is known.

M.S. Kamal

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