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Arthur L. Zabenko, Esq., Legal Editor
Nina Manchanda, Esq., Assistant Legal Editor
Marc Ellis, Esq., Chat Transcripts Editor
May 2, 2001
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Editor's Comments of the Day

May 2 is the one year anniversary of Immigration Daily. Over the past year we have developed an archive of over 20,000 pages of immigration information. To help you use this resource we are introducing a new section in the Daily - "This Day in Immigration." We will republish items from a year ago. We hope it will be an amusing reminder of how much things have changed, and how much they have stayed the same.


Dear Immigration Daily Reader,

Today Immigration Daily completes its first full year of publication. As publisher, I want to thank you for reading the Daily. You are not only keeping yourself informed by reading it, you are helping change the entire field of law by your continued loyalty. To understand why this is so, I must tell you a little about the website behind Immigration Daily and the company behind that website. I also want to tell you why the Daily is free, and how you can help it.

The website behind Immigration Daily
ILW.COM is not just the largest non-government website in the immigration field, it ranks among the top 10 legal websites anywhere on the internet (in traffic AND revenue). This is a huge achievement since other large legal websites cover all areas of law, whereas we focus on just one niche - immigration. An important part of our website is Immigration Daily, an opt-in e-mail newsletter sent to over 6,700 subscribers like yourself, 5 days a week. Only a small handful of legal publishers publish daily periodicals, and all of them have staffs many times larger than ours. The Daily's content is broader than most legal journals in that we cover Congress in unprecedented depth, we have an active Letters to the Editor section (which you, our readers, make possible), and we carry links to news items in the press every day. We are proud to be pioneers of this new form of legal journalism.

The company behind Immigration Daily and ILW.COM
American Immigration, LLC is the holding company for ILW.COM. Thirty of its investors are immigration attorneys (a number which I hope will continue to rise). We expect to turn cash-flow positive next month. When we do, we will be one of the very few dotcoms to reach that important milestone. I see our company as a legal publisher, publishing the Daily, the lawyer directory, the Case Tracking and IFillForms software, and all the other things on the ILW.COM website.

How you are changing the field of law
So, the Daily is an important legal periodical from a big legal site, owned by a legal publisher. So what? Well, by your voluntary subscription, and by voting with your mouse each time you click on a Daily news-item or article, you cause a sea-change in the legal publishing field. This field is dominated by West and Lexis. A company called Wolters-Kluwer - just as large as West and Lexis in overall size, but much smaller than them in legal publishing - decided that your method of getting information on the internet is the only way it has of challenging the "Wexis duopoly" for the hearts, minds and wallets of attorneys. Wolters-Kluwer purchased in December 2000, and has kept up a furious acquisition pace since then. West responded by buying the largest legal website,, in January 2001, and Lexis acquired in February 2001. Three big factors are bringing sweeping change to the legal publishing area: (i) attorneys and their clients are surfing the web for information, (ii) potential clients are looking for attorneys by searching sites like ILW.COM, and (iii) clients of attorneys are demanding, and getting, web-based customer-service through software like ILW.COM's Case Tracking. Legal publishers are scrambling to keep up with these changes in your behavior, changes which ILW.COM and Immigration Daily are pioneering together with you.

Why the Daily is free - and how you can help Immigration Daily
We are able to keep Immigration Daily free to readers only because of immigration professionals who use our services; the Daily is our means of marketing to the immigration field. I would like to personally request every reader to consider using our services. Our new service offerings are in three broad areas:

  1. Attorney Directory: we will continue to offer our current listings, and will soon add more features for attorneys looking for more business.
  2. Software: we have just launched IFillForms, and will integrate it with Case Tracking soon. Thus, we offer both case-management-lite, and forms-management-lite. In our software design, we have deliberately opted for simple features and ease-of-use. Our software requires no training, any user can learn to use it by himself/herself within a few minutes. In response to our users' preferences, we are eliminating per-case charges in favor of an unlimited-use, annual subscription fee (our new Premium Membership offers Directory Listing, IFillForms and Case-Tracking for only $58 per month!).
  3. Web Hosting: we offer this in two flavors: basic and premium. We already have over two-dozen attorney sites hosted on our machines, and we hope to increase that number over the summer. Immigration attorneys will find that we offer them unique advantages not available with other web-hosting companies. We are also working on bringing web design services to attorneys.

If you are a loyal Immigration Daily reader, but not an attorney, I hope you will encourage an attorney you know to try our services!

As we enter our second year together, I thank every one of you, our readers, for making Immigration Daily the leading periodical in the immigration field. I invite you to ask me about our services, or share your thoughts with me, at:

Yours truly,
Sam Udani, Publisher
May 2, 2001, New York City.

Tip of the Day

Immigration Articles on ILW.COM

ILW.COM publishes articles on any aspect of immigration law. We encourage the submission of articles from attorneys, paralegals, professors, scholars, human resource managers and anyone effected by immigration law. We will not publish something we know to be factually inaccurate. Beyond that, we actively seek a variety of opinions and viewpoints. Articles do not have to be footnoted as though we were a traditional law journal. The length of an article is best determined by the subject it covers. Some topics can be covered in a few paragraphs while others may require many pages. An advantage of electronic publishing is the flexibility to carry articles of any length. With thousands of subscribers to the e-mail version having an article published in Immigration Daily is an economical way to express yourself, share your knowledge, and gain recognition in the field. Send articles in electronic format to or FAX to 212 563-4438.

Federal Register News of the Day

Comment Request on Application for Authorization to Issue Health Care Certificates
The INS has requested comments on Form I-905, Application for Authorization to Issue Health Care Certificates. Comments are encouraged and will be accepted until May 31, 2001.

Congressional News of the Day

Senate Passes Private Relief Bill
S. 560, a bill for the relief of Rita Mirembe Revell a.k.a. Margaret Rita, was passed by the Senate.

Executive Communication about INS Commissioner Vacancy Referred to Senate Committee on the Judiciary
A communication from the Chief of Staff to the Acting Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice, transmitting the report of a vacancy and the designation of acting officer for the position of Commissioner for the Immigration and Naturalization Service was sent to the Senate and referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

Senate Immigration Subcommittee to Hold Hearings on Immigration Policy
The Senate Immigration Subcommittee is scheduled to meet at 2 pm on May 3, 2001 to hold hearings to examine certain aspects of US immigration policy, focusing on asylum issues.

Immigration News of the Day

Files Suggest Profiling of Latinos Led to Immigration Raids
The New York Times [Registration Required] reports that INS work site raids follow a familiar pattern in the New York district which senior immigration officials say may violate the federal agency's guidelines for avoiding ethnic or racial profiling since agents appear to rely on skin color, use of Spanish, foreign accents and clothing "not typical of North America" as primary evidence that workers were likely to be undocumented.

ILW.COM Chats and Discussions of the Day

Chat with Mira Mdivani
Mira Mdivani will answer questions on all aspects of immigration law on Wednesday, May 2, 2001, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (New York) time. Questions will be accepted beginning 15 minutes before the start of the chat.

This Day in Immigration

From May 2, 2000

"Welcome to Immigration Daily, the first daily publication in the field of immigration. We hope you have been checking the ILW.COM site often to see the new features, articles, columns and services we are offering. In the past month we have added the Immigration Info section which simplifies access to the wealth of information available through ILW. We have posted new articles by Gary Endelman and Joel Stewart. In addition to our regular chat-with-a-lawyer feature, transcripts of the past chat sessions are now available. A new section of Immigration Service Providers has been added and our full-fledged immigration store is coming soon. ILW.COM, the Immigration Portal, is moving at Internet speed to keep you up to date on the latest in immigration."

The ILW.COM archive of immigration information is 20,000 pages and continually growing. To search the archive by date, click here, or search by entering a keyword:

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Will you please inform me whether there is an on-line course regarding immigration laws. I am 77 years old. I was a practising lawyer from 1947. I like to do volunteer help to people having immigration problems and not to practise in courts. Please inform.


Classifieds of the Day

ILW.COM carries classified ads for immigration related positions. $100 for single insertion, $250 for five consecutive insertions, payable in advance. Contact us for details. We will also carry for no charge announcements such as immigration related events. We reserve the right to refuse any ad and to make minor editorial and formatting changes. Send to

Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, is the largest law firm in the country practicing exclusively in the area of immigration and nationality law. In order to meet the demands of our growing business, the firm is actively recruiting for experienced paralegals in its NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, STAMFORD and CHICAGO offices. The ideal candidate has business immigration experience or a human resources background dealing with immigration issues. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills and be able to perform multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. The firm offers superior salaries and exceptional growth opportunities. Please submit cover letter and resume to Anne-Rose van den Bossche, Esq., Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, & Loewy, 515 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022 or fax 212-750-1121

On Friday May 18, 2001, the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association will host "It Takes a Lawyer: Representation of Families in Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Proceedings Before the INS, State Department and Immigration Court" Topics to be covered include Ethics, Nonimmigrant Visas for Family Members, Waivers, Litigating Family Based Immigration Issues, Affidavits of Support, Consular Processing, VAWA issues and Bona Fide Marriages. For registration information, please call Valentine Brown at 856-384-9902.

2001 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law June 20-24, 2001, Marriott Copley Place & Westin Copley Place Boston, Massachusetts. The Preeminent Law Symposium on Immigration and Nationality Law With an expert faculty and cutting edge programs, the AILA Annual Conference is an unbeatable continuing legal education symposium in terms of scope and value. This event brings together thousands of immigration law practitioners, leading immigration law experts, government officials, and other legal professionals from around the country. Participants spend three and one-half days attending educational sessions and workshops focusing on the latest developments and issues in immigration and nationality law. Attendees can develop their own individualized CLE conference by choosing courses from a wide variety of programs: Core Curriculum, Substantive Practice, Special Mini Tracks, Mock Hearings and Interviews, Litigation Skills Training, Practice Roundtables and Government Agency Open Forums. For detailed program information, and registration forms, please visit the conference portion of the AILA Web site at American Immigration Lawyers Association, 918 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004, Tel: (202) 216-2400, Fax: (202) 371-9449. Contact: Conference Department or E-Mail

An Important disclaimer! The information provided on this page is not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt by you does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers must not act upon any information without first seeking advice from a qualified attorney. Correspondence to Letters may be edited and may be published and otherwise used in any medium.
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