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Green Card Waiting Times Projections -- EB2 and Eb3 Categories for India

The following charts show projections of Green Card Waiting Times for EB-2 and EB-3 categories for India. The data for actual waiting time was calculated from Visa Bulletin publications available at The horizontal axis is the processing date (Visa Bulletin date) and the vertical axis is the waiting time in months. (If the waiting time for a certain date is zero, that means there was no waiting time.)

For example, the waiting time for India EB-2 on February 2010 was 60 months. So that means that if you had applied for the EB2 in February 2005 or earlier, your application would have been processed by February 2010. The chart shows two trend lines: linear projection and an exponential projection. The trend lines can be used to estimate the waiting time for recent applicants or for those yet to apply. For example, based on linear trend projection if you were to apply for EB3 in January 2017 your application will be processed approximately by June 2038 (a waiting time of approximately 261 months, more than 21 years).


EB-1 calculation is not included because in recent years there was no waiting time for this visa preference. If you have any questions please write to


The above projections are based on publically available information as well as specific assumptions. ILW.COM does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness the estimates provided, nor assumes any responsibility for their use.