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Who we are:

  • We are proponents of American strength - this stems from immigrants seeking freedom and liberty - and is unique to America. Our vision is to catalyze immigration information into action by leveraging technology

Our value proposition:

  • We have a profound grasp over migration to America: the forces of human migration and the political structure which channels these
  • We are connectors: we can connect anyone with anyone within the American immigration community
  • We are an execution machine - we get things done - often very complex things

By the numbers:

  • 600+ Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars for immigration attorneys
  • 25+ books on immigration law published with 300+ immigration attorneys as authors
  • 1/3rd of active EB5 projects are our clients
  • 350+ EB5 events in China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Turkey, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UK, Canada, etc. 120+ in person H1B to EB5 events in 30+ cities across USA
  • During covid, 15+ online H1B to EB5 events, as well as 15+ online webinars for India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Korea, Taiwan, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, etc
  • 50+ DACA events in 20+ cities across USA
  • 50+ Chinese Student Events and International Student Events in many campuses and cities across USA
  • Many other events such as private label events for law firms, a job fair for immigrants, private equity events, etc

Fun facts:

  • ILW stands for Immigration Law Worldwide - we pioneered cloud-based immigration software (this division was later divested)
  • Founded in 1999, ILW is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan in New York City for 20+ years (we have a team in Bombay, India, and have had team members in Taiwan and China).


Since inception, ILW.COM has employed individuals from various cultural backgrounds in efforts to establish a diverse, truly unique and multi-global staff. Founded as a publishing company of US immigration law, we believe it is necessary to represent various cultures from around the world and learn from the individual backgrounds of our associates in order to be a genuinely diversified company. Our past and current staff members play vital roles in relation to all of the projects we are involved in. Whether working independently or as a unified team, each individual offers a pivotal, specific talent that allows ILW to offer unparalleled efficiency, exceptional satisfaction and maintain the level of integrity and trust that our readers and clients have come to expect of us.


  Via email: For editorial issues, write to For all other issues write to

  Via mail: ILW.COM, 1270 Broadway Suite 505, New York, NY 10001

  Via fax: (212) 545-0869

  Via Phone: We have not included our phone number on this page because it generates numerous inquiries from immigrants looking for legal advice which we do not provide. If you wish to talk to us please email us at and we will be happy to call you back.


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