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Patel's Immigration Law Library

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The Best Value for your Money, contains 8 CFR plus, 20/22/28 CFR, The Whole Act and Patel's Citations.

Latest 2004 Updated Editions

Expected publication date March 2004

Package Contents

8 CFR Plus

8 CFR Plus: Complete Set of INS Regulations with INDEX.
This is an affordable book for anyone involved in the immigration process. It contains
   1. the complete set of INS regulations (8 CFR)
   2. exhaustive Topical INDEX, and
   3. expanded table of contents.

20/22/28 CFRPlus

20/22/28 CFRPlus: This publication contains immigration-related regulations of the Department of Labor (20 CFR), Department of State (22 CFR), and Department of Justice (28 CFR), with an exhaustive topical INDEX.

The Whole Act

The Whole Act: The Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended (INA), includes all the sweeping changes enacted by Congress each year. Other important features include dozens of APPENDICES covering important immigration-related provisions of other statutes, Hundreds of FOOTNOTES, an updated topical INDEX, and an Index to Appendices.

Patel's Citations

Patel's Citations was initially published in a loose leaf format in February 1982.

At that time it was the only research tool of its kind in the field of immigration law. After six years of annual supplementation of the original loose leaf edition, the entire book was revised to incorporate the supplement material into the main book. Thus, a new perfect bound edition came into existence in 1988.

The 2003 edition traced the history and treatment of all reported (precedent) administrative decisions under immigration and nationality laws, at both administrative and judicial levels. It covers all such decisions in volumes 1 through 22 and subsequent Interim Decisions which are appropriately referenced for coverage in as-yet-unpublished Volume 23 with their corresponding Volume 23 page numbers, as dealt with in: I & N Administrative Decisions through Interim Decision No. 3482 which corresponds to 23 I&N Dec. 515, Federal District Courts' opinions through 227 F Supp 2d, Court of Appeals' opinions through 312 F3d, and U.S. Supreme Court opinions as of December 2002. This book thus provides an instant answer as to the complete status and standing of any precedent I & N administrative decision.

The decision to publish an updated, perfect bound, yearly edition affords a distinct advantage of having the status and standing of all citations at one place. In other words, it obviates what is otherwise an unavoidable necessity of simultaneously referring the main volume and the supplement and tying them together. In a small research book like Patel's Citations, such effort seems quite unnecessary, perhaps annoying.