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Editors: Angelo A. Paparelli, L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens, and Dan Siciliano

Contributors: Jason Burritt, Francis E. Chin, Philip C. Curtis, Laura Danielson, John Fay, Bonnie K. Gibson, Richard Gump, Douglas D. Hauer, Susanne C. Heubel, Loan Huynh, Jay Jorgensen, Susan Kelly, Adam Ketcher, Cynthia Lange, Kevin Lashus, Robert F. Loughran, Kristin Major, Johanna Marmon, Cyrus D. Mehta, Maggie Murphy, Michael Patrick, Julie Pearl, Justin A. Rymer, Olivia M. Sanson, Lynn O. Tarran, Vinh C. Trieu, Steve Trow, Greg Wald, Matthew Warren, Michael J. Wildes

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I. Editors' Introduction

II. Understanding I-9 Concepts

A. The Evolving Challenge for Employers - From I-9s to E-Verify? by Michael D. Patrick       and Justin Rymer
B. Changing Trends in I-9 Best Practice by Richard A. Gump, Jr.

III. I-9 Advanced Topics

A. False Statements, False Documents, and False Claims of Citizenship to Obtain       Employment in the United States by Adam Ketcher and Cyrus D. Mehta
B. Aramark v. SEIU and the Evolution of Constructive Knowledge in Relation to the DHS      Social Security No-Match Rule by Gregory A. Wald
C. What about the I-9: I-9 and E-Verify Compliance in the Context of Pending Adjustment of      Status Applications and Travel on Advance Parole by Susanne C. Heubel and Olivia M.      Sanson
D. Dangerous Self-Help: The Risks of Losing the Attorney-Client Privilege During Form I-9      Audits by Robert F. Loughran, Susan Kelly, Kevin Lashus, Maggie Murphy and Vinh C.      Trieu

IV. Employer E-Verify Considerations

A. Employment Law Issues in an E-Verify World by Bonnie K. Gibson
B. Should Employers Sign Up for E-Verify? by Steve Trow and Lynn O. Tarran
C. Using Software for Electronic I-9s and E-Verify by John Fay and Julie Pearl
D. E-Verify Everyday: Employers Weigh In by Johanna Marmon
E. Pre-Employment Inquiries Concerning Immigration Status: When Concern for Immigration      Law Compliance can Bring Employment Law Problems by Kristin Major and Dan Siciliano

V. E-Verify Advanced Topics

A.  E-Verify Considerations for Successor Employers Following Mergers and Acquisitions by       Douglas D. Hauer, Francis E. Chin & Philip C. Curtis
B.  Don't Take it Personally: Why Everyone Needs to Understand E-Verify for Federal       Contractors by L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens and Angelo A. Paparelli
C.  Demystifying Federal Contractor Obligations by L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens and Angelo A.       Paparelli

VI. DHS Enforcement through ICE Raids and Audits

A. Don't Wait for ICE to Knock on the Door: A Practical Guide to Preparing Employers for I-9      Compliance/Audits and Worksite Investigations (With Supplements: Sample Proposed I-9      Policy and Procedures, Form I-9 Verification Procedures-Guidelines For Employers, and      Checklist For I-9 Audit And Correction Guidelines) by Loan T. Huynh and Laura J.      Danielson
B. Defending Companies and their Management Against Criminal Immigration Sanctions: The      Centrality of Knowledge by Jay T. Jorgensen and Matthew J. Warren

VII. Specialty Topics

A. Preemption of State Immigration Laws After CPLC - What does the Future Hold? by      Cynthia Lange and Justin Rymer
B.  A New Remedy in ICE's Arsenal: Debarment by Michael J. Wildes
C. Social Security "No-Match" Letters: A Guide to Best Practices by Jason Burritt and      Angelo A. Paparelli

VIII. Resource Materials

A. Sections 402-405 of IIRIRA
B. Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies from Rahm Emanuel,      (January 20, 2008)
C. Amendment to Executive Order 12989 requiring federal contractors to use E-Verify -      Executive Order 13465 Economy and Efficiency in Government Procurement through      Compliance with Certain Immigration and Nationality Act Provisions and the Use of an      Electronic Employment Eligibility Verification System (June 6, 2008)
D. Executive Order 12989 (February 13, 1996)
E. Final Rule mandating use of E-Verify by all Federal Contractors 73 Fed. Reg. 67651, Nov.      14, 2008 (to be codified at 48 C.F.R.pts. 2, 22, and 52)
F. Delay of Applicability of FAR until February 20, 2009 - 74 Fed. Reg.1937 (January 14,      2009). Editor's note: The applicability of FAR was delayed twice to May 20, 2009 and      June 20, 2009
G. US Chamber of Commerce announcement that litigants agreed to extend applicability of      FAR to May 21, 2009 - Federal Government Again Delays Mandatory E-Verify Use for      Government Contractors: Chamber Deal Postpones Rule for a Second Time
H.  Adjudicator's Field Manual, AFM 23.2
I.   Adjudicator's Field Manual, AFM 31.4
J. Memorandum from Paul Virtue, Act'g Exec. Assoc. Comm'r, Programs, to Field Offices,     File No. HQ 70/6.2.5, 70/6.2.9, 70/6.2612, 70/23.1, 120/17.2, Considerations for     Adjustment of Status (Aug. 5, 1997)
K. Memorandum by Robert L. Bach, INS Exec. Assoc. Comm'r, Office of Policy and      Planning, AFM Update: Dual Intent Follow-up Guidance: H-1 and L-1; Pending      Applications for Adjustment of Status, validity of nonimmigrant status, and the elimination      of the advance parole requirement, File No. HQADJ 70/ 2.8.6, 2.8.12, 10.18 (March 16,      2000)
L. Memorandum by Michael D. Cronin, INS Act'g Ass't Comm'r, Office of Programs, AFM      Update: Revision of March 14, 2000 Dual Intent Memorandum, File No. HQADJ 70/ 2.8.6,      2.8.12, 10.18 (Amended Version), AD 00-03 (May 25, 2000)
M. Memorandum by Michael L. Aytes, USCIS Assoc. Dir., Domestic Operations, Eligibility of      Arriving Aliens in Removal Proceedings to Apply for Adjustment of Status and Jurisdiction      to Adjudicate Applications for Adjustment of Status; Revisions to Adjudicator's Field      Manual (AFM) Chapter 23.2(b), File No. HQDOMO 70/23.1 (January 12, 2007)
N. Handbook for Employers, M-274 (3553KB PDF) , Instructions For Completing Form I-9,      USCIS (Rev. 04/03/09)
O. How Do I Complete Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification?, USCIS, (August 2008)
P. E-Verify User Manual For Employers (March 2009)
Q. E-Verify: Quick Reference Guide for Employers (March 2009)
R. E-Verify User Manual For Designated Agents (March 2009)
S. E-Verify: Quick Reference Guide For Designated Agents (March 2009)
T. E-Verify MOU for Employer [Revision Date 10/29/08]
U. Federal Contractors Required to Use E-Verify System, USCIS Press Release, 11/13/08
V. 100,000 Employers Use E-Verify Program, USCIS Press Release, 1/08/09
W. E-Verify Strengthening the Employment Eligibility Document Review Process for the      Nation's Employers, USCIS Press Release, 01/08/2009
X. USCIS Delays Rule Changing List of Documents Acceptable to Verify Employment      Eligibility - Reopens Public Comment Period for 30 days, USCIS Press Release, 1/30/09
Y. USCIS Adds Passport Data in E-Verify Process for Foreign-Born Citizens -Enhancement      Reducing Tentative Nonconfirmations, USCIS Press Release, 03/04/09
Z. Questions and Answers: Revised Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, USCIS      Press Release, 4/3/09
AA. Frequently Asked Questions: Federal Contractors and E-Verify, USCIS Press Release,       4/17/09
BB. 9 Foreign Affairs Manual 40.63
CC. 9 Foreign Affairs Manual 40.63 Notes
DD. 9 Foreign Affairs Manual 41.11
EE. 9 Foreign Affairs Manual 41.11 Notes
FF. STEM Designated Degree Programs List, ICE, 9/25/08
GG. Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices "Look at       the Facts. Not at the Faces"


100+ Relevant Cases from OCAHO, BIA, Federal District & Circuit Courts; Important Statutes, Regulations, Forms, Weblinks, etc.


Angelo A. Paparelli is a partner of Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Mr. Paparelli, with a bicoastal practice in Southern California and New York City, is known for providing creative solutions to complex and straightforward immigration law problems, especially involving mergers and acquisitions, labor certifications and the H-1B visa category. His practice areas include legislative advocacy; employer compliance audits and investigations; U.S. and foreign work visas and permanent residence for executives, managers, scientists, scholars, investors, professionals, students and visitors; immigration messaging and speech-writing; corporate policy formulation; and immigration litigation before administrative agencies and the federal courts. He is frequently quoted in leading national publications on immigration law. He is also President of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers, a 30-firm global consortium of leading immigration practitioners. Paparelli’s blog and a comprehensive list of his many immigration law articles can be found at He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan where he earned his B.A., and of Wayne State University Law School where he earned his J.D. Paparelli is admitted to the state bars of California, Michigan and New York.

Batya Schwartz Ehrens is an immigration attorney with the Wolfsdorf Immigration Law Group practicing in New York City, specializing in employment-based immigration. She advises large and small corporations on visa strategies and immigration compliance. She also represents investors, executives, physicians, and artists seeking green cards and visas. Ms. Schwartz Ehrens has written articles and spoken before immigration attorneys as well as corporations on a wide range of specialized topics including employment-based immigration options, E-Verify, and I-9 Compliance. In 2009, she co-edited The Immigration Compliance Book, a reference book on all aspects of work site enforcement and E-Verify. Ms. Schwartz Ehrens is active in American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) as the New York Chapter New Members Division (NMD) co-chair, the AILA National NMD Steering Committee, and the New York Corporate Practice and Advocacy committees. She is also the New York Ambassador of the American Immigration Council and serves on the Board of Directors of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. Ms. Schwartz Ehrens received a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Emory University (1999), and both a Juris Doctorate (2003) and MBA (2004) from The American University. She is proficient in Spanish, Hebrew and Japanese.

Dan Siciliano is the Associate Dean for Executive Education and Programs and a Senior Lecturer at Stanford Law School. He is also co-founder of LawLogix Group, Inc. - a global software technology company recently named to the Inc. 500 and twice ranked as one of the Top 100 fastest growing private software companies in the United States. Mr. Siciliano has taught Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Practice, Workplace Compliance, and Venture Capital. He previously served as the inaugural and senior Teaching Fellow for the international LL.M. degree program in Corporate Governance and Practice as well as the Executive Director of the Program in Law, Economics, and Business. He is a Senior Research Fellow with the Immigration Policy Center, a national Trustee of the American Immigration Law Foundation, and a frequent commentator on the long-term economic impact of immigration and employment eligibility policy and reform. His work has included expert testimony in front of both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. Mr. Siciliano is the co-director of Stanford's Directors' College and the co-originator of the OSCGRS (Open Source Corporate Governance Reporting System) Project. He serves on the board of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors and is a member of the Academic Council of Corporate Board Member magazine. Mr. Siciliano's related areas of expertise include executive compensation, strategy, and a variety of other corporate governance topics. He received his BA from the University of Arizona and completed both his graduate fellowship in Economics and his JD at Stanford University. A a Truman Scholar, has worked with both public and private organizations including teaching and research at Stanford's Hoover Institute and macroeconomic policy analysis at the Congressional Budget Office in Washington, D.C. He has founded and led several successful businesses and, in cooperation with Stanford Law School Professors Joe Grundfest and Michael Klausner, has served as a governance consultant and trainer to the Board of Directors of dozens of Fortune 1000 companies.


Jason Burritt is an associate in the immigration group in the New York office of Seyfarth Shaw LLP. Mr. Burritt handles all aspects of immigration and nationality law, including processing of B, E, H, J, L, O, and TN non-immigrant visa petitions, applications for labor certification, Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researcher and National Interest waiver petitions, adjustment of status, consular processing, and naturalization. Mr. Burritt is a member of the Seyfarth Workforce Authorization (SWATeam) and has extensive training and experience in the workforce authorization compliance area. He advises clients with regard to I-9 compliance and provides related training programs.

Francis E. Chin is the Managing Partner of Chin & Curtis, LLP. He is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont and the New York University School of Law, where he was Executive Editor of the New York University Journal of International Law and Politics. Mr. Chin previously studied in Mainz, Germany, and was selected as a Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellow to study in Southeast and East Asia. Mr. Chin has written on immigration law issues and lectured at conferences sponsored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the American Council on International Personnel, the American Bar Association, the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc., the Practicing Law Institute, and many academic and business groups. Mr. Chin has been named annually for more than a dozen years in The Best Lawyers in America in the immigration law section, and also in The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers in the corporate immigration section. He has been designated consistently as a Massachusetts Super Lawyer in Boston Magazine and was cited in Chambers Global: The World's Leading Lawyers for Business 2006 - The Client's Guide, as "the best in Boston," and "consistently recommended as 'an extremely intelligent immigration lawyer with a sky-high level practice.

Philip C. Curtis is a Partner of Chin & Curtis, LLP, and has practiced immigration law since 1985. He has been in practice with Mr. Chin since 1994. Prior to joining Mr. Chin's firm, Mr. Curtis was an attorney at Ropes & Gray in Boston, where he specialized in business immigration matters, labor and employment, and employment litigation. He has a broad range of experience in employment-based immigration, naturalization, worksite compliance, and federal and state litigation. Mr. Curtis is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Chicago Law School.

Laura J. Danielson is the chair of the Immigration Department at Fredrikson & Byron. She has been an immigration lawyer since 1989, is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, and teaches immigration law at the University of Minnesota Law School. She is also co-author of Immigration Law in a Nutshell. As a founding member of the Academy of Business Immigration Lawyers she has been especially active in developing its global consortium of immigration practitioners in countries throughout the world. Concentrating on business immigration, Laura works with companies, investors, physicians, engineers, scientists, and other professionals in non-immigrant and immigrant visa matters.

John Fay is Director of Product Management and Corporate Counsel at ImmigrationTracker, the maker of Tracker I-9 compliance software. As an immigration attorney with over seven years of experience, John has advised corporations, educational institutions and individuals on a variety of U.S. immigration and employment eligibility issues. He is currently responsible for ensuring that all Tracker products are legally compliant by monitoring the ever-changing landscape of employment and immigration compliance practice. John works closely with the Tracker I-9 development team to translate complex laws and requirements into easy-to-use electronic solutions.

Bonnie K. Gibson Before joining Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP in 2008, Bonnie Gibson was the office managing shareholder for the Phoenix headquarters of Littler Global. Her emphasis is in immigration, worksite immigration compliance, and corporate immigration compliance programs. Bonnie practices at the intersection of U.S. immigration and labor law, bringing 25 years of California labor and employment experience to a practice now concentrated on immigration and immigration compliance. Her I-9 services practice counsels companies nationwide on developing and managing immigration compliance programs, including I-9 training and audits. She regularly advises about immigration compliance issues in mergers, acquisitions and contracting relationships and represents companies in Immigration and Customs Enforcement proceedings.Bonnie serves on the American Immigration Lawyers Association E-Verify Liaison Committee and is Chair of the Liaison Committee for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. In these assignments, Bonnie works closely with policy makers who manage the federal E-Verify and REAL ID mandates, with the twin goals of helping shape the administration of E-Verify and REAL ID in concert with immigration law and improving the interface between employers and E-Verify and between immigrants and state drivers' licensing agencies.

Richard A. Gump Jr. is the shareholder of the Law Offices of Richard A. Gump, Jr. Mr. Gump graduated from the University of Texas School of Law, and has been practicing business and employment-related immigration law for more than 35 years. He is a frequent speaker and published writer, the current chair of the State Bar of Texas Advanced Immigration Conference Planning Committee, and a member of the University of Texas Immigration Law Planning Committee. He is a member of AILA, past chair of the AILA Texas Chapter, past chair of the AILA Texas Service Center Liaison Committee, and currently is a member of the AILA Auditing Compliance Auditing Standards Taskforce. Mr. Gump has been named in the Texas Lawyer's "Go to Guide" for outstanding immigration law attorneys, and since 2003 has been recommended by Super Lawyers in the field of immigration law. He also has been recognized in the International Who's Who of Business Lawyers 2008, Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business, and Best Lawyers in America in the specialty of Immigration Law. Mr. Gump handled the first employer sanctions case filed in the southwestern United States under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and was co-counsel in one of the largest civil/criminal settlements in worksite compliance history.

Douglas D. Hauer is a Partner with Chin & Curtis, LLP. He joined the firm in 2001 after receiving his J.D. from Boston University. Mr. Hauer represents corporate clients in a wide range of business immigration matters. He has defended clients in Department of Labor LCA audits as well as in Immigration Customs and Enforcement ("ICE") and FBI investigations. Mr. Hauer also has broad experience in complex family-based immigration law and related litigation matters. He serves on the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Committee of the American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) in Washington, D.C. and frequently speaks and writes on immigration law issues, I-9 compliance and ethics for national, state and local organizations. Mr. Hauer received his B.A. in German literature and Russian from Ohio State, where he was elected Phi Beta Kappa. Before pursuing a career in immigration law, Doug received his M.A. degree in Yiddish and Hebrew literature from Harvard University and an M.A. degree in German Studies from the University of Chicago. He speaks German and Hebrew. Mr. Hauer is also a producer of independent documentary films with Helliwell Pictures, an award winning film production company based in Vancouver, B.C

Susanne C. Heubel is an associate in the immigration group at Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke LLP in New York City. She earned her J.D. at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany in 1996 and an LL.M., International Business & Trade Law, cum laude, at Fordham University in 2000. She was admitted in the 4th Department in New York in 2001. Susanne is an alumni scholar of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Germany. She is Co-Chair of the Corporate Practice Committee of AILA's New York Chapter and a second-year member of AILA's National Distance Learning Committee. She is also Past-Chair of the Committee on Central European and Central Asian Law, International Law and Practice Section, New York State Bar Association, and a past member of the Immigration and Nationality Committee, The Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Susanne has served as the discussion leader on two AILA Podcasts, one on 245i and the other on strategies as a working parent or caretaker. In 2002 she authored Business Immigration After 9/11 - Where is it Heading in connection with a speaking engagement at a NYSBA CLE conference, Cutting Edge Issues in International Agency and Distribution Agreements. She practices primarily business immigration law.

Jay T. Jorgensen is a partner and litigator in the Washington, D.C. office of Sidley Austin LLP. His practice involves representing individuals and corporations in all phases of complex civil litigation, including qui tam cases. Mr. Jorgensen has also represented companies in criminal cases at every stage of development, from undercover and internal investigations to grand jury proceedings to trial. Mr. Jorgensen's practice includes civil and criminal appeals for individuals and businesses before numerous federal circuit courts and the United States Supreme Court. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Jorgensen served as a law clerk to William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and then-Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr., at the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Adam Ketcher is an associate at Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC where he works on temporary and permanent employment petitions on behalf of multinational managers, treaty investors, persons of extraordinary ability and other professional and skilled worker employees. He also works on family-based immigration and citizenship matters, as well as removal defense. Adam received his J.D. in 2006 from Brooklyn Law School, where he was a recipient of the Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship and assisted with research for a casebook on international refugee law. Previously, he earned a B.A. in cultural anthropology from Hampshire College. Adam is admitted to practice in New York and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Cynthia J. Lange is a partner in the Santa Clara and San Francisco offices of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP. Ms. Lange is a graduate of Brigham Young University (B.A., 1981) Phi Kapa Phi Honor Society; and Southwestern University School of Law (J.D., 1985) where she served on the Moot Court Honors Program Board of Governors. Ms. Lange has been an Adjunct Professor of Law at Southwestern University School of Law, from 1988 to present. She is a frequent lecturer on immigration law and has written articles on business immigration law matters for numerous publications. Ms. Lange was formerly a Trial Attorney with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and co-chairs the Firm's IRCA Compliance Practice Group. Ms. Lange is a member of the American Bar Association, the California State Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the Santa Clara County Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association (Chairperson. National Employer Sanctions Committee, 1988-1990), the Century City Bar Association (Chairperson of the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee, 1989-1994), the Beverly Hills Bar Association, Immigration Law Section and Board of Governors (1994-1999), and Co-Chairperson of Practicing Law Institute (Annual Immigration Institute, 1998 to present).

Kevin Lashus is a Senior Attorney with Foster Quan, LLP, in its Austin office. He is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mr. Lashus is a graduate of Stanford University and The University of Texas School of Law. He remains an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas School of Law teaching a Spring seminar on "Emerging Issues in National Security Law". Mr. Lashus moved on to the U.S. Department of Justice in 2002, and, in 2003, became Assistant Chief Counsel with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where he remained until 2007 in its San Francisco office and, most recently, its Minneapolis/Saint Paul office-advising special agents during national security investigations, criminal immigration prosecutions, and worksite enforcement actions. Mr. Lashus was a member of the National Security Team. He has published numerous articles including: Kevin Lashus, Robert Loughran, & Magali Candler, Fear the ICE Man: Lessons From the Swift Raids to Warm You Up-The New Government Perspective on Employer Sanctions, 32 Nova L. Rev. 2 at 391 (Spring 2008).

Robert F. Loughran is a Managing Shareholder of Foster Quan, LLP and its Austin office. Mr. Loughran received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas and his law degree from South Texas College of Law in Houston. Mr. Loughran is fluent in Spanish and has studied international and comparative law in Concepción, Chile, and Madrid, Spain. He is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a member of the State Bar Committee on Laws Relating to Immigration and Nationality, and has served as the National H-1B Liaison between the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Vermont Service Center. Mr. Loughran served as the Liaison between the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the San Antonio District Office of the Department of Homeland Security from 2002-2006 and is a member of the College of the State Bar of Texas. Mr. Loughran has been admitted to the State Bar of Texas, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Texas Monthly has recognized Mr. Loughran as a Texas Super Lawyer. His practice is concentrated in the areas of corporate immigration, emigration to third countries, and related international law. Mr. Loughran heads the Emigration and Employer Sanctions practice areas of the firm.

Kristin Major is counsel in the Palo Alto office of Skadden, Arps where she represents employers in all areas of labor and employment law, including employment-related litigation, preventive counseling and labor and employment issues arising in mergers and acquisitions. Her litigation experience includes defense of discrimination and retaliation claims as well as claims for breach of contract and fraud involving stock options and other forms of equity compensation. Ms. Major has also represented clients in potential class actions involving violations of state and federal wage and hour laws. In addition, Ms. Major assists clients in negotiating and drafting executive employment agreements, noncompetition and restrictive covenant agreements and severance arrangements. She is also focused on helping clients avoid potential employment law issues before they arise through counseling, compliance audits and training. To assist clients in this area, Ms. Major regularly conducts trainings and seminars for employers on a variety of topics, including sexual harassment, wage and hour law issues, disability discrimination and employee whistleblower issues.

Johanna Marmon is a New York-based journalist and author who writes for clients across a broad spectrum of industries, including law, pharmaceuticals and the luxury travel market. Her legal immigration work has appeared in numerous trade and consumer publications, including Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, HR Executive Magazine, and New York Magazine, among others. A graduate of the University of Miami with degrees in journalism and English, she can be reached at

Cyrus D. Mehta a graduate of Cambridge University and Columbia Law School, is the Managing Member of Cyrus D. Mehta & Associates, PLLC in New York City. The firm represents corporations and individuals from around the world in a variety of areas such as business and employment immigration, family immigration, consular matters, naturalization, federal court litigation and asylum. Mr. Mehta has received an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is listed in Chambers USA, International Who's Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers, Best Lawyers and New York Super Lawyers. Mr. Mehta is a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Immigration Law Foundation (2004-2006). He was also the Secretary and member of the Executive Committee (2003-2007) and the Chair of the Committee on Immigration and Nationality Law (2000-2003) of the New York City Bar. He is a frequent speaker and writer on various immigration-related issues, and is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School where he teaches a course entitled "Immigration and Work."

Loan T. Huynh is a shareholder in the Immigration Group at Fredrikson & Byron. Loan practices exclusively in immigration and nationality law. She has extensive experience in employment and family based immigration, worksite enforcement and corporate compliance (I-9, E-verify, and ICE/DOL audits), and H2A agricultural and H2B nonagricultural workers. She has a particular focus on representing clients in the following industries: agribusiness, biotechnology, energy, agriculture, software and other high-tech sectors, education, research, financial services, and manufacturing.

Susan Kelly is an associate attorney with Foster Quan, LLP, in its Austin office. Ms. Kelly graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University, where she majored in Latin American Studies. She participated in educational exchange programs in Salvador, Brazil, and in Guanajuato, Mexico. Ms. Kelly is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, where she participated as a Student Attorney in the Immigration Law Clinic. She also received a Texas Law Fellowship for a summer clerkship with Catholic Charities of Dallas Immigration and Legal Services. Ms. Kelly joined Foster Quan, LLP, as a law clerk. She has been admitted to the State Bar of Texas and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, the Austin Bar Association, and the Austin Young Lawyers Association. In addition, she is a founding member of the State Bar of Texas Section on Immigration and Nationality Law. Ms. Kelly's practice is concentrated in the areas of employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, and employer sanctions.

Maggie Murphy is a Senior Attorney with Foster Quan, LLP, in its Austin office. She is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Mrs. Murphy graduated summa cum laude from St. Edward's University, where she majored in English Writing and Rhetoric. She received her law degree from the University of Texas, where she also participated in the International Comparative Law Course of Study at the University College of London School of Law. Prior to joining Foster Quan, LLP, Mrs. Murphy worked for a prominent Dallas immigration law firm, practicing in all areas of U.S. immigration and nationality law. She has been admitted to the State Bar of Texas and the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas. She is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Austin Bar Association, and the Travis County Women Lawyers' Association. She is a founding member of the State Bar of Texas Section on Immigration and Nationality Law, serving as Secretary for the Section for 2008 - 2010. Mrs. Murphy's practice is concentrated in the areas of employment-based and family-based immigration, and she has a significant employer sanctions practice assisting clients with I-9 and social security compliance. Mrs. Murphy is a frequent speaker on immigration topics to university faculty and students, professional employment lawyer groups, and human resources professional groups.

Michael D. Patrick is a partner in the New York office of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP. He is a graduate of Syracuse University (B.A., cum laude, 1975) and Hofstra University (J.D., 1978). Michael's practice has an emphasis on risk management for global immigration programs, including DOL and I-9 compliance. Michael joined Fragomen as a partner more than 18 years ago, after having been a founding partner of the general practice firm of Campbell, Patrick & Chin. Before that, he served as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Immigration Unit of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, where he represented the INS, the Department of State, the Department of Labor, and other federal agencies in federal court. Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney's Office, Michael was an Assistant Corporation Counsel for The City of New York. At the firm, Michael is Co-Chair of the Corporate Compliance Committee and serves as General Counsel. He is also a member of the firm's Finance and Executive Committees. A widely published author in the immigration field, Michael writes a bimonthly immigration column for The New York Law Journal, and is listed in the current editions of Best Lawyers In America, SuperLawyers, Chambers USA: America's Leading Business Lawyers, and the International Who's Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers.

Julie Pearl, a graduate of Stanford (BA), Harvard (MPA) and University of California (JD), Julie Pearl began her legal career as Deputy Attorney General in California in 1988. She founded her award-winning law firm in 1995, along with Alan Nelson, the former head of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service under Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr. Within three years, she co-founded ImmigrationTracker ("Tracker"), which soon became the technology of choice in the field. She helps guide the software substantively, and heads the alliance program at Tracker I-9. Julie has been invited to speak as the I-9 and immigration expert at dozens of HR, IT and business conferences. She collaborates with a team of Silicon Valley companies to benchmark best emerging practices for U.S. employers in adapting to electronic I-9s, the world of E-Verification and global immigration. Julie won a Cisco Systems Growing with Technology Award (Customer Service Category, 2004) and was profiled in the book: The Moral Advantage, Getting Ahead in Business by Doing the Right Thing (Stanford University Project on Good Works, 2004). She is listed in Chambers USA, The International Who's Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers, Lawdragon's Top 1% of U.S. Attorneys and Super Lawyers of the Bay Area.

Justin A. Rymer is an associate in the New York office of Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP. He is a graduate of Flagler College (B.A., 1999) and Temple University, Beasley School of Law (J.D., cum laude, 2005; LL.M. with distinction, Transnational Law, 2006). Mr. Rymer is admitted to practice in New York. During law school, Mr. Rymer provided pro bono immigration law services for the Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia and interned with the U.S. Navy JAG Corp in Japan. Prior to joining Fragomen, Mr. Rymer practiced immigration law for firms in Pennsylvania and New York. Mr. Rymer is a member of the New York State Bar Association and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Olivia M. Sanson is an associate in the immigration group at Satterlee Stephens Burke & Burke LLP in New York City. After obtaining a B.A. in History, with high honors, from the University of Florida, Ms. Sanson earned a J.D. and LL.M. in International and Comparative Law from Duke University School of Law. While at Duke, she attended the Duke-Geneva Institute in Transnational Law in Geneva, Switzerland. Ms. Sanson specializes in immigration and nationality law and is admitted to practice in New York

Lynn O. Tarran she has practiced immigration and nationality law as an attorney at Trow & Rahal since December 2006. She gained essential immigration knowledge and experience working as an immigration paralegal for two years before entering law school. Upon receiving her JD degree and passing the Maryland Bar, Lynn worked in general practice and then as a corporate attorney at Interstate Dairy Queen Corporation. In 2003, Lynn received her J.D. degree from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Washington, DC. As a law student, Lynn was a Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition Winner, a runner up in the Appellate Advocacy Competition and a Plato Papps Labor Law Scholar. She earned her B.A. degree, cum laude, in Government & Politics from the University of Maryland in 1997 where she was elected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with Departmental Honors. Lynn is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the American Bar Association. She is the Founder and Chair of the Immigration Section of the Maryland State Bar Association. She is admitted to practice before all state and federal district courts in the State of Maryland.

Vinh C. Trieu is a Senior Attorney with Foster Quan, LLP in its Austin office. He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science and English from Western Michigan University. He received his law degree from the Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, where he was President of the Asian Pacific Islander Law Student Association. Prior to joining Foster Quan, LLP, Mr. Trieu was an associate with a Cleveland, Ohio based immigration law firm. His experience also includes working as a solo practitioner practicing all aspects of immigration law in Ohio. He has consulted and represented numerous private companies in all industries regarding H-2A, H-2B, E visas, family based, worksite enforcement and employer sanctions. He has extensive experience representing foreign nationals before several Immigration Courts throughout the United States. He is a member of the State Bar of Ohio, American Immigration Lawyer's Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and is admitted to practice before the Federal Northern District Court of Ohio. Mr. Trieu is proficient in Vietnamese.

Steve Trow is the CEO of Trow & Rahal, a law firm he founded in 1993. He has practiced immigration and nationality law since 1980, focusing his practice exclusively on this field since 1989. He received his J.D. degree with honors in 1978 from Cornell Law School, where he served on the Board of Editors of the Cornell Law Review. He earned his B.A. degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado in 1975. Steve is listed in The Best Lawyers in America, the International Who's Who of Business Immigration Lawyers, the Chambers USA Guide to the World's Best Lawyers, and the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. He is a frequent speaker and writer on U.S. immigration and citizenship issues, particularly as they intersect with U.S. tax law and affect high net worth clients. His recent publications include "U.S. Citizens Who Don't Know It" in Legal Times and "Exit Tax: Eying the Turnstile, Again" in Bender's Immigration Bulletin. Steve is a founding member of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers (, which has over 200 immigration attorneys in 32 major cities worldwide. He served for seven years (2000-2007) on the Legal Advisory Board of the Capital Area Immigrants' Rights Coalition (CAIR Coalition), a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Gregory A. Wald is a Senior Attorney with Squire, Sanders & Dempsey's San Francisco and Miami offices. His practice includes representing multinational and Fortune 500 companies and individual clients in all aspects of immigration law before the Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Labor, the US Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review and federal courts. From 1997 to 2000, Mr. Wald was an assistant district counsel for the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in the Miami and San Francisco districts. In this role, he advised the INS on multiple aspects of immigration, naturalization, criminal and civil law. As a member of the Employer Sanctions Team, he provided analysis and consultation to special agents on the legal sufficiency of Notices of Intent to Fine regarding Form I-9 audits, compliance and worksite enforcement operations. Mr. Wald is an executive member of the board of the Northern California Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. In 2009 he was nominated as one of California's leading practitioners in the field of corporate immigration and listed in Who's Who Legal: California. He is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating for ability and ethics.

Matthew J. Warren is an associate in the Washington, D.C. office of Sidley Austin LLP. His practice principally focuses on trial and appellate litigation, and includes the representation of individuals and corporations accused of knowingly employing undocumented workers. Mr. Warren has experience defending civil and criminal immigration cases in federal district court, the federal courts of appeal, and the United States Supreme Court. Before joining the firm, he served as a clerk to the Honorable Stephen Glickman of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Michael J. Wildes is a partner at Wildes & Weinberg P.C., a firm with offices located in New York city (Midtown) and New Jersey (Englewood). The firm specializes in U.S. immigration and nationality law. He is a former Federal Prosecutor with the United States Attorney's Office in Brooklyn (1989-1993) and is renowned in the employer sanction arena and for his representation of employers who require assistance with their I-9 compliance audits and advice to assure compliance with government mandated information and recordkeeping requirements. Mr. Wildes is frequently a legal commentator/analyst for network television, with regard to U.S. immigration law and policy and is also the Mayor of Englewood, New Jersey-where he resides.

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