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(20/22/28 CFR Plus, 8 CFR Plus and The Whole ACT-INA)
By Pravinchandra J. Patel

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New Annotated 2008-2009 Edition
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20/22/28 CFR Plus:

With Introduction by Angelo Paparelli

This publication contains immigration related regulations of the Department of Labor (20 CFR), Department of State (22 CFR) and Department of Justice (28 CFR), with an exhaustive topical INDEX.

8 CFR Plus

This is an affordable book for anyone involved in the immigration process. It contains (1) the complete set of INS regulations (8 CFR), (2) exhaustive Topical INDEX, and (3) expanded table of contents.

You can view a sample excerpt of the 8 CFR Plus and Topical Index here.

The Whole ACT-INA

This unique and useful research tool contains hundreds of annotations providing a brief synopsis of the provisions referenced in any particular INA section -- a real time saver.

For the story of The ACT: See Here

You can view a sample excerpt of the Whole ACT here.
You can view a sample excerpt of the Topical Index here.


Pravinchandra J. Patel is a member of the New York State Bar, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He is also a member of the Bars of the Federal District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the United States Supreme Court.

  • "What makes Patel's 8 CFR Plus and 20/22/28 CFR Plus stand out among the other books of regulations is its excellent system of finding aids, combined with its easy-to-read and easy-to-use format of presenting the regulations. This version of regulations has withstood the test of time and is perhaps the most user-friendly of the versions available."

    -- From the Foreword by William Stock

  • "There are several available versions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. I subscribe to most of them. For over 15 years, however, I have thought that Patel's version, called The Whole Act, was the best of the bunch. I heartily endorse it. It is easy to read. It is intelligently annotated and indexed. And in 15 years so far I have never caught a mistake. Buy it, and use it every day."

    -- From the Foreword by Bruce Hake

  • "This book will enable conscientious lawyers to instantly obtain up-to-date status when citing administrative precendent."

    -- From the Foreword by Tammy Fox-Isicoff.

  • "I know of no more reliable, effective or user friendly reference works than those of PJ Patel. They are my constant companions. They should be yours. Your clients will thank you."

    -- From the Foreword by Gary Endelman.

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Special Offer Patel's Immigration Books 2008-2009 Edition

By Pravinchandra J. Patel

20/22/28 CFR Plus, 8 CFR Plus, And The WHOLE Act
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