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Crimes & Immigration: A Definitive Manual For Winning Cases
Editor: Jill Sheldon, Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC)

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Crimes & Immigration: A Definitive Manual For Winning Cases, Editor: Jill Sheldon, Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC) is a practical guide to the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. It provides detailed information to assist legal advocates in analyzing the potential immigration consequences of criminal conduct. The manual covers the basic framework for evaluating the impact of crimes, and discusses in detail crime-based inadmissibility and deportability grounds, establishing good moral character, detention and removal issues, post conviction relief, and judicial review. More information about this book will be provided on this page in due course.

  • Chapter 1: Evaluating A Criminal Case For Immigration Purposes
  • Chapter 2: Criminal Grounds Of Inadmissibility And Waivers
  • Chapter 3: Criminal Grounds Of Deportability
  • Chapter 4: Good Moral Character
  • Chapter 5: Detention And Removal Of Noncitizens Charged With Criminal Grounds Of
    Inadmissibility Or Deportability
  • Chapter 6: Applications For Relief From Removal For Criminal Aliens In Removal
  • Chapter 7: Working With Criminal Defense Counsel And The Criminal Courts On The
    Structure And Amelioration Of Convictions
  • Chapter 8: Judicial Review
  • Numerous CD-ROM Resource Materials

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Jill Sheldon is the Southeast Field Office Attorney for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) in Miami. She conducts trainings for CLINIC in various parts of the country with a focus on issues relating to the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and relief from removal. She also provides assistance to CLINIC affiliates throughout her region and represents immigrants in immigration court and before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Ms. Sheldon has also worked as a CLINIC detention attorney in Villanova, Pennsylvania, representing and assisting detained immigrants in various Pennsylvania jails. She previously worked for two years as the CLINIC detention attorney in Miami through the Georgetown University Law Center/Jesuit Refugee Service Fellowship. Ms. Sheldon received her A.B. from Columbia University and her J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center.

The CLINIC network is quite possibly the largest immigration law service provider in the world. The CLINIC network employs about 600 attorneys and paralegals in over 250 offices and represents more than 100,000 immigrants each year. This large volume of cases gives CLINIC a perspective considerably broader than immigration law practices in the areas of immigration law typically handled by CLINIC, even esoteric cases become routine with a large volume. This broad perspective and large volume has resulted in CLINIC's developing tried-and-true methods of handling many types of immigration matters. ILW.COM is transforming CLINIC's internal training manuals into book form to enable immigration practitioners to learn from CLINIC's experience and knowledge and make available CLINIC's expertise to law firms serving immigrant communities.


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