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Immigrant Of The Week: Karen Weinstock

by Greg Siskind



There used to be a Remington Razor commercial with the late Victor Kiam where the entrepreneur said "I liked the razor so much, I bought the company." That kind of reminds me of the story of my friend and colleague of several years Karen Weinstock, the manager of our firm's Atlanta office. Karen moved to the US from Israel and I was her immigration lawyer. Prior to coming to the US, Karen was an intellectual property lawyer in Tel Aviv at one of Israel's largest law firms. Karen originally planned on focusing her practice on corporate and intellectual property law, but going through the challenges of her own immigration practice made her realize that immigration law is her calling. It didn't take me long to realize that Karen is absolutely brilliant and someone we really could use in our organization. I convinced her to give Siskind Susser a shot and she moved from New York down to Memphis to spend time working with me at our headquarters office. Karen has amazing memory and in a short period of time learned the substance of US law. That was not surprising given that Karen passed the New York bar without living in the US and based solely on studying the bar review materials for just a few weeks. When Karen was ready, she moved to Atlanta and opened our office there.

Over the years, Karen's practice has grown considerably and she's won a variety of honors. She's best known nationally as the author of ILW's big seller "The H-1B Visa Book." She is also the proprietor of a blog focusing on H-1Bs and another on Georgia immigration issues.

Karen and her husband recently became US citizens and I wish her well on her first Thanksgiving as an American. Congratulations Karen!