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Solving PERM Practice Problems

by Robert Loughran, et al.

Citations for ILW.COM's Seminar
Solving PERM Practice Problems

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From Angelo Paparelli

  1. See Sample M&A Corporate Transaction flow chart provided in "Thriving on Change: How to Solve Immigration Problems in M&A Deals"

  2. Successor-in-Interest Interpretations - USCIS
    • Government's Evolving Position - Matter of Dial Auto, 19 I&N Dec. 481 (Comm'r 1986)
    • Jackie Bednarz (INS) memorandum/opinion letter
    • Buyer must assume substantially all assets and liabilities of (at least) a corporate division
    • Effren Hernandez (INS) memorandum/opinion letter

  3. Successor in interest - BALCA case law
    • AILA 2007 Annual Conference Handbook article: Is "Successor-in-interest" Dead and Buries under PERM? by Richard Rulon and Geoffrey Forney
    • International Contractors Inc., 1989-INA-278 (June 13, 1990)
    • Unique Connections, Inc. 1989-INA-278 (June 13, 1990)
    • Horizon Science Academy, 2006-INA-00046 (March 8, 2007)

  4. Donald J. Kulick, Memorandum to All Regional Administrators, Amending Certified Labor Certification Applications (April 1992), at 69 Interpreter Releases 529 (April 27, 1992) ("Kulick Memo")
  5. James A. Puleo, Acting Executive Associate Commissioner, Amendments to Labor Certifications in I-140 Petitions, HQ 204.24-P (Dec. 10,1993), at 70 Interpreter Releases 1692 (Dec. 20, 1993) ("Puleo Memo")
  6. DOL PERM Anti-Fraud Rule 72 Federal Register 27915-27916 (May 17, 2007)
  7. 20 CFR 656.24 Limits on motion to reopen and reconsider
  8. Memorandum of Donald Neufeld, Acting Associate Director, Domestic Operations, Dated: June 1, 2007. Entitled: Interim guidance regarding the impact of the Deparment of Labor's (DOL) PERM Fraud Rule on determining labor certification validity and the prohibition of labot certification substitution requests (at page 5)
  9. Counseling clients approaching an upcoming merger or acquisitions

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Robert Loughran are the speakers for Solving PERM Practice Problems. To purchase an audio CD of all 3 sessions, see here.

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