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VB - Fiasco III – All the Rules They Are A-Changing

by Leslie A. Holman, Esq.

Editor's note: The lyrics were penned on August 1, 2007 and is an immigration version of Bob Dylan's song, "The Times They Are a Changin". [Ed. changed 08/22/07]

I agree that we were hosed when the clearing up of the backlog used all available numbers instantly upon their release.

I am equally troubled by the instantaneous changes in "policy" that are becoming the norm – i.e. mailers ok, mailers not ok, mailers ok; current 765 good, current 765 bad, current 765 good; file, can't file, file; new fee, old fee, new fee & old fee.

Its hard to do this when they keep changing everything.

Come gather round lawyers
Wherever you file
And admit that your cases
Will all get denials
And accept it that now
CIS is just vile
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better e-file
Can't wait for a while
For the forms they are a-changin'.

Come engineers and an'lysts
who've long retrogressed
Don't e-mail us hourly
You're becoming a pest
Yet you know so much law
Actually, more than the rest
And there's no telling whose
Site your read'n
For the rules we know
Will later be sin
For the laws they are a changin'

Come senators, congressman
Please heed the call
The last CIR it
Was destined to fall
For what must get passed
Has to benefit all
There's a battle inside
And its raging
Don't call it an amnesty
When building a wall
For the laws they need a-changin'

Come mothers and fathers
And minors alone
Fiances and lovers and
Bad men atoned
Your sons and your daughters
But not if they're stoned
And if you're
An English investor,
Don't get used to your life here
E-2s there are none
For the times they are a changin'

The line it was drawn
The curse it was cast
When current not did
a moment it last,
Whose case do I file
Whose time has not passed
The order was
rapidly shaken
And the next one filed
Will be my last
For my nerves they are a shakin'

It's not like I had anything else to do. Yikes.

About The Author

Leslie A. Holman, Esq. is the founder of Holman Immigration Law, a law firm located in Burlington, Vermont and limited to the practice of immigration and nationality matters. She represents both corporate and individual clients. She currently serves as a member of AILA's National CBP Liaison Committee and its Interagency Liaison Committee. She is also the AILA New England Chapter’s liaison to it regional land ports of entry. She speaks frequently on immigration related topics and is a guest lecturer at the Vermont Law School. She was inducted into the 2003-2004 Who’s Who in American Law.

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