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The Complete 245(i)
by Nina Manchanda

Since the passage of the LIFE Act last December with its limited restoration of 245(i) ILW.COM has tried to bring our readers different perspectives on this issue. We have published in the Daily information on 245(i) from the Federal Register, the Congressional Record, the INS, and each Friday we have brought you articles on 245(i) from attorneys and our team members. ILW.COM also provided our site visitors with the opportunity to talk to attorneys by hosting several special chats on 245(i). Listed below is a snapshot of all of the pertinent information on 245(i) that ILW.COM has compiled leading up to the April 30th deadline.

From the Congressional Record:
Official Version of the LIFE Act

From the Federal Register:
Interim Rule on 245(i)

From the Immigration and Naturalization Service:
- Summary of Legal Immigration and Family Equity ("LIFE") Act
- INS Guidance on 245(i)
- INS Office of Business Liaison Employer Information Bulletin
- Q & A Section 245(i) Provision of the LIFE Act
- Disposiciones de la Ley LIFE Relativas a la Seccion 245 Versión Espanol
- Information on 245(i) in Chinese, Creole and Polish.

Articles on 245(i):
- Limited Restoration of 245(i) by Arthur L. Zabenko
- A Glimmer of Hope for Those in the US Illegally, But Only for a Short Period of Time by Alan M. Lubiner
- Carl Shusterman Explains Section 245(i) by Carl Shusterman
- 245(i) Restored Temporarily! by Valentine Brown
- Extension of 245(i) by Cyrus D. Mehta
- 245(i), Hope for Some Illegals by Arthur L. Zabenko and Nina Manchanda
- The 245(i) Immigration Boom and Law Office Productivity by Malay Jalundhwala
- Section 245(i) is Not an Amnesty Program by Cyrus D. Mehta
- Make Hay While the Sun Shines - 245(i) and Immigration Law Practice by Sam Udani
- Interest in 245(i) Continues by Nina Manchanda and Arthur Zabenko
- The Nuts and Bolts of 245(i) by Brian D. Lerner
- 245(i) for Dummies by Curtis Pierce
- RIRs and 245(i) - Some Special Considerations by Sam Udani
- Finding Information on 245(i) by Nina Manchanda
- March Information on 245(i) by Nina Manchanda
- 245(i) Translated by Arthur L. Zabenko
- 245(i) Redux: What It Will Do To The Labor Certification System in 2001 by Sam Udani
- Newspapers Feature 245(i) by Nina Manchanda

Special ILW.COM Chats on 245(i):
- On January 10, 2001with Attorney Greg Siskind
- On January 23, 2001 with Attorney Carl Shusterman
- On February 7, 2001 with Attorney Carl Shusterman
- On March 1, 2001 with Attorney Carl Shusterman

We hope our readers have found the information on 245(i) covered during the last four months helpful. In the event that 245(i) is extended or brought back by Congress in the future, much of the information provided above may still be useful. If this issue is of importance to you, please check our website regularly. The Daily and the Weekly will continue to cover all developments in immigration law including any new information on 245(i).

About The Author

Nina Manchanda is currently assistant editor of Immigration Daily and Immigrant's Weekly. Prior to joining ILW.COM she was a pro bono attorney with Midwest Immigrants Rights Center in Chicago where she speicialized in children's immigration issues.

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