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Dear Editor:

It is amazing how advanced the U.S. is yet when it comes to immigration it lacks so much.

The appropriate and the most efficient thing to do about the 9 million illegals living and working in America is to offer them all social security numbers and green cards (no matter what their status is right now), they are already here living, working, functioning, and maybe also commiting crimes etc., Probably most of them have children born in U.S. (that makes the kids citizens).

It is immature (ignorant) for any law inforcement agency (especially the INS) to try to catch or gather together 9 million people and disperse them around the World to the places from which they came. You who are against legalizing those already here immagine how much of your tax dollars would be wasted and most of those people couldn't be deported any how, and those that would be deported, in all probability, may leave half of their families here (US born children) for you to raise, feed, school, care, etc., Why bother with all that nonsense and waste millions of dollars and cause havoc amongst many many families? They, (like you) are people too.

Wouldn't it make much more sense, humanely and economically, to document all these people (say, like within six months), than the gov. would know who they are, where they live, and would enjoy their tax dollars as well. When this is done than we can make laws about illegals - you get cought without documents in the US you go where you came from.

A Reader