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Immigrant's Weekly March 17, 2008
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H-1B Visas Create Jobs For Americans

A study by National Foundation for American Policy has found that foreign-born professionals on H-1B visas are being hired to complement American workers, not displace them. "...for each H-1B visa requested by a corporation, its overall hires climbed by, on average, fivefold. In smaller companies, the group estimated seven new employees were hired for every H-1B application submitted. ...Sixty-five percent of the companies that participated in its survey said insufficient H-1Bs caused them to hire more people in subsidiaries outside the United States--or simply to outsource work to firms abroad. "

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The Law Offices of Morley J. Nair

The Law Offices of Morley J. Nair is an immigration law firm serving both corporate and individual clients looking for fast and economic service. Focusing on employment-based immigration, our practice mainly involves services in the areas of H-1B visas, L-1 Visas, PERM Labor Certification, and processing permanent residence (Green Cards) in EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories. Based in Philadelphia, PA, we cater to clients from all the 50 states. Having processed thousands of H1B visas and hundreds of employment-based green cards, we take pride in our ability to be timely and sensitive to the needs of our clients who come from a diverse background. We respond to most of our phone messages and emails the same day. We have a strict 24-hour turnaround policy on documents as well. Our clients feel valued every step of the way. Further, our rates are one of the most competitive in the market. We strive hard to keep up our reputation that has been built up in most part by word-of-mouth publicity. Give us a try, and you will experience the quality of our services! Contact us at: The Law Offices of Morley J. Nair, 6035 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19149. Phone: (215)744-5100 eMail: Website:

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J-1 Visas - Waivers Of The Two-Year Home Residency Requirement
Greg Siskind writes "This article covers a stringent requirement that has become quite a dilemma for a large number of J-1 recipients. Many people who come to the US as J-1 Exchange Visitors are subject to a requirement that precludes them from changing to many other major non-immigrant visa categories or adjusting to permanent resident status unless they have spent two years after completing their stays in J-1 status in their home country, or country of last permanent residence."

Immigrant's Weekly Poll: What Is The Relationship Between Free Trade and Immigration?
Make your vote count and find out what other Immigrant's Weekly readers think.

Immigrants Of The Week: Michael Roos, John McCain, Yael Naim, Cate Blanchett, And Ernesto Blanco
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.


Readers are welcome to share their comments; send your letters to

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to letter from Sydney (IW 3/10/08): First, any man would be in a country "illegally" if survival forced them to, enough said on that subject. Next, take a glance at BBC World News one night & see how "moral" & "civil" we are. Next, I don't see too many Americans lined up, like I see immigrants, to be landscapers, busboys, dishwashers, agricultural, & factory workers and to be exploited because they know they have no voice to accept otherwise. Yes, we have many needy people here, but we also have many other citizens abusing the generous disability system we have here everyday, that need to be reckoned with first. Lastly, those who wanted an America that puts its people first shouldn't have voted Republican the last election.


Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to (IW 3/10/08) letter by Sydney: Americans are indeed, law abiding people. We do not cheat, steal, and had we been of the attitude of the illegals, we would have long ago, made the world colonies of the U.S. But, rather, we gave independence to peoples of other lands. Our citizens, the young graduates from our educational system which mandates K thru 12, was to prepare them for jobs. It would have been senseless to mandate all property owners to pay for a public education system to educate our children to be eliminated from the standard of living, quality of life, Americans enjoy and expect to enjoy. Something politicians overlook is the heritage within the people which really is the country. The country is not just land, but its the land, history, and people and their struggles, their beliefs that is America. America IS the people moreover than any other attribute. Its the people that make America great and stealing America's land, jobs won't give you America, because America is in our blood. Thats what America is, is us, the people. Other than America's greatness, the land, the agriculture, the infrastructure social and physical could be like any other country without the spirit of America. So, its the people, the citizens of America that make America great. It is their forefathers blood, given for their flag and these forefathers died in the faith that our nation would be free from tyranny. To betray our fallen forefathers in denying their offspring is to spit on their blood, to mock them for their sacrifices and our beliefs. Our forefathers who died for the flag, the constitution must not be shamed by the current wave of crooked corporations, politicians with perverted ethics and values. Then too, the Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants were welcomed at Ellis Island by U.S. immigraton officials as were the Germans, Swedes. These people shared our values, did not wave a foreign flag, with difficulty learned our language, and melded into our culture of beliefs. They did not burn down post offices, and had no need to conduct anti-American dialogues. The United States of all countries has welcomed people of all races, all colors. As Mr. Howard of Australia, the former prime minister said in Australia to the Islamics...You wanted in our country. If you don't like our faith, our beliefs, then feel free to leave. So, who ever you are, if you don't like our values of honesty, our faith, our flag, our heritage, then please free to leave. The current and recent administrations are a shame to our flag. Big business also is a shame to the nation.

David Utterback

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to the letter by Sydney (IW 3/10/08), the letter should go preach all this lawfulness and intergrity to the Indians and Native Americans. One should not feel clean and all washed by proclaiming to be a born bred American, and so law abiding! Its a real laugh. I'm sure our real true blood Americans, would have a fit hearing the letter's so called lawful appointed American status. HA! Give us all a break, and oh while the letter is at its integrity commission, it should tell profit hungry born Americans to leave those "poor" countries alone, and stop milking them dry to gain profits and that they want their RIGHTFUL American job!! HA!! kindly get the guts and the backbone to take care of the old folks the letter so speak about, and not use these illegal immigrants as letter feels so righteous to call, to do the born American jobs!!

Adelaide Benn-Scantlebury

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to the comment (IW 3/10/08), what about the word "ILLEGAL" does't Geraldo understand.......This country has always welcomed immigrants, that pursue the paper trail. I am one myself from the 50's, and the pile of papers then, to come here, was more than today ...My wife is here now after almost a year of waiting , but she doesn't have to watch out for the 'man',as she has her PRC. WELCOME people of all persuasions, just do the paper work, and wait your turn, just like you would at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre to get in to a world premiere.

Bob W.

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to the letter written by Sydney (IW 3/10/08) regarding illegal immigrants: The U.S. is a big country and can assimilate many more immigrants than it allows. Obviously the spoiled American worker won't take the jobs the illegal immigrants do, so why not let the"illegals" come in and do the job. Create a path to citizenship for those immigrants who want to be citizens and allow all those who want to work the U.S. do so. I am sure a system of work permits can be arranged. Stop blaming immigrants for all the ills of this country, they contribute taxes and labor without which this country wouldn't run well or at all. Selfish, nativist Americans who do not see that this country is built on immigration are trying to promote hysteria against immigrants, especially Hispanics. People of German, Italian, and Irish descent have all been the targets of predjudice in the past in our country, for all those with short memories and no knowledge of history. And with the strict immigration quotas now, we cannot let in all the people we need under the law. We need more immigrants not less, and the employers of the U.S. know this better than anyone. Do not punish and vilify those who come looking for a better life, rather allow them to do so and not be subject to antiquated immigration quotas. By the time pandering, gutless politicians get around to creating reasonable immigration laws and quotas, this country will have lost countless opportunities to have enriched this nation with the contributions of immigrants. We will lose our greatness as a nation if this predjudicial thinking against immigrants continues to be promoted as a righteous, appropriate way of thinking. Immigrants are the lifeblood of the U.S.


Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to letter from Sydney (IW 3/10/08): It is constant battle of jealousy , envy and selfish feelings toward a community that it is arriving not to invade this wonderful land ,but to offer our work force in exchange of peace, opportunity ,and compassion . But there are poisonous creatures in the way, far worst than the rattle snakes, scary scorpions, tarantulas and black widow spiders and many other crawling animals that we can find along the border's land . Not counting with the minute man that uses our people as moving targets protected by the local authorities and leaving the bodies dyeing for the coyotes or scavenger birds in the area. We have even more poisonous and far more terrible stingers in this side and they have the power to wash the good peoples brain against us. Would you like to heard them for a while? just listen to Lou Dobbs in CNN and all the people that work in that channel.!! I'm wondering if thats the head quarters of the new KKK. That guy along with many of the dirty hearts in the Republican party and few traitors from the democrat side are setting the perfect stage for a horror ,desperation ,fear, and terrorism: that the rest of the country is trying to fight against. We all are willing to follow, what the generosity of the truly legendary good American heart could offer to us, We are asking in a humble manner and obeying the humanitarian conditions of the law. All we need is to see the light at the other side of this horrible tunnel. Not the light at the mouth of the barrel.!!! . WE the not handsome, nice blue eye, super white skin color people. from south of the border are putting in a balance where to die; starving along with our loved ones in our home countries..? or trying to survive being chased like animals in hunter season, in order to bring the daily bread to our families. and we do that by doing the best in bringing the food to you table. WE just collect the crumbs that you drop out of it. and we still say with sincerity. Thanks.



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