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Immigrant's Weekly Feb 25, 2008
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Immigration Game

Houston Chronicle reports that a non-profit human rights organization has released an immigration video game. " 'The video game emerged out of a desire to try and create something that was experiential that enabled people to walk in the shoes of an immigrant,' said Mallika Dutt, Breakthrough's executive director. 'Our point is not to say we don't have to come up with a fair solution to deal with the undocumented issue, but to remind everybody immigration policy is a bigger conversation about what kind of America we want to live in.' "

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Results Of Immigrant's Weekly Poll: What Impact Did The Immigration Issue Have In The Presidential Primaries?
What Impact Did The Immigration Issue Have In The Presidential Primaries? Anti-immigration candidates benefited significantly 10% (6 votes), Pro-immigration candidates benefited significantly 57% (35 votes), No significant impact 25% (15 votes), Don't know 8% (5 votes). Total Votes: 61

Immigrants Of The Week: Carly, Shai Agassi, Maurice Ashley, Daphne Rubin-Vega, And Ringo Starr
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.


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Dear Weekly Editor:
In regards to your comment (IW 2/19/08), in 1996, Bob Dole got 21% of the Latino vote. In 2000, George W. Bush got 35% of the Latino vote. In 2003, George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq. In 2004, George W. Bush made the Iraq venture the centerpiece of his re-election campaign. He got 44% of the Latino vote. The increase in support from Latinos for George W. Bush and the Iraq venture was one of the reasons why there was some very strong anti-illegal immigrant sentiment on the left, where Senators such as Claire McKaskill, Jim Webb, and Sherrod Brown were against CIR. Latinos will face the same dilemma, since many on the left feel the Iraq War was an absolute mistake, money is being thrown away, and lives are being lost for nothing. It's stupid and idiotic to believe that all anti-illegal immigrant sentiment comes from the right, but you guys don't really want to analyze the issue properly.

Sundeep Kothari, Esq.
Sandy Springs, GA

Dear Weekly Editor:
Pepe F. letter (IW 2/19/08) is most touching and as an American i have the greatest of empathy for him, his family. Our nation is divided, and the U.S. took the position of not using its milirary or economic power to take over the world so to speak. My son, too, having left our beloved homeland of America for a third world country tried to end his life. My family came to America in 1620, were founders of the country and now we had to leave because of all the corruption basically. I commend him for being honest before God. I think these days we live by faith in God. It seems the world is overflowing with people whom have experienced such oppression. Sometimes I think the u.s. should rule with an iron hand after having its own identity back to normal. In Germany during the world war, Germans would spit on those who broke an unwritten code of ethics in their society and today the american people have no norm, no standard of expectation of ethics, honesty. Many people, many lives are shattered, torn in a climate of civil unrest and Americans are trying to regain their identity. Its hurtful to him and his family which he lovse so much and he has tried to be honest. Being American immigration worker is hard I am sure and yes they are doing their job. It has become my position that people in his category, be allowed to work in America as do overseas workers, for a lesser wage as do Americans, to have a place outside the U.S. for your famly to live in peace, and you can send your financial support to them. I do not think in the interest of American unity it is prudent to allow millions of illegals to live in America as families, but there needs to be an overseas worker program that allows people as yourself a way period to survive. Please bear in mind that being an American has its rights and priviligeges as well as its costs and we should not be deprived of our soverign rights as citizens, but I do recommend people such as yourself be allowed to come in under 3 years renewable contracts as do overseas workers all over the world who man the ships in international waters, and work where it does not hurt the American worker. I have written letters to this effect and its a comprimise which helps resolve your situation. During a time of civil unrest, many people both Americans and people like him get hurt, and thats the problem with civil unrest. We too have a lot of people in America that won't work and won't better their lives but try to sponge off the rest of us and for that reason the lower middle working class in America is somewhat in his situation too. We suffer for those who cheat and expect something for nothing. My prayer this morning is for him and I pray God have compassion to those who deal honestly, and basically do everything in life as unto God. So, I too have lost my son 16 and daughter over the institutions trying to basically take from us to give to others. Please understand Americans are trying to maintain their rights of citizenship and without the ethics, values of our citizenship for which most my family has died for our flag, we cannot help others if our own rights and status as Americans becomes attenutated by institutions trying to escape from the delimas and placing the already American working person father down.

David Utterback


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