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Immigrant's Weekly December 3, 2007
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Immigrants - A Boon Or A Curse

A Los Angeles Times opinion column asks "Watching the GOP presidential debate last week, it was easy to conclude that the greatest threat facing the U.S. is an influx of undocumented immigrants. Most of the candidates were, as arch-nativist Tom Tancredo put it, trying to out-Tancredo Tancredo. And every time they did, they seemed to get raucous applause from the audience. Why is it, I wondered, that so many people think that having millions of people come to the United States seeking a better life for themselves presents such a massive threat to this country? "

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Indian Notes: Education--Something Positive
R. Saheb writes "The current system of education, with its western style and content, was introduced by the British in the 19th century. The curriculum is traditional, with a heavy stress on the 3 Rs. The standards are very high. Children are expected to reach a certain level by a certain age."

Results Of Immigrant's Weekly Poll: Are You Optimistic Or Pessimistic About The Future Of America?
Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of America? Optimistic: Future will be better 24% (18 votes), Pessimistic: Future will be worse 65% (48 votes), Neither: Future will be about the same 5% (4 votes), Don't know 5% (4 votes), Total Votes: 74

Immigrants Of The Week: Susan Polgar, Dipak C. Jain, Seth Rogan, Rachel Griffiths And Cenk Uygur
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

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