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Immigrant's Weekly November 26, 2007
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New Immigration Backlog

New York Times reports "Immigration authorities are swamped in new bureaucratic backlogs resulting from an unanticipated flood last summer of applications for citizenship and for residence visas, officials said. The surge began after Jan. 31 when the immigration agency announced fee increases averaging 66 percent for most applications, official figures show. In July and August alone, the federal Citizenship and Immigration Services agency received 2.5 million applications, including petitions for naturalization as well as for the entire range of immigrant visas. That was more than double the total applications it received in the same two months in 2006... The deluge has been so great that the agency is struggling to send out notices acknowledging it has received the applications."

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H-2A Temporary Agricultural Visas
Gregory Siskind, Esq. writes "The H-2A temporary agricultural visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows foreign nationals to enter the U.S. to carry out temporary or seasonal agricultural labor or services. Given estimates that more than half of America's agricultural workers are undocumented immigrants, the use of the H-2A visa is becoming more and more important. "

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Immigrants Of The Week: Bijan, Jerry Yang, David Ho, Jacqueline Murekatete, And Janusz Kaminski
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

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Dear Weekly Editor:
It's hard for any presidential candidates to tell the inconvenient truth to their constituents. The rights to immigrate is not the same as the rights to collect welfare and no presidents nor politicians can exempt Americans from global competition. Nativists want to close the border so they can "secure" their jobs of convenience and also outlaw jobs outsourcing for the same reasons. Protectionism and monopoly always hurt the consumers unfairly limiting our options to shop for the best deals for less by distorting the market. It's time for common sense, rational and humane immigration reform. 3 and 10 years bar must be lifted if ones marry US citizens or legal residents and pay fine and those sponsors must sign affidavit of support for 10 years for their spouses. Foreign visitors with past immigration violation can pay fine, show change of financial circumstances and deposit $10,000 to secure visitor visas so they can visit USA as tourists and spend money and go back for real now. We need a legal temporary worker program and selecting immigrants by using merits instead of family ties. We need to legalize non criminal undocumented immigrants by giving them 15 years work permits without giving them rights to collect welfare, and adjustment of status to permanent residency will be evaluate by merits and their contributions. We will go after employers for breaking the laws instead of building the costly Great Wall of USA.

Robert Yang

Dear Weekly Editor:
With regards to the comment, "Democrats Cowed by Anti-Immigrationists", (IW 11/19/07), I would like to offer a response: I'm a regular voter who grew up in New Mexico (stated because I grew up with and respect Hispanics) and disagree that the enormous surge in concern over illegal immigration is caused by bigotry as the article infers. The national outcry focused on illegal immigration is caused by a problem, originally only in border states, that has spread nationwide. Now that illegal immigration is a national problem, more people are writing and calling Congress. Democrats are not "cowed." They want to get re-elected. Frustration 1: Americans would never have backed a Congress that authorized 3 million legal admissions per year, the effective number of both legal and illegal immigrants over the last two decades. Congress may have wanted more immigration but did not follow the rules. Congress let the crisis grow (nodding and winking) until the problem was so big (10-20 million illegal aliens) that voters became angry. Frustration 2: Wal-Mart and China are the only ones really benefiting from illegal immigration. The sub-prime mortgage frenzy meant illegal aliens could buy homes. That artificially inflated the values of all the homes, especially in California. Wages were driven down by the huge pool of illegal workers who could only buy cheap products at Wal-Mart. Many of Wal-Mart's products are imported from China: China invested its huge trade surplus into (you guessed it) American mortgage trusts who loaned to (you guessed it) illegal aliens. America needs to return to a higher-paid nation of do-it-yourselfers who cut their own lawns. We can appreciate the desire of people to want to come to America to improve their lives; but with 300+ million people, American needs to level off in population and improve the quality of life of its citizens first.

Robert Bettes
El Paso, TX


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