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Immigrant's Weekly November 5, 2007
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Unusual Arkansas Coalition

Three of Arkansas' largest business interests, Alltel Corp., Tyson Foods Inc. and Stephens Inc. announced an unusual alliance with the American Civil Liberties Union, outspoken state appeals court judge Wendell Griffen, church leaders, activists and others to form the Arkansas Friendship Coalition. The coalition will undertake lobbying effort aimed at stopping any state or local legislation targeting illegal immigration.

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Immigration Options for Attorneys Entering the US
Gregory Siskind, Esq. writes "While the number of attorneys immigrating to the US has been relatively modest to date, that will certainly change in the years to come as the demand for the services of highly qualified attorneys will increase and the supply of attorneys will likely remain flat. With careful immigration planning, US and foreign law firms should be able to recruit legal talent globally. "

Results of Immigrant's Weekly Poll: Should Legal Immigration To America Be Increased Or Decreased?
Should Legal Immigration To America Be Increased Or Decreased? Should be greatly increased 70% (122 votes), Should be increased somewhat 10% (18 votes), Should be greatly decreased 7% (12 votes), Should be decreased somewhat 2% (4 votes), Should be kept about the same 8% (14 votes), Don't know 2% (4 votes). Total votes: 174.

Immigrants Of The Week: Andrew Grove, Hikaru Nakamura, Philippe Kahn, Isaac Larian, And Sonya Thomas
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

News Links For The Week
These immigration news items are updated throughout the week.


Rathi, Marcus and Goldsmith And Other Featured Law Firms

Today's Featured Law Firms:
The Law Office of Robert A. Mogle, PA  Davie / Broward County, FL
Huang Law Group  Beverly Hills, CA
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Readers are welcome to share their comments; send your letters to

Dear Weekly Editor:
The following is a response to "Mystery surrounding the Social Security Number" by Gilbert Maniraho (IW 10/9/07). In his contribution to Immigrant's Weekly of October 9, 2007, Mr. Gilbert Maniraho writes with frustration about failed attempts to obtain a Social Security number for his spouse who evidently currently holds an H-4 derivative visa. The H-4 is a visa for dependents of certain H visa holders, in Mr. Maniraho's case an H-1B, but this visa does not permit employment, however it does not prevent a school-age child from attending public school. Mr. Maniraho's frustration is understandable, but his attempts to circumvent the rule by simply becoming more insistent on his wife's right to the number is puzzling indeed. Had Mr. Maniraho consulted with a qualified immigration attorney, the attorney may have simply suggested that Mr. Maniraho's wife obtain the necessary paperwork from her school to re-enter the country after applying at the consulate for a student visa, and then the so-called "mystery" of trying to get a social security number in an ineligible category evanesces into the ether. The qualified attorney would no doubt have then continued to advise Mr. Maniraho that his wife would then be qualified for a Social Security Number, as well as eligible for on-campus employment for up to 20 hours of work per week, plus potentially one year of Optional Practical Training work authorization for each academic degree achieved. Instead, Mr. Maniraho preferred to proverbially "kick against the pricks" built into the H-4 restrictions, and then extrapolates his frustrating experience into a "crab mentality" complaint: if his wife can't get a social security number, then neither should anyone else be able to, and no one should suggest that anyone else is more deserving. The problem here is that "deserving" has nothing to do with the issuance of a social security number, eligibility does. Thus, it does not matter if a person is a good student, hard worker, devoted wife, etc., because the law pertaining to the issuance of a social security number considers these factors irrelevant. All of this is not to assert that the Social Security Administration always administers the issuance of social security numbers to noncitizens in a fair or consistent manner. It merely illustrates that, due to the complexity of immigration law and the technicalities pertaining to each visa category involved, individuals who find themselves in similar situations owe it to themselves to invest a modest amount of money for a consultation with a qualified immigration attorney at the outset, who, through capable advising, may be able to save the person significant time and frustration by explaining the law to them and suggesting viable options.

Stephen T. Blower, Esq.
Columbia, Missouri

Dear Weekly Editor:
Regarding Ms. Emily Haverkamp's article (IW 10/29/07): 3 and 10 years bar on over stayers is ridiculous, particularly if these over stayers get married to US citizens in good faith. It's absurd and ridiculous that they must file form I-601 waiver for the bar punishment by showing "extreme" hardship. Whose families won't suffer hardship if they must be separated for 3 or even worse 10 years. We need a better and common sense immigration laws that is logical, fair and humane. 3 and 10 years bar must be repealed, and those who get married to US citizens should pay extra fine in lieu of waiting 3 or 10 years overseas compared to those who obey the laws at the first place. And also many "illegals" have gone home voluntarily after saving enough money and start their own businesses in their home countries. They may wish to visit USA as genuine tourists and spend money here. We can cooperate with financial institutions and bonafide travel bureaus in many developing countries to pre screen the visitors to the US and we require them to put USD 10,000 deposit per person to make sure they will obey their authorized stay period or even we can give them a secured biometric visa card as trusted travellers to the US. We should have zero tolerance for fraud and we will fine the travel bereaus if their tourist groups run away and overstay their visa when visiting US. We need more foreigners to spend money here. Immigration laws should be fair, humane, smart and sensible.

Robert Yang

Dear Weekly Editor:
Horay for Elise Patterson's letter to editor (IW 10/29/07). It is terrific. I will cherry pick a few comments from it that I will take with me. Your poll question, "Is immigration good for America," (IW 10/15/07) was a terrible question, only to elicit a positive answer. It is like asking if vitamin C is good for you. experts say that 800 milligrams a day are beneficial. Unfortunately 8000 milligrams are toxic to your liver. The same is true regarding immigration. 800 legal immigrants per day are good for America. 8000 (legal and illegal), per day are toxic.

Peter Griswold


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thats it,i have a disaster,its all over


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what if she gets married before receiving Immigran...



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