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Immigrant's Weekly October 29, 2007
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Win-Win Idea Fails

Chicago Sun-Times comments "Hard to believe, but the U.S. Senate on Wednesday turned down a potential pool of 1 million new soldiers. They told them to forget about going to college, too. The message they sent was that our country doesn't need any more teachers, doctors, lawyers or soldiers. They might as well have said we want more dishwashers, maids and farm workers. Their decision means that fewer young immigrants will pay taxes and more will rely on public health care. Ultimately, there will be fewer young people contributing to the economy, building our brain trust."

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Who Can Stay and Who Must Go: Keeping Families Together Under Current Immigration Law
Emily Haverkamp, Esq. writes "In movies or on TV, it always looks so simple when a U.S. citizen marries someone from a different country. The new husband or wife immediately gets U.S. citizenship or a green card, right? In real life, it is not quite so simple. The foreign national spouse can apply for a green card, but the process through which this occurs can differ greatly depending on the circumstances involved."

Immigrant's Weekly Poll: Should Legal Immigration To America Be Increased Or Decreased?
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Immigrants Of The Week: Lenny Krayzelburg, Parminder Nagra, Charlize Theron, Lou Dobbs' Colleagues, And Sidney Poitier
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

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Dear Weekly Editor:
You have intentionally combined legal immigration with illegal immgration in your poll. You could not expect a valid response or valid results because the issues are so different. Why would immigration attorneys in your organization intentionally blur the distinction and benefits and problems? How do you know that anti-immigration factions weighed in any more than those factions in favor of the rule of law in the U.S. - a lesson we stress with our relations overseas?

Elise Patterson

Dear Weekly Editor:
I had to laugh at your complaint that some how anti-immigrants undermined your poll. You must live a very cloistered life. Every independent poll that I have seen on immigration shows that by an overwhelming majority most Americans are opposed to illegal immigration and want legal immigration reduced. A Gallup poll found that 80% of the public wants the federal government to get tougher on illegal Immigration. A Quinnipiac University Poll found that 62% oppose illegal aliens receiving citizenship, 72% oppose driver licenses for illegal aliens. Your poll question, "Is immigration good for America," was a terrible question that was asked only to elicit a positive answer. It is like asking if vitamin C is good for you? Of course it is. Most experts say that about 800 milligrams a day are beneficial for your health, Unfortunately 8000 milligrams are toxic to your liver. The same is true regarding immigration. 800 legal immigrants per day are good for America. 8000 (legal and illegal), immigrants per day are toxic to our natural environment, our healthcare systems, public education, social order, the Rule of Law and the criminal justice systems. The pro illegal alien lobby is willing to sell out our sovereignty, our children's future and our natural environment for cheap immigrant labor and the expansion of government programs.

Jim Ludwick

Dear Weekly Editor:
I am "for" immigration as per se. No country can live without an immigration regulation. What I cannot see is the process and the way each unit of Immigration sees a case. Regulations should be so clear in some of the cases that the process can be speedy. However, at this point no matter what Immigration works like the "crab climbing" Two steps up and three steps down making it an ever ending process. This should stop but when I do not know.

Gladys C. Farris


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