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Immigrant's Weekly October 22, 2007
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Results Of Poll: Is Immigration Good For America?

We received 1852 votes for our first Immigrant's Weekly Poll: Is Immigration Good For America? The results were as follows: Yes 31% (570 votes), No 58% (1069 votes), Mostly good 4% (81 votes), Mostly bad 7% (124 votes) and Don't know 0% (8 votes). Through several discussion boards on the net, we are aware that the anti-immigrationists launched a concerted effort to skew the results of this poll.

We welcome readers to share their opinion by writing to


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Understanding the New Naturalization Test
Gregory Siskind, Esq. writes "Beginning in October of 2008, USCIS will introduce a redesigned naturalization test, which will change the content of the old test to include questions about American civics and geography. While the changes do not go into effect for another year, portions of the retooled examination have become available to the public."

Indian Notes: Victorian Bombay?
R. Saheb writes "Bombay today, almost seems like Victorian London: the swirl of economic prosperity, we-will-rule- the-world attitude, the chaos, the closeness of society."

Immigrants Of The Week: Tina Brown, Sergio Mendes, Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, Arnold Schwarzenegger, And Amartya Sen
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

News Links For The Week
These immigration news items are updated throughout the week.


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Today's Featured Law Firms:
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Readers are welcome to share their comments; send your letters to

Dear Weekly Editor:
Immigration daily dares to put out a cynical question for voting response. Is immigration good for america?? Only four answers are available!! Of course legal immigration is good for this country. Because it adds vitality to the united states. Of course illegal immigration is bad for this country. Because it adds real problems and risks to the united states. One recent and related example is the judge in san francisco that ruled to stop The federal letter to employers directing them to re-verify mis-matched social security numbers Because it would cause hardship to employers. Since when does a judge really care About an inconvenience to employers directed to follow the law. Both democrat and republican business interests are joyous about this ruling.

Peter Griswold

Dear Weekly Editor:
Hello, my name is Elsa Valle born here in America, and I think that one of the things that should be voted for as far as immigration is concerned is; Should illegals who are currently in our jails for criminal acts be deported first before hard working illegals? I really think that there are a lot of great hard working illegals here that are suffering an image due to the criminal acts of illegals who come here. Not all who comes here are criminals, and should be recognized in some sort of way. It would clear out jail space for citizens who commit crimes and need to be behind bars. America needs to understand that there are good & bad people all over the world, if we could target the ones who make it difficult for us hardworking, honest individuals who only want to make a good living, and be proud of a country who gave the individuals the chance to succeed, than the world would be somewhat of a more peaceful place. Thatís my opinion!!

Elsa Valle

Dear Weekly Editor:
You need to run (a poll on) what will happen if per se if INS officer could gather 90% of the nonimmigrant in one state? The impact on the industry, commercial, and housing? The impact of the nonimmigrant population is so large that a chaos as domino effect hurting all part of not only the industry but the housing and the commerce itself.

Gladys C. Farris


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