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Immigrant's Weekly October 9, 2007
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Presidential Candidates On Immigration

New York Times provides a concise overview of the statements made by all the major presidential candidates on immigration.

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Mystery surrounding the Social Security Number
Gilbert Maniraho writes "After all these attempts, my opinion is that, being a 'Legal' temporary resident in USA is more criminal than being 'Illegal Alien' "

Immigrants Of The Week: Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Michael Cronin, Salma Hayek, Pierre Omidyar, And Fareed Zakaria
Celebrate contributions of these outstanding immigrants to America.

News Links For The Week
These immigration news items are updated throughout the week.


Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. And Other Featured Law Firms

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Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.  Minneapolis, MN
Huang Law Group  Beverly Hills, CA
Jacobson & Han LLP  Los Angeles, CA
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Readers are welcome to share their comments; send your letters to

Dear Weekly Editor:
Higher education in the U.S. is indeed pathetic. White men who have engineering degrees are replaced by graduates from India . India produces four million master degrees per year and they are all targeting the United States for employment and are sure to get these jobs, because they work for less. Also, the corporation I worked for, abolished hundreds of top computer related positions, and sent all the work to India . Now in the Philippines , more and more call centers are opening up, doing telemarketing, phone work that was done in the United States . So, my wife’s cousin, a white in the U.S. was a computer engineer and his job was sent to India .

Why would a U.S. corporation, controlled by foreign stockholders who care nothing about the U.S. pay more to an American who has student loans to pay back when they can get cheaper, master degrees from India and Southeast Asia . When I was working for a U.S. corporation, I saw American white kids, Indians, Philippinos go up for an interview. The white kids came down looking defeated, while days after those from India and The Philippines went to work every day. America is money.

Those money masters of America , who own 80% of all U.S. businesses from Shopco, the many chains of restauents along the highways, the huge oil business, and practically everything from auto parts stores, to grain companies, and even all those plants in the rural areas are owned by foreigners, who could care less about Americans and even less about the millions of illigals they maneauvered to being into my country illigally. Even the U.S. marines, were turned down by the owners of U.S. discount stores in its collection of 'toys for tots.' So, the days are not over when our Senators, are mad about foreign investment and globolization. Being without jobs in the U.S. is just a by product of globolization, which is just the opposite of protectionism. As Mr. Yang, states, we must compete, and as I read the Washington Post article, I'm thinking my children are in a third world country, cause our country favored Illigals over citizens. So, I guess, its a free for all in competetion and whatever country can take your jobs, is right on now. Then too, when the DREAM act is passed, becuase of all the articles saying they won't begin the draft, means they will. So, now, we see the white school populatoin having more problems as the white citizens have no future. So, as I see the senerio unfolding, there will be more and more civil unrest. Now the crime rate has jumped drastically to 7.6% by the latest FBI reports and Hispanics and blacks top the charts for serious crime. Doesn't look good and in 15 years Hispanics will comprise 1 of 5 residents, as blacks do now, so now we'll have 10% of the population committing the majority of serious crime. This is what happens when big money bought congress and lobbyists bought state legislatures drafting statutes that favor only the foreign rich. So, based on the massive rise in crime rates, we can project in 15 years, that the U.S. will begin looking more like Iraq and the elected officials again, will look the other way.

The new numbers released by the FBI support what neighbors are saying. From 2005 to 2006 violent crimes in the city rose 7.6 percent. Robberies are the main reason for the spike. They are up 24 percent. Can anyone refute that this is the trend and this is what must happen. So, thank the rich foreign owners and your congressmen for nafta, allowing illegals in the country by the millions, cause this is the result that must happen.

David Utterback
Editor's note: This letter was edited for length.

Dear Weekly Editor:
Let me start by saying America is the land of opportunity, freedom and hope. The primary reason people come to this country and go through a long screening process to be a US citizen is to accomplish this dream. Let's not forget other than native Indian we or our forefathers were immigrants some point of their life. If you go back to history they came here to start something that's full of hope. Also back in history the British, Portuguese, French and many more started to invade different countries for business opportunities and took their valuables and left them with pretty much nothing. They didn't build any infrastructure, education system or anything before leaving this colonies. US is at least trying to build an infrastructure to the countries they are invading, still that's not enough as they are doing this only to the point we get benefit for Oil and stuff.

US is the world leader now and they offer the life no one else can at the moment. I know it's heard to make a living here in US but at least you have work if you want to. Look at third world countries, they can't get any work even if they want to. May be we don't have the best education system up to High School but we have the best colleges and Universities. Wouldn't you want your kids to get the best education and life style if you can? I would go through the extra trouble to give my kids a better life.

I do agree with security concern with all the recent activities in US and overseas. But do you honestly think a kid that grew up here since 3 or 4 will love any country other than his own. This is their home. Where would they go if we decide to give them up. Also the current immigration laws makes it harder for honest and hard working people to have a life here. Even a person with clean background, always legal has to go through USCIS maze, it's not fare. They take so much in fees at least they can do is give us up to date information other than just "if your case is not updated in the recent case procession, we won't let you know nothing". We should treat USCIS like any other business so that people at least get to know where they are.

I think US immigration process needs to be restructured. Lets look at a simple situation with one of my friends "He got married after dating a women for 2/3 years. she is US citizen and he's on F-1. She was the sweetheart everybody would want. he applied for permanent residency and case pending. Now she started to know the immigration maze. Guess what she realized she got him by the balls and started to make his life harder everyday. Think about this guy he had a H-1 application that he didn't submit, and he can't do it until next year. He spent all these money for the wedding ceremony, buy house and stuff, then paid all that money to apply for residency. Do you think it's fare?" I know you have the option to do a waiver when it comes to removing condition but what if you didn't even get your conditional residency. Can he at least get his money back, that would be no. Well USCIS needs to hire some lab rats so that they can actually experiment real life situation.

Bottom line, you can't just deport someone who lived here for quite sometime. paid taxes, did everything legit other than being a illegal immigrant. i know they are saying nothing is legal if you are a illegal immigrant to begin with. i do not agree with that at all.˙˙˙

Jhon Evans


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