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Immigrant's Weekly July 23, 2007
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Victory For Immigration Advocates

Thanks to an effective and innovative grassroots campaign by Immigration Voice, a pro-immigration advocacy organization, active leadership by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, and litigation pressure from immigration attorney community, USCIS/DOS have withdrawn their unprecedented reversal on a previously published visa bulletin. What wider lessons should immigration advocates learn from this victory?

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Carl Shusterman writes "The more effort that you expend assisting your attorney, the more likely it is that your immigration case will be successful."

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Dear Weekly Editor:
I truly hope that with Microsoft choosing to open a facility in Canada sends a clear message to the government - the immigration system is broken. I am a UK citizen, I lived in the US for 16 years, most of it after over staying a J1 visa, I consulted numerous attorneys, spent many thousands of dollars in legal fees trying to change the law - we took the fight through the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and lost - I ended taking "voluntary departure" August 1st 2006. I have paid taxes to the US government every year I lived there, I have my MBA, I was given accolades from a fortune 500 company for my excellent work, there was no avenue for me to stay or return...The company I worked for applied for an H1B visa, along with the hordes of others on April 1st - sorry you did not get in the lottery. I have hit a brick wall.... The USA is home to me, I could stay in the UK, it's not that bad but my family is in the US, my partner and step son are in the US - I am gay - my family ties are not recognized...I am just trying to live a quiet life with the woman I love. Maybe we can wait the years until my step son is old enough that his father doesn't have a say in where he lives and then my partner can move to the meantime... The US Immigration laws are broken... If Microsoft and a host of other companies take their business elsewhere then maybe the government will listen, as it is apparent money is the only commodity of use on Capital Hill...please business people keep leaving leaving the US and please take the jobs overseas - and the money the Microsoft employees earn over seas, and the taxes etc. and business is our only hope of fixing the broken system as business and money is all the government will listen too...

Tracy Matthews


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