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Immigrant's Weekly July 16, 2007
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Microsoft Jobs Head North

With the collapse of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Microsoft, which had unsuccessfully sought the additional visa numbers to hire high-tech workers at its Redmond, WA headquarters, is now planning to open a development center across the border in Vancouver, Canada.

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Details Leaking Out on July Visa Chart Fiasco Show Extraordinary and Legally Questionable Steps by U.S.C.I.S. to Exhaust Visa Numbers to Protect Fee Hike Collections
Alan Lee, Esq. writes "As the fallout continues over what must now be termed a scandal, one can only hope that reasonable minds can reverse course as further details only promise to make the episode look uglier and promote further firestorms of criticism."

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Dear Weekly Editor:
There are lot of legal people, say legal people waiting for their Green card and standing in the line by spending thousand and thousand of dollars to keep them in status. They have visa of many kinds and types and stucked with some technical or non technical reasons. Nobody is looking in to their problems evethough they are legal and directly connected to economy of our country. These people are on H-1, L-1,J-1, etc. and legal, maintaining their status, paying regular taxes and eventhough disappointment. I don't understand why nobody is looking in to it. On other hand we are talking on Illegal people's legalization who does not have any kind of supporting means in the terms of legalization at all. Is it worth what we are expecting from congress and Americans to legalize illegal people ? First of all USCIS has to look in to the problems of legal people who are stucked in line and has big fear to go out of status. They need real help and then think for illegal people.

Kaushik Vyas

Dear Weekly Editor:
It made me feel good to see the number of letters that you received last week. Although I do not agree with the writers on many things, I feel that your entity is fairly representing both sides. Thank you. "Immigration Reform" to most American citizens made them think and feel that the current policy was going to be corrected. ie: Keep the illegals OUT! The illegals seem to feel that the bill was to make things easier for them to sneak into our Country, use or hospital emergency rooms as their doctor's office, (the law says they don't have to pay), put 3 or more families in one house or apartment, put 3 kids at least per family into our schools, shove my wife out of the way in our supermarkets, and claim they came here because they were so poor. Right. How were they able to pay the $3000 to get here, with drugs in exchange? If they had $3000 in cash, and another $1500 or so to buy fake identification, are we to really feel sorry for these "poor" aliens? Our government is not made up of racists, nor are our people. You want to come here as immigrants, do it within our laws. No one cares about your sob stories. Especially the government of mexico where most of you came from. Had you come here illegally, hat in hand, asking for help, Americans would have most likely reached out their hands in friendship. Instead, you illegally entered our country and made demands! You even got some dumb US government people to think you were right! Or for your non-existant votes. The so called Hispanic vote in a mainly Mexican city couldn't muster enough votes for Bustamonte to beat the "gringo" in Los Angeles. Illegals can't vote. And won't. Plain and simple. Your vote couldn't influence a major election. But Bush and the others think they can win over your "vote." Huh! The reward for selling out our country will NOT be a non-existant vote from the multi-million illegals. You best take heed. No more marches or demonstrations. Only dummies make it known that they entered a country illegally. Are you dummies or did your corrupt leaders tell you "it's OK"? Well, the American people have spoken. You are not welcome. You are law breakers. You are keeping Mexican people who have applied legally to enter our country out, while you all sneak in and make demands. To my knowledge, I've never heard one of you illegals say "thank you." The more you complain and demand, the more you will be testing those of us born and raised here, with a love of our Country. In addition, THANK YOU to the millions of Americans of Mexican ancestry who are good citizens, who fight and die, and have fought and and died in our armed services to protect our right to exist. Our right to exist as a free country of Americans, not those who come here only to take and call mexico "home."

Ken Roberts


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