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Immigrant's Weekly July 9, 2007
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Visa Bulletin Reversal Fallout

The Wall Street Journal reports that the unprecedented abrupt reversal by the government on the July Visa Bulletin, that has put tens of thousands of workers and their families in limbo after many of them and their employers had scrambled to spent thousands of dollars in hopes of securing permanent residency, may result in a class-action lawsuit against the government by frustrated applicants.

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First Preference Employment Based Immigration - Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
Greg Siskind, Esq. writes "The first employment based immigration preference category covers "priority workers." These are workers whose skills and talents are important to the US – the "best and brightest." The annual cap on EB-1 visas is 40,000, plus any visas left over from the fourth and fifth employment based preference categories (special immigrants and immigrant investors). This is more visas than are ordinarily used in the category, so there are no backlogs in visa issuance in this category."

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Readers are welcome to share their comments; send your letters to

Dear Weekly Editor:
I am very saddened that our senators could not come to a common ground to handle this immigration bill today. The thousands and millions that are still in the shadows are still going to remain in this great country and do what it is they’ve been doing for all these years. The problem will definitely keep getting worse rather than giving hope. I am a citizen who is married to an uncitizen, and we really want to live our lives comfortably, and honestly, but now that will be hard to do. We both have dreams and ambition to better our living situation not only for us, but for our kids too, and now it would only delay us in what we’ve dreamed of doing as a family. I really do understand the concerns of having illegal’s here, and I was all for controlling the system and doing something for the ones that are already here. We were prepared to pay any fees that we had to, to become better people in the eyes of the United States, and to prove that not all illegal’s that come here are here to be a negative to society, but only to be positive one and to many others. I just hope and pray that they’re will be some hope and understanding in the future comings for this immigration bill. As a born U.S. citizen I would have much rather see an achievement in the U.S. law then a law put on a back burner, and only get to it when another terrorist attack may happen again (God forbid) but you know where I’m getting at with this. Which I will remind you that those terrorist came from the Middle East legally in through the Canadian borders and not through the Mexico border…..where’s the wall there?

Elsa Perez

Dear Weekly Editor:
Shame on the Senators. The next generation of Americans would never forget the indifference and shameful manner to handle the situation of millions who depend on this country to support their families. Those that are in here undocumented already have USA children. They live and work in here and are here to stay. They won't forget.


Dear Weekly Editor:
After months of waiting with bated breath, we finally get this - status quo on immigration law. As Senator Kenneday said " What's their alternative?" Yes indeed, what's our alternative? Round the illegal immigrants now and send them home? Send ALL home including children who have grown up here, studied here and ready for the workforce? How about those that are professionals and came here legally but have become undocumented? I pose this question to all who oppose this bill including those Americans who called on the radios to kill the bill - what do you want to do now? Since I'm sure it's very unrealistic that these 11 million undocumenteds cannot be deported all at the same time, so what shall we do with them? Let them stay in the shadows, let them drain the social security system and let them be abused by employers who are still going to hire them regardless of their status. These illegal immigrants are not the ones dictating to this country that we study the spanish language. How can they when they can't even voice out for fear of being rounded up. They are like rats hiding in the shadows waiting for little crumbs to fall in their way. The ones that are dictating this are the legals here. Besides, what's wrong with having 2 languages? People who speak more than 1 language are a lot smarter anyways. I say, something should be done by Congress to satisfy everybody.


Dear Weekly Editor:
Build a wall first. We already have many horizontally laid walls going that distance. They are called Interstate Highways. Now will need a vertically placed one. Then we worry less about the effects of another amnesty.

Stanley Wayne, Esq.

Dear Weekly Editor:
Hate Won! Yes hate!! because is not another thing but hate, toward a selected race....Latino people.!!...If We look carefully the strong and direct influence of the media , specially from CNN anchors into the political arena and the rest of the American viewers; We will find out how poisonous are this "people" who are using their working tools illegally to focus the entire population in a totally wrong idea toward the Latino community, Painting this group as a felon factory or a world wide decease . Mister Lou Dobbs ( who should be call Low Dobbs indeed.!)...Is the most infectious of all .. he totally forgot that he is an immigrant as well, IF you are not an American Indian Native. Mister Dobbs Is blaming the Mexican border for the September eleven terrorist actions and so on.. Lest remember ...Did the criminal group of terrorists came through Mexico?....No.. they arrive Via Canada. Are the Country putting a fence in the Canada border? No.. Why? Because they are not Mexicans.!! They are white.!!.. And the perception today according to Mister Dobbs is that the pilots in the September eleven criminal act was committed by Mexican related people perhaps using their grass cutting machines and dish washing tools.!!! finally ... by killing the opportunity of getting forward in the immigration debate ,not only the American dream keeps people suffering the American nightmare ..But also allow the sleeping terrorist cells live their dream of attacking America at any time; Since the messy waters are home for good useful fish and poisonous creatures as well. One more and last thing... Have any body investigated if by any chance Mister Lou Dobbs .or any of this Latino haters have had any job done in their house by a Hispanic immigrant? or related activity?. Keep you smile Mister Dobbs.. and crew.. What goes around will Come around.!! With love for this amazing country.

Ernest Smith
Westchester N.Y.

Dear Weekly Editor:
You must have already come across the developments about USCIS planning to publish a revised visa bulletin on Monday after the month starts. Can you please confirm any of these reports and also publish these developemnts in your news section.

Dr. Irshad

Editors Note: Immigration law news is covered in detail in our Immigration Daily. See:

Dear Weekly Editor:
I wanted to share my opinion about why immigration reform is crucial in this country. I am a U.S. citizen, born in America. I am tired of hearing about immigrants being Mexicans. Does America have a problem with Mexicans or Mexico in this era? Immigrants (legal or illegal) are Africans, Asian, Irish, Caribbean islanders, Russian, Australians, Brazilians, Columbians, Italians.... Can I name more? My point is we have a variety of immigrants and the majority of them may be illegal immigrants. We need to look at the bigger picture and recognized that we are dealing with a predicament and deportation of all these people is not an answer. When I saw our government failed to put something on the table, no matter what it was, I was disappointed. We failed again. We showed these people that we are too incompetent to make a decision and act upon it. All of those people who say, "Deport them all!" less than you know, you are probably talking about the man or the woman, you laugh and drink coffee with at your job everyday. For those who say that illegal or legal immigrants are using the country's welfare and medical benefits, how does an undocumented person use this country's welfare and that applying would direct a social worker or anyone else to know exactly where they can be found? I (a U.S. citizen) have tried applying for those same benefits and it is the worse process in the world. The wait and the verifying of your information going as far back as your ancestors' days are unbearable. If America allows people like Lou Dobbs or any one else to effect your proper judgment and common sense, yes then, that is a sign of bigotry; bigotry because it affects immigrants, which is a group but a group of many races. For legal immigrants who agrees with people like Lou Dobbs, don't you realize that this affects you, too? Allow a person to be unfair to one immigrant, legal or illegal, and soon the unfairness will be bestowed upon all immigrants, legal and illegal alike. We need to remember our establishment. Long ago, people from all countries came and benefited us (Americans) to what we are today- a grand nation. This issue should not be thrown on the backburner. It is more serious than we all really think it is. The CIR bill failing was not a victory for no one. It was a defeat.

Soalna Allen

Dear Weekly Editor:
I read with amusement letters from the "highly qualified" immigrants, such as Doctors, engineers, recent college grads, and computer specialists who are quite impressed with their own resume's. Somehow they feel a "special" justification to be here? Perhaps if these individuals were nobel and virtuous, as they would have us believe, they might stay home and improve upon their own societies? Certainly the pressure on our borders would decrease if standards of living around the globe were raised by these "highly qualified individuals". Instead they abandon their own countries and come to the US in order to chase after money the root of all evil. These same individuals then wave a judgmental finger at other immigrants who haven't been granted such favorable circumstances in life or an opportunity to come here via a work visa like they did. Then we have the “English only” and the "speak English" crowd, who continue to prove that many "native born" US citizens are struggling with the native language... while insisting first generation Immigrants have perfect command of the language. While its true America uses "laws" to define a basic social order, we are a nation of individuals and people of all classes, races and abilities. It's clear from our economy that there are places for the workers who are not officially awarded a VISA and/or cannot afford a high priced Immigration attorney. The "highly qualified" might consider if there were no "unqualified" or "low skilled" workers they would be without a way to inflate themselves. Why can’t we all just play nice and get along?

Nancy Kuznetsov

Dear Weekly Editor:
Perhaps it should be called Immigration Deform. It sickens me to see so many resources go into a program to allow millions of undocumented people to stay in the U.S. and the same government is telling those who are here legally they can’t get green cards. The recent activity of the Department of State regarding visa numbers in employment-based categories causes continued frustration for those who have waited for years for their priority date to become current only to have the Visa Bulletin be updated on the very first business day the numbers were said to be current to now show there are no numbers left. Yes, let’s find a way to let an estimated 12 million illegal persons to remain here – and not do anything for those legally present. Does our administration even know there is another side to the immigration coin? I’m not so sure they do.

Andrea Del Vecchio


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