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Immigrant's Weekly June 11, 2007
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Historical Roots Of Immigration Policy

An article in the American Heritage Magazine traces the roots of many of the problems of our current immigration laws and policies to the first big attempt to restrict immigration in 1882: "The Chinese Exclusion Act and its subsequent extensions altered the legal definition of American citizenship far more than its original drafters could have foreseen. It wasn’t repealed until 1943, 61 years later, and it continues to reverberate in immigration policy today... Undoubtedly immigration controls would eventually have been instituted in the United States even without the Chinese Exclusion Act, but the racial, economic, political, and legal reasoning behind the law still shapes the immigration landscape, and thus the debate, more than a century later."

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Challenging AOS Delays in Federal Court
Carl Shusterman writes "We have received dozens of questions from persons whose applications for adjustment of status (and naturalization) have been stalled because the FBI has not completed security checks on their cases. Interestingly, most of these questions come from people born in India, China, Europe and South America. Does the FBI seriously believe these would-be immigrants are potential terrorists? Probably not."

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Dear Weekly Editor:
Do the right thing! Being honest is what I base my life on with beliving in God as #1. I believe if I have to, to be legal, they should to! Obey the laws of the land What's so hard to understand?

Jerry Powers

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to the letter from Romualdo Malarayap (IW 6/4/07) asking "I am also an immigrant and have waited in line to bring my family here in the U.S. of A. My question is: If you break the law should be rewarded or punished?": When lawlessness becomes law then the whole system will break down. Crime will increase sharply, disregard for authorities will increase. The very congressmen/women that cast their lot for lawlessness will be the cause of social breakdown. The U.S. has a powerful law enforcement and powerful legal system, however, the very political elected representatives griven by big money for cheap labor, will be counterproductive. For the gentleman whose gone thru all the paperwork, days and hours of running around gathering documents, to have them expire and have to do it all over again is most difficult and frustrating. In Omaha INS, I sat one day and in comes an illigals announcing he's in the country and the clerk tells him to check back in 30 days or so. Amazing isn't it? It seems our U.S. congress is betwixt by their mixed signals, votes, but when 300 million citizens realize they've voted for disrespect for law, then what? 300 million citizens are not just going to fade away.

David Utterback


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