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Immigrant's Weekly May 14, 2007
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Work Proceeds On Immigration Reform

A bipartisan group of a dozen senators is working quietly behind closed doors to craft a new comprehensive immigration reform proposal that attempts to tackle dozens of long neglected and festering problems in immigration law.

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Paparelli & Partners LLP

Paparelli & Partners LLP, a full-service immigration law firm, is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve their immigration goals. Our attorneys are committed to providing clients with personal attention. We help with routine or complex cases: naturalization and citizenship; family-based green cards (for spouses, children and parents); strategies for “out of status” individuals; H-1B and adjustment of status portability; guidance on immigration-related problems in criminal cases; PERM labor certification; extraordinary ability cases (O-1 and EB-1); petitions for outstanding professors and researchers and multinational managers and executives; investors (E-2 and EB-5); national interest waivers; J-1 waivers; and waivers of ineligibility. We also represent clients in litigation and appeals and provide immigration-related, expert-witness consulting. To request a consultation, visit our Website at Or, Contact Us: CA: (949) 955-5555; or NY: (212) 599-5755 E-mail:

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L (Intracompany Transfer) Visas- A Brief Study
Vamsi Tamirisa and Jagan Tamirisa write "L-1 intracompany transfer visas are non-immigrant visas available to persons coming to work in the US for an employer that is related to a company the applicant worked for prior to entering the US."

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Law Office of Christine J. Sabas And Other Featured Law Firms

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Younossi Law  South San Francisco, CA
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Tue, May 22, 5PM ETJennifer Oltarsh
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Tue, Jun 26, 5PM ETJennifer Oltarsh


Readers are welcome to share their comments; send your letters to

Dear Weekly Editor:
In response to Michael Eatroff's Letter (IW 05/07/07) What point is the letter trying to make? Where do its numbers come from? What part of illegal is it that it does not want to understand? I only hope and pray that the letter is not in a position to influence others. I DO want to thank this website for publishing my letters over the past few years. When I forward the letters off the site to my friends in different parts of the country, they all make mention of that. Also, a sincere "Thank You" to all Americans of Mexican Ancestry who visit this website. From the Alamo to today's worldwide conflicts, your dreams and aspirations have always been the very same as mine have been. A land where freedom still exists, where opportunity abounds, where laws protects it's citizens. Until it is broken down, as in Mexico, and most Latin American countries.

Ken Roberts

Dear Weekly Editor:
Illegals, and their rich employers, are breaking the law. People who support illegals including aid, or sanctuary, should/shall be tried in a federal court, as traitors and tax cheats. The penalty should be death by hanging until you are dead, or at the very least, firing squad. Hell is never full.

J. Frohwerk

Dear Weekly Editor:
Those who are not related to an immigrant are the ones who favor raid and racism. It's funny how people want to send them back but fail to see the consequences. Some do not look past themselves and see people like me. I am an American Woman I am married to a Mexican illegal-immigrant. We have a son together. So those who are voting to send all the immigrants back need to realize it's not just about the immigrant it's about there family's also. What about my son? What about me? People from Mexico don't flee to the united States for fun. When they leave they are risking there life to come here. Doesn't that explain enough. They come here to survive, to have food and a roof over there head. those who haven't seen what I've seen down there should go take a good hard look at the way they live and then maybe they would understand. I am embarrassed at the way our government as alienated my husband. It is truly sad that my husband and I can't carry out a normal life because of a law. No matter what I do or how much money I pay to a lawyer. It won't matter because our government and citizens want to make it hard for me. Could all of the citizens who wish for immigrants to be deported(raid) look in the eyes of my son and others that there parent/parent's are gone and they aren't coming back. So take away the parents and let the orphanages take care of all the children effected by this. Who will pay for all of those children left here? The tax payers? The government? So what I am suggesting is not to allow every Mexican to flee to the USA but to help those who have children first. Then work out a guest worker program. The outrages and riots will not stop until something is done to help immigrants. It will only get worse as time goes by. I am only one voice but I know there are others who are sharing the same feelings. Thank you for your time.

Jessica Sanchez


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